I believe i have some mold forming on some of the leaves, should i cut those leaves

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by amdp, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. amdp

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    I think its mold growing on some of the leaves, I'm prob. about a week from havesting, humidity is between 50 and 60, (60 just after watering), there is no way that i can get it down and i cant afford a sulfer treatment. should i cut off the part of the leaves with mold on them to keep it from spreading.

    any advice would be very helpful.

    sorry i don't have a camera to post pics.
  2. Garden Knowm

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    YES.. if you are a week from harvest you should cut off anything that QUESTIONABLE MOLD..


    Becarefull cut it gently and set it in a plastic garbage bag.. dont let spores and mold dust blow around.......

    hopefully you wont open up some big cola nugs and find out that the mold has already got into your BUDS!!!!!!!!

    you can only BE......
  3. Jdog7000

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    a dehumidifier would help.
    And like 2-3 fans blowing air around.

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