I cant believe it here [VABeach]

Discussion in 'Virginia (VA)' started by TokesDaGanj, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. TokesDaGanj

    TokesDaGanj Registered

    I'm from Nor Cal... Born San Jo, lived all over the bay, also the 209... and for real... its like people fear bud here... and O's aint cheap like I'm used too... I just wish there was cool ppl out here like I'm used to...
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  2. mvirgilio

    mvirgilio Registered

    I FEEL YOU!!

    Just moved here from FL and i totally feel you. its so hard here to fond cool people. va beach is rough :wtf:

  3. Justin1020304

    Justin1020304 Registered

    I'm in vb too yah def different from Cali we should try to meet up sometime smoke maybe?
  4. GigaBud

    GigaBud Registered+

    Listen VA is a common wealth with a shit ton of off the wall policing habits be careful your better off going to Chesapeake area to find bud..!

    Trust me......

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