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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by geestacker, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. geestacker

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    changed the resevoir 30 gallons jus like always but this time added 32ounces of peroxide (3%) and almost instantly leaves started getting wilted like i put em out in the sun, several leaves wilted and died, i then researched a lil more and found all these tables n stuff how to add peroxide but i must be retarded cuz i dont understand them, can sombody break it down to me in lambmans terms thank you:confused:
  2. Racerx

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    Well 32 ounces is a 1/4 gallon which for 30 gallons means about 1.2%. From what I hear you generally want about 1%. Give the plants some time. My plants wilt every time I change my res whether I put H2O2 in there or not (since they are not sitting in water for 20 minutes).

    I personally think that unless you are trying to control/help an algae problem, that 1% H2O2 is to much. I use about 0.5%. When I use 1% I get a lot of bubbling on the roots. I expect this is good for killing algae but I dont like it looks otherwise.

    Last, are you sure you have 30 gallons? I know it may sound stupid, but I spaced out the first time I did my res and measured for the total size of 18 gallons, when in reality there are only about 13-14 gallons in there.
  3. geestacker

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    thank you for your response, i dont think the down time in changing the res caused the problem since its a flood and drain also i have never had the problem before. hopfully they will recover and next change if i decide to try it again i will use .5 percent as you suggest...also my res says 30 gallons on it and i use 6 5 gallon buckets to fill it so im pretty sure, but yes its always good to cover the basics
  4. Racerx

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    Well for all I know, my plants wilt because i DO use H2O2. I dont know if its specifically because they are without water and it is only 20 minutes. But by the end of the day they always perk up and look great. By the next day, new stuff all over.
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    Wow...30oz sounds like way too much peroxide to me. Thats an ounce per gallon. I use just 1/4 teaspoon of 3% per gallon about once a week in my ebb/flo rez during hot weather when the rez temps might get up around 75 now and then. I'm pretty sure you burned them and i doubt that the wilted leaves will recover which will ultimately slow growth and reduce yield.

    I would have used about 1/4 to 1/2 cup for 30 gal. You dont need to add peroxide unless your nutes start to smell "swampy", or they begin to turn "cloudy", or you see some slime begin to form in the rez. Its a good way to hold the pathogens in check, but its not a miracle solution and you can do some damage to the girls with too strong of a dose. Good luck
  6. geestacker

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    thanks bro for the advise
  7. Garden Knowm

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    I used 1/2 cup per 15 gallons as a preventitive.. every other week

    32 ounces.. is..... is scary

  8. KHAN

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    Yeah if it helps I put in 1 tablespoon in my res... 32 ounces?
  9. Garden Knowm

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    hey stacker.. how are your plants doing.. I would love to see a picture!!

    : )

  10. latewood

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    I am in agreement...way too much peroxide. If I use peroxide...I use about 2-3 tablespoon per rez x3 times, because I use 10 gallon tubs and you use 30 gallon tubs...So, 6-9 tbs. per rez change.

    Bognote...people always forget to mention about h2o2.
    If you are using any organic ferts or additives, then peroxide will kill all the bacteria, both beneficial and detrimental. so, If that is the case...then you want to find a good enzyme product like sensi-zyme or hygrozyme. I have both. also, there is a product called Liquid Karma you could check out. I have never had one hydro store/expert say 1 bad thing about Liquid Karma.

    I have used hygrozyme and Liquid karma going on 2 years now, and I can tell you without a doubt that both products are exceptional. goodluck...checkya later.
  11. deftdrummer

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    in addion to the quantity you used that may be the problem, it is also important to remember to use cooking grade hydrogen peroxide rather than the harsh crap used for disinfecting.
  12. Garden Knowm

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    : )

    picture please?
  13. geestacker

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    thanx yall for replying sorry im not able to post pix cuz for some reason i get a bunch of lines on my screen i think its interference from the hid`s.....
    but to update you all the plants recovered jus fine with the exeption of the burnt leaves that jus went crispy n fell off....i also got some quality hydrogen peroxide 30% and followed directions on the bottle (duha) and all is well so far
  14. Garden Knowm

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    congrats on the recovery
  15. OregonOrganix

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    1 oz. per gallon

    1oz. per gallon is the proper amount for killing any constricting amount of algae, mostly the stuff that grows over and suffocates your roots due to light penetration. h2o2 only stays active for 15-20 minutes after its added to a reservoir anyways, so the levels slowly decrease.

    All hydrogen peroxide is, is water with an extra oxygen molecule. Maybe when you plant drinks in the H202, its getting a little too much oxygen in its system, which somewhat simulates the effects of droubt.

    Kinda like a human getting dehydrated from drinking beer.

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