hydroponics vs aeroponic or soil

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by wi2ard05, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. wi2ard05

    wi2ard05 Registered

    which is the easiest and most recommended way
  2. harmonicminor

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    easiest is soil, then ebb and flow hydroponics
    but it depends on your situation
    getting rid of spent soil in the city polly isn't that easy
  3. Dazed4now

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    soil by far
    bud grown in soil tastes better and has a way better high to it
    its all the nutrients and chemicals they put in the water in hydro that gives it a chemical taste and high
    you can have a great yelid off soil and its way easier and tastes better in the end
  4. oldsanclem

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    If you want to find out, how pot grower realy are. Buy some of their pot and wait a week. And then let them test it " not as good as mine etc"
    Hydro ebb and flow , with 99 plants is the only way to go. Try to get rid of 400 gallons of dirt every 60 days.
    As far as taste flushing them the last few weeks , removes most of any left over salts if any.
  5. bongerstonerd00d

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    I'd wait for........

    Zandor or Latewood to answer this question. And, is this really an Advanced Techniques question to begin with ?

  6. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    it really depends on what you consider easy...

    the easiest way to grow period is to throw seeds in the back yard and hope they grow... and often they do grow... into massive trees...

    the easiest way to manage plants and influence their outcome is aeroponics... you are the master in an aeroponics grow... although, to be the master requires proper tools and sometimes it can be very time consuming...

    if money is no object and you crave information regarding growing and know that this is for YOU.. then the easiest best and most rewarding set up is an aeroponic set up that you will eventually incorporate with a doser....

    if growing is something that you just want to try for shits and giggles and your on a budget... the best method is miracle grow + cfls + water...

    yep I said it...

    and NOW you KNOWM...

    there are many ways to grow.. and many differrent methods have merged and blurred the lines... which is what makes gardening so much fun..

    if you enjoy gardening more than smoking.. then aeroponics is definitley for YOU..

  7. fingers

    fingers Registered

    If the question is "which is more potent weed"

    I think its unarguably hydroponic. The overall THC levels of weed in general has sky rocketed since the birth of Hydroponic grown weed and anyone who knows the proven scientific facts would we hard pressed to deny it.
    Its clear that many 'prefer' outdoor weed, and there's nothing wrong with this of course, but the most potent weed is undoubtedly hydroponic.
    Were it not for hydroponic methods we'd have A LOT less of the fantastic engineered strains we have today.
    I read that studys have shown the weed grown these days is up to 20 times the potency of the weed smoked in the 1960's.
    On the other hand, cannabis triggered drug induced psychosis is often attributed to high THC hydroponic weed. Its really up to the user/grower.I personally far prefer hydroponic weed, but we cant forget that mother nature has done a great job for over three thousand years...to deny that there is fantastic weed grown with outdoor methods would be down right silly.
    In short, a skilled and succesful grower either hydro or outdoor is a skilled grower...either method produces some good weed...and some average weed...but enough theorey...lets just smoke it! :)

  8. berny

    berny Registered+

    You've been reading alot of propaganda, the highest THC content of weed today is around 22-24% white russian i think. Which means the weed in the 60's was around 1-1.5% THC? I refuse to believe that 40 years of technology could have advanced cannabis that much more than mother nature in 5000yrs
  9. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    which is the easiest and most recommended way
    The easiest way is to sow some seeds in the forest and do nothing else until harvest. You can achieve great results this way. You just need to take an attitude of not really caring what happens. Your'e not doing any work except planting and harvesting, and you'll get weed for the effort, sometimes massive amounts. Most people agree that DWC (deep water culture) is a great hydro set up for begginers. This is very easy also, and done properly will yield much more than soil. For effort vs yield this method can't be beat. Your title mentioned aeroponics. It is a massive yielder, but not easy by any means.

    bud grown in soil tastes better and has a way better high to it
    This of course is utter nonsense. For various reasons hydro can yield some of most potent weed possible. I'm not saying you can't get potent weed in dirt, but hydro is by far the better option for a great many reasons. Do words like bigger, better, faster, healthier and more, appeal to you? If so, your the type of person that should choose hydro for your grow method. As far as dirt weed tasting better, this is a load of crap. You can make your hydro weed tast like anything you want, and it's way easier to do so than if the weed was in dirt. How about vanilla, or mint, or coffee? If you are worried about chemicals or a chemical taste, you can grow all organic. Whatever you do, to both hydro and dirt weed, it will affect the taste. However, it's much easier to completely rid your weed of all unwanted taste if you are growing in hydro. You simply use water instead of nutrients the last week or so. Try getting the fertilizer taste out of dirt weed that easily. Many people don't flush like this, so sometimes people get some hydro weed that they didn't like the taste of. I usually don't flush, and my weed tastes just fine.
  10. mscaboo

    mscaboo Registered+

    ^^^if all that is true then how do you explain the number of experienced growers on here and other sites that have tossed their hydro set up in favor of soil or coco,soiless meduim.i do not beleive they chose to switch for less potent weed.
  11. Relic2279

    Relic2279 Registered+

    There is an article (I can post the link) that says it's a myth that pot has gotten more potent.
    Those who are measuring it, are sent the MJ from random siezures. Mexican shwagg was more prevailent in the 70's & 80's. Most of the weed seized then was this schwag. With the appearence of the internet and more information being spread, there are more people growing sinse. Growing for themselves and profit. Now larger amounts of home grown sinse are being siezed, increasing the THC of the weed in the "tests" that they do. I can give the link if anyone is interested.
  12. latewood

    latewood Banned

    I agree with relic here...on the potency increase issue, although you guys are right, in a way...The Government publishes 'Bullshit' to shove down our throats everyday

    but, I disagree with the notion that hydro produces more potent reefer...I call 'Bullshit'
    the difference between hydro and soil, is that hydro can produce bigger plants faster than soil. Potency is all in the 'Genetics', how good a grower you are, and harvesting at the proper time (trichome maturity). Taste is in the flushing, as well as the strain...Imho

    and, there isn't anyone going to tell me that panama red, didn't knock your 'Dick' in the dirt...for about 4-5 hours!!!

    as far as answering the question at hand; I honestly find either soil or drip to be the easiest. DWC kicks ass, but you better buy alot of air, and in late flower...It can be a bear to get the top off with a tree in it, so you can changeover fresh nutes...
    aero has it's place, but for me personally, I only use aero for cloning, and some veggies...I like nft, but I don't think you can get as much yield as drip, or DWC.

