How Tough is it to get your Card here in WA?

Discussion in 'Washington (WA)' started by Merfolk, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Merfolk

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    Hey guys, im recently thinking of obtaining my Card, and going about this the legal way, for about 3 years now i smoke to put me to sleep, i have a case of insomniac and was told i could inquiry about getting a card!

  2. Dreadscale

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    Hi Merfolk and welcome to the forums.

    Obtaining the proper papers for Medical Marijuana use is not real difficult here in Washington.
    First, I would give this a read,
    I'm not sure if insomnia is considered a “Terminal or debilitating medical condition” as outlined in RCW 69.51A.010 Definitions (3) and (4).

    Patients in any of the 12 states that currently allow medicinal marijuana are qualified if they've been previously diagnosed with chronic pain, chronic nausea, AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, chronic muscle spasms and other spastic disorders such as multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders such as epilepsy, gastrointestinal disorders such as IBS, Crohn's disease and the inability to eat, or patients who have medical treatments for other conditions that cause one of these conditions.

    If you believe you qualify contact:
    www.Hemp.Org, Restore Hemp, Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp, CRRH, OCTA, HempStalk, The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, THCF, The Hemp and Cannabis Museum, THCM, Medical Marijuana Clinics, Medical Marijuana Doctors, Cannabis Common

    THCF Medical Clinics

    I believe you will need Medical Records that show this is a chronic condition, and you have tried other forms of medication that did not work well for you.
    I, myself am not a Medical Marijuana Patient, but I believe these are the steps to get you started.

    Good Luck, and I hope you will be sleeping better, Soon. :hippy:
  3. CannaWiz

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    I am a medical marijuna patient in Wa. I found THCF very helpful and informative. Give them a call as I am sure they can answer any questions you may have.
  4. evoguy

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    I was wondering about something. I mom is moving here from MI in about 6 months. I know she could probably get a medical card. She has cronic pain. In the form of Lupis. She has been doing well for a while with the methotrextrate, but sometimes it makes her sick. Anyway my question is. I am not sure if what she does for a living would negate the ability to get a card. She is in the medical profession.

    Not sure how they would look at that.
  5. marcnh

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    An ad I found in the Little Nickel

    Hi Merfolk, I also live in WA. I heard of a place in Tacoma. I found this in one of the free classifieds you find at gas stations called the Little Nickel. It's a Fairly large ad taking up four columns on the second page. Here's a rundown of the ad:

    If you suffer from the following conditions medical marijuana may be able to benefit you:

    *Pain, severe, or intractable
    * Hepatitis C with nausea or pain
    *Severe nausea
    *Appetite loss
    *Abdominal cramping
    *Muscle spasms
    Call 1-888-378-0425 $200 evaluation fee. no hassle. no waiting. subject to medical records qualifying you parsuant to RCW 69.51 A

    I know someone that went there and got the card, he said it's very easy. The card said on the back that 24 oz of dried, cured marijuana for every 60 days is considered a legal personal stash, and you may have as many plants as needed to keep up with your personal supply. This is what I actually read directly from the card, not what I heard. What the cardholder did tell me though, is that you are able to sell to cancer patients, but I did not confirm this in any way. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
  6. iVaper

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    I'm not sure about WA. But a friend of mine has his card and is in the medical field in OR. I'm sure that they won't mind, it is medication after all.
  7. iceshark

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    I just got mine after searching and reading reviews about doctors and clinics for last few months. I deceided to go with Washington Medical Marijuana Group. They are on Greenwood in Seattle. They are the BEST! Doctor Stoddard is wonderful. She really cares and takes the time to really help. ]

    They are extremelly busy due to them advertising on the radio now. I had a 4pm appointment and was there for 4 hours before seeing her. Very nice clinic inside. From outside it looks swarmy. But its her medical office for other 4 days of week. She only sees medical patients for MM on Fri and SAT.

