HU-210, 100-800x THC! you can buy it!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by 5HT, May 4, 2005.

  1. 5HT

    5HT Registered+

  2. ...wth is it? i've had thc pills's like the liquid ice mints only filled wtih thc extract...very smooth clean high....
  3. 5HT

    5HT Registered+

    I think it'd just be a powder of the compound. it's 100-800x THC, so it could be pretty insane.
  4. jadeius

    jadeius Registered+

    it's a synthetic chemical made from thc...the same way dxm is a chemical analogue of morphine
  5. Hardbud

    Hardbud Banned

    DXM is not an opiate like morphe ne
  6. Encatuse

    Encatuse Registered

    Hardbud, not only do you suck, but you're also wrong.
  7. mellow mood

    mellow mood Banned

    morphine is an extract from opium, by the way. and what is this thing???? pure thc??? 600 bucks?????? dont get the thing. and if pure thc would be so expensive(and it would get u too high, and i dont like to be too much really alot motha ffucka fucked up), well i guess thc pills would cost a bit much than wut u guys pay fer it

  8. if i had the money to waste i'd give it a try.....but since there are special circumstances that they have to call i wouldn't do it because i'm figuring that the special circumstances is that thc/marijuana have to be legal where it's being shipped...
  9. IntrepidS

    IntrepidS Registered+

    The prices are not bad at all. 25 mg is 2.5 grams, which is a ton. You probably just need a drop on this to slide down the side of a cigarette. Smoke that bitch and get stoned hell. 1 mg is pretty good, I'd say it would be a good purchase for $35.
  10. Uptown

    Uptown Registered+

    Exactly the HOW MUCH WOULD ONE NEED of the stuff( liquid, powder? ) to get the job done? 1 mg would be a jokey joke then? Of course, i'll stick to good ol smoking anyday but i would like to try synthetic THC, this stuff is apparently not the same as Marinol. Well, who is gnna take the plunge and order some? LOL
  11. jonny

    jonny Registered+

    25mg is 2.5 grams?

    *raises eyerow*

  12. scot88

    scot88 Registered

    sorry, but you couldn't be anymore wrong. MILLIGRAMS (mg) are one 1,000ths of a gram (or 0.001).
  13. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    that stuff messes you up i bet
    my friend tried maronyl in the sixth grade ( haha ) and he was like tired all day. I dunno if synthetic would just make you really tired...
  14. i like maronyl.....very clean high....atleast for me but it could be the joint i smoked right afterwards...
  15. 5HT

    5HT Registered+

    it's not THC, but an artificial cannabinoid like THC but is 100-800x more powerful than THC.
  16. 5HT

    5HT Registered+

    yeah i don't think this is the same stuff as marinol. marinol i think is just THC in a pill. HU-210 is not THC, but a synthesized cannabinoid that is 100-800x powerful than THC.
  17. damnit quit're making me druel on myself
  18. ShamanicHippy

    ShamanicHippy Registered+

    dont you study metric in school .25 mg is .00025 grams
  19. DonnieDarko

    DonnieDarko Registered+

    I vote that 25 mg = .025 grams, and I also must disagree with the statement that that 2.5 grams is a ton.
  20. Edgar

    Edgar Registered+

    hmm thats some crazy stuff. 1 milligram would prolly be tooo much, lol. How the hell would you measure that shit out? I wonder how many doses are in a mg...

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