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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by orangeman, May 4, 2007.

  1. orangeman

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    I was just wondering what is the highest level of humidity has anyone flowered their plants with without dealing with mold or different mites, fungus etc., I'm wondering because it's gonna suck for my flowering if I can't keep it down. The bigger my plants get the more the humidity I have. Luckily it hasn't reached over 60% but I really hope it doesn't get any higher or I might have problems. I have on a dehumidifier but it really doesn't help that much lol. Any other things I could try? Sometimes I turn my fan on 3 and open the door and I have noticed the humidity goes down when I do that..I really think I need a digital meter with accurate and instant results though lol. I hate this old shit but it's the only humidity/temp device I have right now.
  2. stinkyattic

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    45% is the highest you should mess with.
    Your hunch of moving air is correct.
    Good exhaust cannot be stressed enough to remove/dissipate excess humidity.
  3. orangeman

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    Aw crap. I don't think it'll get that low. Right now it's at 55% :(. I'm pretty sure the bigger these things get the more problems I'm gonna have with that.
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    A real nice quick fix : a dehumidifer. They cost about $270 for a real good one these days, but you could save your entire crop. I never let it get above fifty during flowering myself. If you are late in flowering you really gotta watch r\h. Also lowering your temps might bring it down some as well, but I would try for the d\h
  5. orangeman

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    Fuck...this sucks, I don't know how to bring the humidity down. Some times it's humid, some times it's not. Is there anything besides a dehumidifier that I could put in my room to bring humidity down?
  6. stangle12

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    yeah, those humidity pellets. They suck moisture out of the air without a compressor. Every bit helps no?
  7. Markass

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    exactly what I started going through. I got a refurbished big ass dehumidifier...$80 shipped. I examined every possibility just as you're trying to do, orangeman...small scale around the home dehumidifying solutions wont cut it, I can tell you that, because I already have learned it. Do it right or don't do it. You're gonna have to get a dehumidifier if you're having issues. My buds still have that musty odor. I started having it and seeing issues with mold around week 3 flowering, once my buds started to put on more good blooms. You want to avoid humidity issues at ALL costs my friend, trust me.

    We tried using both of these products, and both worked well however did not give me the amount of power I needed in removing moisture from the air. Eva-Dry EDV1100 Petite Mini-Dehumidifier: Home & Garden 100% Renewable Mini- Dehumidifier No Batt Or Wires - EDV-300: Home & Garden

    we then bought this next, it works fine as you would probably imagine. It does produce a lot more heat than I'd like, but at least it isn't molding away on my buds and stuff..

    eBay: MAYTAG / FEDDERS 45 PINT DEHUMIDIFIER NR (item 290115478027 end time May-14-07 18:26:42 PDT)

    It'll suck out 45 pints of water, which is something like 5 1/2 gallons out in 24 hours. It runs as much as it needs to maintain the set humidity.

    Do you want your buds to have mold on them is the question..
  8. orangeman

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    Well I set up the exhaust fan so it sucks air out through a duct and the dehumidifier is right outside sucking up moisture. Even without the exhaust fan on the dehumidifier is running but it always goes to like 58% and never goes lower than that. Probably higher when the lights are off. I wish I could put the dehumidifier in my room. I don't have any room though.
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  9. freewheelinfrank

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    humidity has never been a problem for me or my friends - I grow primarily sativas which tend to have less dense buds - IF I was growing out an indica, that had big, dense buds, I would be more concerned - the keyword is DENSE, thats what traps the moisture, and allows mold - humidity really only becomes a major issue towards the end of the grow, when buds are dense and compact - at least, thats been OUR experience - Reaper and I have NEVER used a de-humidifier, etc. - just keep a good oscillating fan on the plants throughout their grow, and an exhaust fan to pull out the hot air - (just like worrying because your cabinet goes over 75 degrees, it's 100+ degrees outside in the summer), yup, 75 degrees IS better, but don't forget: "it's a WEED !" :jointsmile:
  10. orangeman

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    I hope they grow alright :(. I'm still not sure rather my plants are males or females yet but I hope they show me soon so I can stop worrying lol. I don't want moldy weed that's for sure and it's gonna suck if it happens. I really want to get the potent bud I deserve lol.
  11. bcals0087

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    I too have had humidity problems just recently. Mine was getting to about 59% I think was the last reading I had, and this started to worry me. First thing I had to take into account, was where all this moisture was coming from. I had forgotten about a small bowl of water that I was keeping in the room to keep it higher, so I took that bad boy out, and I dropped to about 55%. I also have my plants set up in such a way to where the pots are in larger buckets, but are on risers, so that way when I water them, I can reallly water them, almost like a leach, but only with one gallon. and the water drains into the bucket below, but does not rise high enough to touch the bottom of the pot. So after a nice water, that means I have 3 buckets that have water in them which contribute greatly to a lot of the moisture in the air. I also have a circulating fan, but that only does so much. I happened to find a nice dehumidifier in my house which had a humidity control option. So I positioned the dehumidifier half in the room and half out. My humidity is at a consistent 35%, I can water how I please now, and it acts as an exhaust as it is sucking the humid air out of the room, and blowing the hot out. Wonderful thing to have as I do not worry at all about humidity, and I believe I read somewhere that dropping the humidity real low at the end of flowering is a great way to produce more trichomes. Depending on the size of your grow room, a standard dehumidifier should do the job. If your room is slightly larger, and you have the room, a couple small ones positioned close to your plants should really do the job. My room is fairly small, about 5'x4'x7', so the unit size that I have, (standard home size dehumidifier, 1 1/2'x1 1/2'x2 1/2') really does the job well. Best of luck on your humidity issue, hope my story has been a help to you in some way or another!

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