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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Cyclonite, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. Cyclonite

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    Heres some pics from my hydro white widow grow...Alot of the details can be found in basic growing under "growing the widow". They are all about 3 1/2 weeks from seed, some sprouted really late hence the size difference. Is the growth on track and do they look good? Oh and the burn on the leaves is from spilled nute/water mix I believe.

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  2. turtle420

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    They look gorgeous... :)
  3. Cyclonite

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    How importent is it for it to block ALL light...the green top I have lets some light through its pretty weak and green. Is this something I should worry about?
  4. payn4school

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    yea thats a huge problem that will soon affect your plants. Let absolutely zero light enter the res!
  5. Cyclonite

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    Ok its dark now.... very tiny bit getting through the medium but I think its fine (Ahh I guess ill add small black plastic discs on top of the medium). Changed water out added full str nutes and 60ml H2O2. I think the smaller plants can handle it if not I can remove them and put them in a seperate res. and flush at first signs of burn. PH sitting at 5.8 and TDS is 1050 PPM. Its distilled water.

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  6. deftdrummer

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    Your setup looks very similar to mine:http://boards.cannabis.com/showthread.php?t=79810. Like the guy said....block out all your light and you should be fine, and that includes the nutrient tank too if ya can. But not as important. Your pH looks good. Only thing I would watch for is the bigger plants hogging some light as they get a little bigger and block the smaller ones. Otherwise looking good though.
  7. Cyclonite

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    Yea well currently I kinda have a 100W MV lamp I just ordered a 400W MH and will put the plants in a bigger rubbermaid in a bit. Plus im doing ScrOG
  8. Cyclonite

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    CRAP....I made a mistake

    Well turns out they didn't like that PPM of 1050....does it look like nute burn? Oh well first time, bound to happen. I followed the directions for full str. Anyways as soon as I noticed (which was on the 2 largest im guessing because they have the largest root system and took it up the fastest) I removed some nute/water mix from the res and replaced it with distilled water, I put the distilled water in through the pots to help flush out anything sitting in the pots. My PPM is now 650 and I also said screw it with the 100watt MV and put them under a 400Watt HPS until my 400watt MH gets here. Did I do the right thing? Ill update in a couple days with the health. I also put perlite on the top of the soil to reflect heat and block light...the discs I made kinda sucked. Please reply soon saying "everything will do ok you did a good job" I hope. Oh and it started on the bottom leaves....thats the only ones so far, just 2. They are still just as green its just the HPS.

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  9. floyd2zapper

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    Cyclonite.Them plants look lovely what system is that your using is it flood and drain.

    Keep posting them pics would like to see them girls grow
  10. Racerx

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    400 watt HPS is going to be a lot better then a 100 watt metal. Most people use HPS through out the entire grow. I personally have never used MH, ever, but it is supposed to be better I guess.

    Sucks on the nute burn, but 1050 is pretty high ppm for their size. Depending on what your water starts as, I would give them around 400ppm of nutes because those little ones wont be able to handle much and they are in the same rez. The larger ones could probably take 600. I give my full growns about 1200ppm of nutes, (leaving me at about 1500ppm), but they are 2.5 feet tall.
  11. Cyclonite

    Cyclonite Registered+

    Yea the little ones were doing good at 600 ppm before, the only reason I got the MH was for the Veg since ill be doing flower at the same time, that is if the clones work out and all. I tend to read allot and dive in deep....first grow with aeroponics. Do they look the right size for 3 weeks from seed, I read somewhere that they should be 1-2ft by now. I was using that MV lamp though, they probably would be the right size if I just used the HPS to start.
  12. Racerx

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    1-3 weeks from seedling and 1-2 feet is pretty optimistic in my eyes... If you start with rooted clones then you can usually get 1-2 feet in a few weeks. MV is really inefficient and not as good as MH, although both are very hot when compared to HPS. Im considering getting a switchable ballast and giving MH a try in a closet to see if I notice a different, however I am very happy with HPS results.
  13. Cyclonite

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    Well the leaves seem to be kinda hanging so I added 60ml of H2O2....I think ill drop the PPM even more. I dont want to over do it. Ill go for 300 ppm and flush with tap water since iv been using distilled im kinda concerned about cal mag def.
  14. Cyclonite

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    Drooping is normal after a flush or a good water right? I think the level was a bit high after my flush so I dropped it....im still waiting on my airstones to arrive should be tomorrow...3 12"s. So im kinda just using a wick system for now, just having the very bottoms of the pots touch the water in the rez....I was just thinking DWC for Veg and Aero for flower. Does that sound like it would work good? I do have a air pump with just the tube resting in the water and I use H2O2 a little every day or every other.
  15. Cyclonite

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    Well they didn't seem to be growing so I really flushed them and they are going to get just water for 2 days then slowly ramp up nutes. Here are some new pics. They have 3 12" airstones now so im going to lay off the H2O2 unless I see problems. This is the first day I noticed growth. I also have some superthrive in the mail..I hope the big one is female.

