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Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by secretgarden, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. secretgarden

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    My first hydro grow, wanted to show some of you just how fast things can go from sprout to full blown plant. The file names are from the date the picture was taken. Not bad for bag seed eh? I'm starting some hashberry, speed queen and a sagamartha variety that came free with my order, should have a few pictures of those in a few days. Once they sprout that is.

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  2. OniEhtRedrum781

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    Damnn, I wish i could smoke it all in one huge toke once they're done..
  3. secretgarden

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    I got the hydro kit off ebay for about $50 USD. Came with everything. I opted for bigger air stones, picked them up from the local pet store for about $4 each. Have two inside which are bubbling nicely. Sad to say that this crop had to be destroyed due to a pest invasion. I've since sanatized and removed any unrequired equipment to maintain a pest free enviroment.
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    The big one's looking good but the small ones next to it are gonna get crowded out.

    The first pic on the second row I can see dots on the leaves. Could be from spider mites. I'd check and make sure.

    Oh, I just read that you did have pests. Sorry about your loss. Next time I would make sure all the plants are somewhat the same in size so they don't get overshadowed by the big ones.

    Better luck next grow.
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  5. secretgarden

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    they were mites, i tried to use a pestacide, but it didn't kill them. so instead of fighting what seemed to be a losing battle i just cut them all out and germinated some hasberry, speedqueen and a sagamartha variety. Hopefully this time they will grow like a happy family together.
    Got to admit for a bag seed that big one did good.
    Any tips for preventing mites?
  6. rottenPauL

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    get a predator :D
  7. Nochowderforyou

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    One of my first grows, we got mites readlly bad, but all the plants survived and harvested fine.

    A few ways to prevent mites is cross-contamination. When you enter your grow room/area, put on clean clothes. When you enter your growing area with the clothes you just wore outside all day, all kinds of critters can attach to your clothing and get in. Your shoes, your hair, everything, so put on clean clothes when you enter your growing area, or, if you're alone, simply go in naked. :D Sounds funny, but that is a sure way to keeping things pest free.

    Another thing you can do is keep your growing area 100% sealed. Little cracks leading in/out of your growing area gives chances for little bugs to go feast on your plants. Avoid opening and closing the door to your grow area. Only go in when you have to. Avoid going in just to look around.

    If you get mites, some people use Neem Oil, but when I got them, I used non-biodegradable dish soap. Mixed 1/4 soap, 3/4 water, and lightly sprayed the plants, and it worked like a charm.
  8. secretgarden

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    my grow area is in my walk in closet which is in my bathroom. The only time i go in is after i shower.
    I'm 99% sure they came from when i brought in one of my outside plants to flower. I've been using the space since last october and this was my first incident with pests of any kind. Thanks for the tips on removing and preventing pests.
    Where can you pick up predators?

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