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  1. genuinestoner

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    Hello, thought i would start a new thread with a question? Is (MH) absolutely necessary for flowering? :rolleyes: I read that HPS will do the same as (MH)
    And :eek: if i purchased a MH bulb at the depot and put it in the hps ballast will it work? I don't want to buy it if it doesn't work, or will i have to buy the ballast "just" for MH.
    Thanks for any advice from anyone. :eek:
  2. Sensi Super Skunk

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    The only time to use an MH lamp is during the vegetative stage. An HPS is better suited for the flowering stage because it contains the right kelvin temperature for when a cannabis plant is flowering, making the all important THC. If you were to to buy an MH/HPS conversion lamp, then you could use both a regular MH or HPS bulb. But if not, putting a regular MH into an HPS lamp wouldn't work, unless it was an MH-conversion bulb made to work in an HPS lamp.

    SPLIFFBUILDER Registered+

    hi genuinestoner,if your gonna only use one lamp use the hps,you can veg with no prob's at all,happy growing..spliffbuilder.
  4. MedicalMarijuana

    MedicalMarijuana Registered

    Using an Mh for veg stage would help your moms produce more leaf mass to cut more clones. I believe that hps is the best
  5. dude0

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    ---. ignore this post.. sorry i dont know shit, lol
  6. MajorBuds

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    HPS=Fluffy flowers and buds that dry too quickly and crumble to dust when dried.

    Metal Halide=COMPACT flowering and buds,better tasting product. More weight yield.

  7. Torog

    Torog Registered+

    Howdy MajorBuds,

    I'm gonna do just that,I have a 1kwatt mh,that I will be using from start to finish..I've been worried that I need to add some red spectrum during flowering..I hope that what you say-is true ! :D

    Have a good one ! :D
  8. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    backwards? yea
    MH is for veging, and makes you get cotton candy buds the size of popcorn. HPS=BIG DENSE buds
    oh, and with some strains it don't matter, youll always get fairly fluffy shit, like with pure sativas
  9. kuri

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    hi there, i've never heard of that before. not that i don't believe you. can you tell me where you got this info from...maybe a website that says this> i just want to get second and third opinions. opinions are good.
  10. KanMan

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    Either MH or HPS can be used from start to finish.
    MH produces less yield (flowering cycle) and more thrichomes when compared to a HPS.
    HPS produces more yield (flowering cycle) and less thrichomes when compared to a MH.

    Good Kannabis Growing!
  11. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    show me a link! I disagree with this, I find no difference in potency whatsoever with the two, just yield
  12. Sensi Super Skunk

    Sensi Super Skunk Registered+

    The Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green:

    I know for a fact that metal halides are designed mainly to encourage leaf and stem growth. High pressured sodiums are designed to promote flowering. With that being said, high pressured sodiums will encourage your plant to produce more resin (trichomes), and peak your plant's potency to it's maximum. But, if KanMan was correct, then my theory for his statement would be that the mh produces a higher THC quanity, but the hps helps the plant achieve it's maximum THC level. Fact is, that in reality, an hps improves yeildage, helps cannabis produce more resin (trichomes), and helps the plant to achieve it's maximum THC level, better than an mh.
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  13. MajorBuds

    MajorBuds Registered

    You are welcome to go along with the standard thought that HPS is the way to go.
    SanClem stated the case for halides over and over and over to you all; ie; that halide has more USEABLE light for the plants. I have confirmed SanClems assertions by using both types side by side. "Flowers" are NOT what you are trying to grow, BUDS are! Flowers are NOT buds! Buds are VEGATIVE growth.
    THC amount is product of genetics, not the type of light used.
  14. BagWeedBob

    BagWeedBob Registered

    use both. it doesnt hurt a thing.
  15. Sensi Super Skunk

    Sensi Super Skunk Registered+

    I think you meant THC level is a factor of genetics. THC level and percentage are two different things.
  16. Torog

    Torog Registered+

    Howdy MajorBuds,

    I would like to believe sanclem,because all I have at this time,is a 1kwatt mh. It seems that I should add some hps during flowering..the question I have-is how many watts of hps,would make a difference..when run side by side with a 1kwatt mh ?

    Have a good one...
  17. MajorBuds

    MajorBuds Registered

    Try 1000W Halide with 400 sodium. You'll see the bud difference in yield, taste,buzz favoring the plants nearest the halide.
    SanClem is a guru. His main point is that halides have more USABLE light for plants and that they grow more weight and much tighter buds. He has MUCH data from his own tests to prove it. Ever see his plants grown JUST with flourescents???(BLUE spectrum).
    Halide is the way to go, much more pleasant to work under also. ALWAYS use extream caution with halides..they are VERY delicate. Use gloves when handling halides,do not put undue pressure on them. Sodiums you can almost throw against wall and it won't break.
  18. Torog

    Torog Registered+

    Too much light ?

    Howdy MajorBuds,

    Yup..I know sanclem from Marihemp, and I would like to see some of his grow pics..do ya reckon a search at Marihemp,will yield some ?

    I have approxiamately 16 - 18 square feet,that I will be using to grow 4 plants in ,and if I divide 1000 watts by the square footage,that means that I'll have 62.5 watts per square foot,right ? If I add another 400 watts to that,it would jump up to 87.5 wpsf,isn't that too much light ? I'm worried that the 62.5,is too much..?

    Yup..I wear soft,clean latex gloves,when handling the mh bulb..I didn't know that they were more fragile than hps..learn something new-every day !

    Have a good one... :D
  19. genuinestoner

    genuinestoner Registered+

    Hi i now have the mh and my next grow i will use. What i got was MH with a built-in ballast. I didn't realize ballast's were so heavy, plus i have to hang and adust the height. Shouldn't be a problem.
  20. Torog

    Torog Registered+

    Howdy genuinestoner,

    10-4 on the heavy ballasts..the one I have for my 1kwatt mh,weighs 40 pounds ! It does sit on the floor..thank goodness !

    Have a good one...:D

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