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Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by raymont, Jun 16, 2018.

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    So I have had an environment change. Temps are high. Buds arent fattening. I am redesigning a new setup to balance my changes. My question is this. I am planning on a 4x4x7 tent. 1K light direct flow to exit6 inch ventilation for light. Soil scrog. I plan to cut an opening at the base to put a 5k btu ac unit. Will it be able to cycle properly and keep my temps correct. External temp range around 100 degrees. My concern is will it want to cycle before compressor pressures drop and a restart can occur properly.
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    Is it a window unit or a portable A/C ? If it's a window unit the T-Stat will be inside the tent & will work like it's suppose to according to the temp in the tent. If it's a portable A/C it has to be inside the tent to operate correctly or you'll have to figure out what the temp difference is between your tent & where you locate the A/C unit. If your A/C unit is outside the tent keep checking your tent till you find your desired temp.
    The A/C unit might say it's 90 degrees in it's location while it's actually 77 degrees in your tent. Set the A/C unit for whatever temp it says it is on the A/C when you get the temp to where you want it in the tent. Then it will function properly. My dad owned an A/C company for 30 years so I know some stuff about it, but not a lot. I can do the easy stuff like figure out CFM's required, Amps, Volts, Watts, Ducting, & things like that. I only installed duct work...he did the rest.
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    It would be a good idea to add a couple layers of reflectix to your tent.
    Each 3/8th inch layer has the insulation ability of 4 inch fiberglass. That will keep the ac unit from quick restarts as it tries to cool the local environment, yah?
    The insulation is so good that I got away with using a small swamp cooler on the air intake. In the tropic, in the summer.

    I put mine on the inside walls because it reflects 98% across the entire visible spectrum.

    Don't forget to put a layer on the floor as well.

    I then cover the cabinet floor with Puppy piddle pads.
    That way, I can safely water without worry about spillage.

    Carry on,

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