Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by gtotharon, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. gtotharon

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    where is the best place to get a hydroponic kit? im goin to grow 8-10 plants. any ideas?

    i would also like ideas on covering the smell, ill be an a appartment.
    its my first time growing, obiviously, so any hints would help.

    peace dude:jointsmile:
  2. grey1223

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    Please go to FAQ's. Spend a few hours browsing. When you've picked up the basics and have more questions we'll be glad to help.
  3. stinkyattic

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    First time grower, only 8-10 plants, you'll probably be much better off going soil for now since you don't have a 'mother' plant yet and hydro is MUCH more suitable for growing known female clones. Read the link in my siggy for some basic plant stuff and background, and read peoples' logs to see what we are all doing up in hurrr.

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