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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by OldSchoolGrower, Jul 6, 2012.

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    aloha, i'm new , this is my first post.. i've been searching this site ....alot of good advice .. i go by the name of Old School Grower ( O.S.G ).. i have always used sweet from bontanicare... now i see hydroplex bloom enhancer... should i use this as my bloom additive.. i thought sweet was for blooms... now i read it's for taste... should i use both... also sweet has different flavors... would it hurt to use berry on a pineapple express plant
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    Hi OSG, welcome to the site. There is tons of information here and I am sure you are buried in it by now. Much discussion of what you are asking and different inputs by growers, over the forum. Probably want to read more in a little more advanced area's and experiments. Sounds like you are ready to experiment and have accomplished some grows! Plenty here do that.

    Nice to see you on the forum. First post, first forum? Welcome and hope you have read a bunch of information here now. Will look forward to reading a grow log by ya! :jointsmile: pr
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    I use the Botanicare nutes as well... Have for a number of years now... The sweet can be used during the start of flower all the way to finishin'... The hydroplex should be used when flowering is a bit more established... You'll see a big difference in your end results! Don't use both and a bloom nute... You'll have big problems if ya do.
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    Thank you so much for the big ole welcome...i've loaded photo of my grow so far.. will start a log soon... peace , light & love
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  5. OldSchoolGrower

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    thank you Ga. grown .... should i not run hydroplex and bloom together ?... it makes sense to not run sweet w/ hydroplex...is sweet really worth the $ thanks again... aloha
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  6. GaGrown

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    I think it is! It has the supplements that cannabis needs. You can use the sweet in veg as well. Sweet has no NPK rating.. It'll be fine to use the both during flower... As for the Bloom and hydroplex together... I use them both as per the label.. Never had a nute issue that would have made me flush them other than when They are almost done.. I just flush them as to not get the harsh chemical taste that the nutes can leave... Makes for some very tasty smoke after your cure in the jars...

    Life in a Jar My Brother!

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