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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Fade, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Fade

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    I'm looking for some ideas on how to cool the water here. 5 Gallon bucket with 3 gallons of water in it. Aeroponic delivery. I dont have a thermometer (low budget DIY project), my guess is that the water is between 80-90F degrees.

    I read in some other threads where u guys say warmer water doesn't hold much oxygen, but in this setup the roots are suspended in air/hydroton and being sprayed by water so is the water temp even much of a factor in this case?

    Some pics to help below.:thumbsup:
    Other variables:
    -5 CFL's 3 cool/2warm all 40w (roughly 8-9000 lumens total)
    -room temperature floats around 85-90 during day, 75-80 at night
    -Hydroton rocks for medium
    -Tap water - PH'd around 5.5 - 6.5
    -1 large Computer fan inside moving air around plants
    -submersed water pump - 100gph <-- is this producing the heat???


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  2. slowthestone

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  3. Fade

    Fade Registered+

    Thank you, I learned a lot from this.

  4. GluteusMaximus

    GluteusMaximus Registered+

    An easy way to keep a small resevoir cool is to freeze a couple gallon jugs (milk containers) of frozen water and toss them into the brew.
  5. latewood

    latewood Banned

    Here is the deal...having built every little ghetto system in the world, i can say this...I always had water temp problems when I used pump inside res...so,

    Here is what I would do. Get a 10 gallon sterilite tub(for your rez)...make that your rez. In your 5g bucket add a boat style 3/4" bulkhead fitting in the side 2" up from bottom of growing bucket(use aquarium sealant to make watertight...attach a 90degree and turn it down through a hole that fits snugly in top of 10 gallon sterilite(this is your drain)....put you pump in the 10 gallon (more water volume=lower water temps) tub, and extend your feeder lines to the top of 5g bucket. It will take some Mods, but I did it and you will be happoer with all your results.

    water temps should be 65-70 degrees in your rez for optimum oxygenation...Z says "68 degrees is perfect"

    got it? I'll be back...by the way...Nice job with the info "slowthestone"
  6. Fade

    Fade Registered+

    Good advice from everyone. With a couple of fittings and some hoses I can probably create a separate resevoir. It will probably make changing the water easier for me too.

    So if reading this correctly even if the roots are supsended in the air they still breath oxygen through the water?

  7. Zandor

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    You can also use frozen water bottles to bring down the temperature in a rez. You just fill them 3/4 of the way full so they have room to expand when it freezes. Drop in a few at a time and keep some in your freezer to exchange with. This way you get cool water but you don't change the water level and no diluting of your nutrients.
  8. Fade

    Fade Registered+

    Awesome ideas with the frozen bottles. I added an air pump yesterday to bring extra oxygen in. I'm putting together a new resevoir and ill combine water bottle idea to manage temp.
  9. latewood

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    I usually cut a round access hole (netpot size)in top of bottom tub, so I can pump out or refill...then fashion blank and tape to cover the whole in order to keep out light. good luck, can't wait to see what you come up with.
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  10. Aaron385

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    I pulled apart a $54 dorm room fridge I got at Lowes and stuck the freezer part in a 25 gallon res and put a box fan pointed at the fridge for about a 20 degree drop in temps.. if that helps anyone.
  11. crazywill

    crazywill Registered+

    My closet set up is a 30 gal. storeage tug from wally world{wal-mart} in the resevoir I put a under gravel filter. It's a pump that has two suction cup that hold it in place.It will move your water all around in the res keeping the nutrients mixed and helps put oxgen in the water too.I also use a small air pump and air stone in the tank too.My closet is air condition and I have a 8" fan moveing the air all around the closet. This helps keep the water temp at about 68* to 72* degree in the tank. I hope this helps you .Have a great day!
  12. Fade

    Fade Registered+

    I took the advice and got a cheap rubbermaid 18 gal bucket $4.50. Miscellaneous cpvc peices, hose, etc. $15. Pictures below to show changes.

    Perfect timing because the roots on these little guys have exploded and would have made maintenance a disaster. Having a separate resevoir will make things easier on me. :thumbsup:

    Ill be trying the rotating ice packs idea to keep things cool. :cool:


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  13. Fade

    Fade Registered+

    Ideas helped... growth explosion

    I think these ideas helped.

    The water is staying cooler with a bigger resevoir and rotating ice packs and added an air pump to the resevoir. The plant has more than doubled in the past 2-3 days and looking good. :thumbsup:


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  14. oldnslow

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    For some reason, whenever someone says "icepacks" i think of the blue refreezable packs. Those are not the best option because the regular freezing and refreezing may cause a leak and contaminate the nutes. Plain ole water is the ticket.:)
  15. Fade

    Fade Registered+

    Good point. I am using Blue icepacks. I should just eliminate the possibility then if they have dangerous chemicals in them. I'll save those for my food...;)


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