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  1. fishman3811

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    Anyone use mollasses in there hydro system if so how much per gallon of water and did u have any problems?
  2. LOC NAR on probation

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    Do a search for carbo load. It was talked about a good while back. I think it's the wrong kind of carbo, If I remember right. May do no good but contaminate rez.
  3. Weedhound

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  4. fishman3811

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    WOW Weedhound you had a bitch of a time with your ph shit im glad i asked you guys first i think ill just stick to carbo load ive had problems with my ph before and its not fun so thanks weed take care
  5. Zandor

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    Good idea fishman...using raw boot strap molassas does work but it should only be done in the hands of a very experienced growers imo.

    You only use a little per gallon and that is where most make their first mistake.

    Sweet and carb load do fine and are easy to use for the most part. Watch for signs of over nutrients and don't worry about the yellowing leafs as much at that point in the cycle they should start to die off...watch the tips of the little buds more and the medium size ones too that is a better indicator of their health. That is if you don't have a brix meter i mean.

    Happy growing
  6. Weedhound

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    The good old days....:wtf:
  7. fishman3811

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    Thanks Zandor carbo load is expensive but wrecking a harvest is even more.So i think ill stick with what i know if it aint broke dont fix it .....
  8. elway07

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    can someone please tell me what "sweet" is/where to get it/how much to use in junction with the molasses I use. I use grandmas and about 1tbs per gallon. I did notice the yellowing of the fan leaves when I began and I read somewhere that is normal?
  9. elway07

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    anyone have an answer to my previous question about Sweet?
  10. Zandor

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    You don't use Sweet with molasses you use products like Sweet & carb load instead of molasses.

    This is what they say about Sweet.
    "During the vegetative phase, application of Sweet™ prevents plants from becoming leggy and soft-stemmed in the presence of high nitrogen concentrations. At the onset of flowering application of Sweet™ ensures a seamless and stress-free transition from the vegetative to the flowering stage even though nitrogen levels are artificially kept low. The key ingredients present in Sweet™ are rapidly taken up by plants and utilized for the biosynthesis of crucial compounds to maintain optimal metabolism. The continued application of Sweet™ during the flowering and fruiting stages helps maintain a proper balance between photosynthesis and respiration. This is significant because, during flowering, many growers use high carbon dioxide concentrations, high temperatures and light with longer wavelengths. Under such conditions, respiration can outstrip photosynthesis causing excessive ethylene production which results in senescence, yellowing of leaves and leggy growth. Sweet™ protects plants from this metabolic imbalance and helps produce sturdy stems with short internodes and an abundance of buds, flowers and fruits."

    You can find it at Hydroponics stores and eBay too. This is something that HD does not have or even most garden centers carry either. It's a speciality product.

    There is another one called Carb Load that I personaly think work better to pack on more weight.

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