I don't know how you all can stand it here.

Discussion in 'Indiana (IN)' started by Melkane, May 12, 2007.

  1. Melkane

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    I've been up here for about 1 and 1/2 years or so, from the western side of the country and I hate it here in Indiana. It's so humid(most hated thing), tons of annoying insects, about a 3rd of the people you can't understand because their accent is so heavy. Not to mention it seems everythings so spaced out in Indianpolis and it takes forever to get to anything and is Indiana part of the bible belt? because damn, you'd think it is with the amounts of heavily religious people out here.
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    So go home.........Im sure to everyone else you just make sound like a narg urself. Stop complainin and just move. But everywhere you go there is going to be something yo dont like. Its like havin a mouth full of food complaining about how bad it tastes:hippy:
  3. full spectrum grow

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    Lived here all my life be never imagined I would be moving because of Chins influence in the state govt. Pence needs tried for treason and consorting with the enemy. China is not a friend . communist socialist. dictatorship. Walmart is partners with. Embarased about the direction of leadership
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    Come back to the western side of the country. It's great here.
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  5. full spectrum grow

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    As a Veteran. I defended my right to live free of socialism. As an American its time to end the Republican lies and criminal activities. Everything the communist have done needs to be reversed by a stroke of a pen. 150 years of progress down the drain. Indiana is my home state. You like what is being done goove to China and leave the american working class alone. You go home
  6. emilya

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    I love Missouri. We have nullified this administration's gun grab attempts by making it illegal to do so. We have pushed back on the new EPA regs and said no. Missourians at least for this moment, remain free. I recommend living here. I think we are even starting to wake up to enacting more sane cannabis laws here too.

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