I burnt my new white pistils. Will they come back?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by crush86, Sep 10, 2010.

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    Hey guys new to this site and would love some insight.

    I recieved some clones from a dispensery and I didnt know they came with a spidermite upgrade!! Stoked. So they have been under 12/12 for about two and a half weeks and were just starting to bud and throw out tons of white hairs. And I was using this pyrethan(sorry bout the spelling) spray and diluting it but it burned the majority of the white hairs off, the plants are in super good condition and are not burned at all besides the hairs, but I am wondering what is that going to do to my bud production? If anyone could give me a heads up that would be awesome. Thanks
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    Don't sweat it

    Will not seriously afffect yield. At 2+ weeks new hairs will still be forming. If you just singed the hairs, in 3 weeks she will have repaired herself and you will not know it even happened.

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