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    Ok Ok, there are many factors that affect the best flood and drain schedule. Some set-ups would require more frequent floods than others. Some strains may benefit from more or less frequent floods. Root space, aeration and air-flow, use of C02, strength of nutes, grow medium type, these are all things that determine best flood schedule.

    I want everyone to give their opinion on this. Tell us YOUR success you're having, your grow medium, your flood schedule dark and light.

    I use Hydroton, 6" x 6" x 7" square grow pots. I flood evry 3 hours for 15 minutes in light AND dark cycle. Most would disagree with this but I dont see anything wrong with it since my set-up and plants are thriving with it.

    Cut and paste this and fill in the blanks please. I want to get a poll going and maybe come up with some kind of happy medium.

    Flood frequency and duration in LIGHT:

    Flood frequency and duration DARK:

    Grow medium:

    HYdroponic system:

    Wattage of light:

    grow pot size:

    reservoir size in gallons:

    number of plants:

    Veg and flower time:

    Strain type.....max yielder? nute-burn sensitive?

    Extra air-circulation to root zone? fans directed at root zone?

    Co2 usage?

    Grow space dimensions:

    Your answers will be benefitting many ebb and flow growers and I will post the results in true poll result form. If you have any links to this kind of information please include it in your answers. All opinions and theories will be appreciated.
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    also include grow space dimensions
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