    Be careful of the Bellevue group. They want to meet at a motel. I was not impressed with them and backed out before my appointment.

    Its an easy proccess. There is no real MM id card in WA> They give you a paper and its stapled to the law. Looks like it could be faked. I would rather have a id card.
  8. larrydavis

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    mmj clinic

    hey, what was the name of the 'bellevue group' that you were referring to that wanted to meet in a motel for your mmj card? a friend of mine mentioned a service and i wanted to make sure it was not the same one. thanks.
  9. gypski

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    THCF is in Belleview unless another DITB started up there. Getting an authorization isn't hard if you qualify, its the bullshit afterward that gets hard. If you haven't paid a renewal fee (not required by the law) on a previous authorization, the doctor patient relationship could be sketchy just like the law, and they won't back you up in court and some prosecutors want to use you as fodder for the judicial mill even if your condition is chronic and you see an alternative doctor (non-signing physician) for continuing treatment PRN. But, if you live in King Co, and aren't scamming the law, you should be mostly hassle free. :thumbsup:
  10. hiamps

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    Damn, That Doc is making money, what a scammer.
  11. Seattle Green Cross

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  12. wannahelp

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    i know of a mobile clinic is mobile and if you go to their site you can see if they will be in your area or you could call and find out
  13. wannahelp

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    not hard at all

    check out they are mobile and extemely professional i think you will find them very helpful
  14. postableme

    postableme Registered+ is a mobile MMJ authorization clinic and was previously known under different ownership as or As, they were issuing authorizations that were completely invalid. was purchased and is under new ownership, and the new owners are doing their best to clear up the problems caused by the previous owner. If you have a or authorization, you should visit, get the phone number, call them, and talk to the about your old (and probably invalid) authorization.

    Cannabis Authorization Clinics

    In any case, I'd recommend finding a doctor in your area who can and will see you for longer term medical care and who is MMJ friendly. Not that you can't use one of the authorization clinics, but in my opinion a lot of folks are doing themselves a disservice by not using a regularly-practicing doctor - who can treat them full time - for their authorizations.
  15. aimeeree

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    question from an army wife

    I just moved to Washington state and have a long history of severe abdominal pains and cramps and was wondering if i would be eligible for medical marijuana, most people i have talked to say i would be but my main question is would i still be eligible since my husband is in the army? we live off post but i don't want to possible hurt his career by trying to get a license for it.... so does anybody know for sure? any information would be greatly appreciated :)
  16. gypski

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    Go for it. Keep it private the way it should be. You're not in the Army, and you should know how to keep a secret. :D Besides, vets can now use if they are getting treatment through the VA in medical mmj states. :thumbsup:
  17. GreenWellness

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    Seattle MMJ Clinic..

    We opened our doors about 6 months ago to MMJ patients.. Our doctors are very caring and thorough, and with pre-qualifying conditions, a very simple process. There are many good clinics in Washington, I just wanted to pop in and let you know about ours.. Our fees are $142 for your recommendation.. NO Charge for pre qualifying and when you come to the clinic, there should be no wait (due to our patient-first scheduling) You can fill out the forms needed on our website or call us at (888)885-9949

    I hope this helps in your search for your recommendation..
  18. cdarwin

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    Don't be fool enough to take that decision lightly. As your husband is Active Duty you have more to worry about than the VA. If anyone found out it could be career ending for you spouse, no one can keep a secret. A real shitty way to loose a lifetime of service.

    But mmj makes a world of difference for people with your condition, myself included. Best of Luck.
  19. 916420king

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    how hard would it be for me to get my wa. mmj? i moved here from cali back in 06, and haven't been looking on getting my wa mmj yet. i been just showing the cops my cali mmj paper and it seem to work for now. but i want a wa mmj to be on the safe side.. thanks
  20. killerweed420

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    As long as you have a qualifying condition its easy to get. Just have a copy of your chart notes sent from your doctors in Cali and show them to a MMJ doctor up here and you should be good.

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