I broke the main branch!

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by YxXXxY, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. YxXXxY

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    I just broke the main branch about 3 nodes from the top. I didn't break it completely off but pretty badly and I think it may eventually fall off. Can it repair itself? Is there anything I can do?
  2. YxXXxY

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  3. YxXXxY

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    Btw, I had the main branch tied over sideways. It broke right where the string was and the string was digging down into it. I think I tied the string on too tight and as the branch thickened the string cut into it weakening it.
  4. Greenthing

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    You should still be able to make a splint for it, and next time dont tie the string to tight.;)
  5. SunnySativa

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    Yea a picture would help to estimate the damage, but as long as most of it is still intacted it should be able to repair itself [prob set back your grow a little bit] but as far as it sounds you should find out if it will repair itself or die with a day or 2.......
  6. grey1223

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    Nothing to worry about. You wouldn't believe the accidents I've had. I've yet to see it turn into a problem and lose a plant. Think about the weeds in the yard, you can do almost anything to them and they come back. I do not tie branches, I just bend them where they need to go. This usually results in a broken stem which heals up fast and keeps on going. Also, I don't believe this retards your grow. My biggest yielders are those that have to be bent.
  7. YxXXxY

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    I've read somewhere that some people actually just break it off completely and it grows several shoots in its place. I guess it's similar to topping. I'll check it in a couple of days to see what it looks like. If it doesn't look any better I might just do some research and think about cutting it off.
  8. YxXXxY

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    Hi. The plant is really stretching and it's going to outgrow my space if I don't start bending more and tying down the new growth soon. I'm going to need to bend the main branch above where the break occurred. I wonder if it will heal enough for me to be able to bend it pretty much in the next few days. If not maybe I should just break it off?

    OLDJIMMYBONES Registered+

    i did the same thing a wile ago and i used wet tp and wraped it in it and it dryed and made a kinda cast
  10. YxXXxY

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    I used a drinking straw to make sort of a splint. It's been almost 48 hours and I haven't opened it up to check it yet. But I'm going to need to bend it right where the break occurred and soon at the rate the stretch is giong. I'm on day 11 in 12/12 and growth is really booming right now.

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