    You all know how much I like hydro, but this summer I am growing a couple yields...simply in soil. I need a break from the technology. That is my answer to the post up top, that stated all these old growers reverted to soil growing.
    some couldn't grow in hydro...others, after learning to grow hydro found that with their grow expertise, they could provide themselves with an adequate stash just by growing a few really nice plants in soil. I do not think it has anything to do with the fact that soil growing produces better pot, or better tasting pot...or, whatever. I think they have it like me, and said, "This summer i am going to put the hydro up and grow a bunch of pretty soil plants...while it's so Damn Hot. peace, Sorry for rambling on, and I hope I didn't offend anyone.


    Lastly. there is no right or wrong answer here, except GK's
    throw a seed in the ground and water it...lol, but that won't produce consistant high quality weed for ya.

    You have to read up on the different methods/systems and decide what is right for your grow situation, and most of all...You're Committment; Because you better be committed
  13. Bachelorpads

    Bachelorpads Registered+

    I should start this off with, i am lazy. I don't like hauling dirt around disposing of it and whatnot.

    Easiest way to grow is dirt. It is the reason i grow my moms in dirt. They grow slow and don't require much attention.

    The fastest way to grow is aero. I flower with aero (webby tubes) and the growth rates are amazing. There is a huge setup cost with aero and usually a lot of construction/infrastructure that you might not want to deal with. I use aero because i travel here and there. I leave my plants for 7 days at a time and that is tough with some systems.

    DWC/NFT is the most efficient in my mind. Easy setup, fast growth, water comes from the faucet and drains there. Makes life easy and this is the method i recommend for anyone asking this question.
  14. grow4fun

    grow4fun Registered+

    I find the high from soil-grown plants lasts muuuuch longer than hydro, and most people I talk to say the same thing.

    When comparing the yield and time of hydro to soil, must take into consideration that:

    The flowering time is the same either way.

    In hydro you save a couple weeks veg time (like 1 week veg instead of 3-4 for soil), but you use more electricity to run the pump (especially aero/constant), the reservoir chiller, air pump, etc. That electricity could be running another light, anywhere from a 400 to a 1000watt depending on how big/frequent pump and chiller you're running.
    So say using the same power you could run an extra 1000watt, meaning an extra pound. That makes up for a couple extra weeks veg time.
    Also, comparing yields, if you have the money to set up a hydro grow properly (cooled lights, pump, chiller, reservoir + grow chambers), for the same money you could set up 2 soil grows of the same size.
    Which would have bigger yield?
  15. oldsanclem

    oldsanclem Registered+

    FDA Chemicals are chemicals reguardless of where they come from. A plant will only take up what it needs and can convert.
    Over the decades of growing, no mater where I got the pot , from mine or from what I bought from same guy that grew it. In blind test , with 3 people. In the test all pot was free, so they had nothing to gain or loose. This would be 9 test, except for one , the hydro won 8 out of 9.
    I like to call it ear logic, what they hear is what is best.
    Test were done with joints of the same size and you could not see the type or strain or color of the test speciman.
    It may be noted that Natural/organic ferts can over dose plants.
    Very few, if any growers send out speciman to labs before they feed there plants. So bat shit, cow shit, wowie bird shit, all have a ???? factor.
    All statement with out data , are just that. Statements with out data can only be compaired to nothing.
    Look at growers pic\s and note leaf tip burn, and guess how long they have been growoing.
  16. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    Easiest way to grow is dirt. It is the reason i grow my moms in dirt. They grow slow and don't require much attention.

    Me too. Everything else is hydro.
  17. dank ass nugs

    dank ass nugs Registered+

    i grow in the dirt but i used to smoke hydroponics exculsivally and i still like to go back every once in a while but i like the actual time spent smoking and the high i get from dirt grown better even though it is usaully less potent. However i have had some of the best hydroponics in the midwest and the best dirt grown in the midwest and the dirt grown kicked the hydroponics ASS big time but usually the hydroponic is more potent in my expierence that is which is all anybody can judge. And as far as the 60's versus now i have talked to my dad all my uncles and aunts there cousins and people who smoked that shit back in the day and they always say the weed now adays is 100's of times better with no arguement.
  18. fingers

    fingers Registered

    Damn people are diluding themselves,

    Genetic engineering has improved the sieze, yield, and potency of many agiricultural products, yet there's no way that it's done so with cannabis?

    Thats right..yeahhhh, makes perfect sense. I think the people too poor or lazy to make a real effort of growing need to stop fooling themselves.
    Just because you've chosen to take the weak option, doesn't mean it's right to go bagging on the methods that grow the worlds greatest cannabis.

    Then again, I've only been using this site for 10 yrs, and growing and smoking weed for 15 yrs...what would i know.

  19. gotuve

    gotuve Registered+

    quebec gold pushes 40%
  20. Abattoir Dream

    Abattoir Dream Registered+

    there is no answer as to which is the best,only the question of which you like to do most, and which brings the better yeilds... just my two pennys (we dont have cents in england...)

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