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  16. L0r6dIN6faM6ous

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    try adding sum calcium and magnesium to your plants when you add nutes.

    when plants lack these is slows the growth a lot
  17. Cyclonite

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    Thanks...I looked at my nutes and it does have cal and mag in it...also I used tap water this time and will from here on out. I dont see a huge benefit from distilled....I will continue to use distilled on clones seedlings ect, but tap for developed. Oh BTW they are looking much better....I put them on 19/5 and 15% nutes today, ill post a pic tomorrow.
  18. Cyclonite

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    Well recovery is good and they are growing allot....I cant tell if there is any pref lower but I would like everyones option. Nutes are around 30% 5.6 PH. Temps a bit warm in the lower 90's but I dont think my temp gun is accurate, I think the mylar messes it up. It feels nice to my hand and temp is to be taken out of the light right?

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  19. Radium

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    Hey there I've just looked over your threads and noticed a few things u could be doing better. First off what nutes are you using and how are u mixing? Second why are you adding h202??

    You're growing using hydroponics if you have net pots suspended into the nutrients with an airstone and airpump in the res. Aeroponics is when you spray the nutrient solution on the roots and the excess drains back into the res anyhow... the perlite was a shitty idea they are fine with the hydroton like that and the foil on top of your res is pretty much useless as well u can chuck that out if you want. Don't be as paranoid of light as these people have made it out to seem but now you dont want be growing in a clear container...

    Now these are all seeds so some will be male and some will be female.. u ahve them all in the same res so roots are going to grow together and you gotta watch for males and cut them down and throw them out asap or else they will pollinate your females and ruin your entire crop :( Also they are all different sizes and that is going to be a nightmare during flowering as the larger ones will block all light from the smaller ones and also the smaller plants don't need as strong nutes as the bigger ones....

    I've never heard of anyone doing 19/5 light cycle either.. either go 24/0 or 18/6 I go 18/6 personally myself and use flouros for vegging and a 1000watt HPS for flowering. You made the right call in using your 400 Watt HPS and I would continure to use that for veg and flowering and take your Mercury Vapour light and throw it against a wall or something..When you do switch to flower just do it instantly no need to do anything gradually like you planned.. go 18/6 and the day you want to flower go 12/12 just like that it will not hurt your plants in anyway.

    You said you are using tap water now what is the ppm of your tap water?? What are you using to adjust pH and how often are you adjusting it and how often are you doing res changes?

    Let me know some of this info and I can teach you everything you need to know... alot of these idiots aren't really helping you!
  20. Cyclonite

    Cyclonite Registered+

    Well im using DutchMaster ONE. I have one for flower and one for veg...im definitely going to go with a 3 part advanced nutes when I run out. At first the H2O2 was for extra O2 because I didnt have my airstones yet and paranoia of root rot. Now I have the stones and roots look nice.

    Its going to be an aero grow when they flower...im still messing around with some ideas, I bought a fogger and will see how it works when it arrives. Good price. Right now its just a DWC. I have 2 separate grow sites and 1 400Watt HPS and 1 MH now. Tap water is about 150 ppm, I have PH up and down and adjust as needed...mostly I use PH up since my nutes are acidic. I pre mix them all when I add more water I mix everything together then pour into the res. The mylar really just blocks light on the top and I figured a little extra wont hurt.

    20/4 should be fine...I didn't want to run 24 and I figured 2 more hours from 18 may help. I got my MH yesterday and hooked it up, the little ones are actually the same age as the bigger ones, they are just way late on sprouting for some reason. My res temp stays 70-80 and im always on the lookout for root rot and problems. Right now I change my res weekly. Im going with a much larger res today (16 gal)...the current one is like 4 gallons and I add fresh water with a nute mix everyday.

    I appreciate any experience or guidance you can share thanks. Ill post pics later today...heres a link to the fogger I bought.http://www.reptiledirect.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1023

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