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  1. TopEkoms420

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    Does anyone know around what area the humidity should be inside of the grow room? Also i included some pictures of our grow box, kinda rudimentary but im sure we will get some fine ass weed.

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  2. dylan

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    hey topekoms420, during the veg. phase the humidity is not a problem unless it reaches 90% or so. although, some plants mold easer than others, so if you see any signs of white mold lower the humity.

    during the flowering phase however, it is best to keep the humidity below 50%...30%-45% should be fine.

    btw, your plants could use more light...the floresent lights can be put 1"-2" from the tops.

    SPLIFFBUILDER Registered+

    can i see two plant's in the one pot,if so you want to seperate them,one plant one pot, so they don't fight for nute's an so on...dylan's right get the light's right on top of them.hope this help's love an respect SPLIFFBUILDER.
  4. Garden Knowm

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    air circulation is important... very important...
    humidity is usualy more of a problem for hydro/aeroponic growers....
    lots of water + hot lights = water evaporation/humidity...
    things can get bad (moldy) if you don't have good air flow

    I always keep a fan on the plants... usually 2,3,4 oscilating fans

    Circulation becomes especially important during budding... buds are a perfect home for mold : (
  5. TopEkoms420

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    Ive got a fan that is in the room and it circulates alot of air. Also i read somewhere that plants grown with little or no humidity actually produce more THC and have bigger buds (trials in afghanistan) can anyone tell me if this works or not?
  6. dylan

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    when the plants are flowering the humidity will effect the thc production, but not in the vegatative phase.

    more important than the humidity is the water in the soil/plants. one reason the tricombs are produced is to protect the buds/seeds from drought, so if the soil is very dry when you harvest the bud will have more thc. tricombs are also produced to block uv rays, so it is best to harvest just before the lights will come on.

    i like to cut off all water a week or so before harvest to maximize thc on the plant. you must be careful not to let them wilt though.
  7. Garden Knowm

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    I concur.. especially on reducing water in the last week prior to harvest....
  8. stonner uk

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    how do you actually get humidity up and down??

    SPLIFFBUILDER Registered+

    to get the humidity down you need dry air,at this time of year i block up my air intake from outside an an let the growroom suck air from inside the house.i've got a 5" extraction system run by a 8" inline bell fan attatched to a 10" carbon filter,so the room stay's at 75 degree's an the humidity is 47%,ideal as mine are 4 week's into flower,the problem with the humidity being above that is it encourage's bud mold(nightmare)but when in veg growth the humidity can be as high as 80%,hope this helps an respect..spliffbuilder.
  10. 69NovAss

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    Hi Tokeoms420 I really agree with alot
    of what dylan is saying on this thread.
    He knows what hes talking about for sure.
    I have recently realized how imprortant humidity
    is to an indoor grow :). First off do you have a
    hydrometer? That is usually found with digital
    thermometer, which measures RH. That way you can constantly
    watch your RH during the full
    stage of the plants life cycle. I have a dry enviroment
    due to electric furnace, it eats up the RH in the
    house. So a ultrasonic humidifier has came
    in real handy. It helps raise the RH aroud 20%.
    And I agree about lowering those flors down around
    1" above the plants tops.
    I also have looked into the lower humidity to raise
    thc. I've found that many growers lower their
    RH the last two weeks of flowering to increase
    THC production I'm trying it this on my current
    grow in around 3 weeks ;). Good luck.

  11. SyKo

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    the roots are already grown together id just kill one
  12. Zandor

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    Mj grows best with the RH level up to 70% during vegetation and lower it to 45% after the first 2 weeks of flowering to the last 2 weeks. Then you take it down below 40% for the finish. You should use a humidistat and thermostat to control the climate. The problem with using home misters (like for sick kids) is they take to long to warm up and that makes it hard to keep an exact RH range.
  13. Zero Revolt

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    Humidity is best between 40% and 80% with 60% being optimum if you do not have a way to control it. Hope I was of help.
  14. Zandor

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    I think I bet you to it Zero...sorry :(

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