I failed!! Is 30 days actually enough to get clean?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by sweetchild, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. sweetchild

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    Well I failed my test. I had no notice so all I could do was to take 4 aspirin and drink about 75 oz. of liquid in less than an hours time. I tried to sub but was watched so I had to give my own. And I failed, but I said I used hemp seed oil regularly and they told me to show it to them and they were going to give me a month to retest. They really like me at this job and I swore I would be clean but do I have enough time. I said give me 30 days to get it out of my system. I need to know if 30 days will be long enough for a daily smoker, about 1/4 oz. per week for years. I am 5'7 180 lbs. who has been exercising and losing weight for the last few months. Is there anything else I can do to help? I can't fail again. And I can't sub. Any advice? Thanks.
  2. Anathema2121

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    I've had friends pass using detox drinks like the ones you can find at most head shops. Also, I have some other ones that swear by using sure-jell (fruit pectin), one even claiming to having smoked the morning of the test and then passing using it. But the best advice i can give is just avoid fatty foods, work out and sweat a lot, drink lots of water and then just hope for the best. Using something to detox can't hurt though, its worth a shot. Good luck.
  3. IanCurtisWishlist

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    the hempseed oil is a very good argument. i heard from an english teacher, that a bunch of people were falsely testing positive for THC. This was in Arizona.. they all had in common one thing; they used the same brand of hemp lotion. they all got off the hook.

    in most urine drug tests, it is possible to measure how much THC Is in your body. this helps them determine how long it's been since you have smoked. if you've been clean for 30 days, you are probably only testing positive for trace amounts of THC--which is why they're most likely buying your story. had you smoked a blunt the previous day, the THC ppm (parts per million) would be way up there; an obvious sign that you've either been smoking, or using a hell of a lot of hemp lotion :)

    best of luck to you.
  4. Lolo69

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    I can't promise but you should be fine in 30 days, especially if you haven't smoked much in the past several weeks. Get some home tests and gauge your progress. You can buy 'em off of ebay cheap. Continue to abstain from smoking pot.
  5. dpnuggs

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    a friend of mine has been clean for 33 days and i acquired a drug test from a friend, the kind hospitals use, 3 drops of piss, and she came back positive. i always thought 30 days, but i guess for some peeps it takes longer
  6. dejayou30

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    the more fat you have, the more THC your body can store. work out and do anything to burn off fat. drink tons of water and take niacin and B12 too.
  7. IanCurtisWishlist

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    yeah and it depends on how long you been smoking. i've been smoking around 1-2 grams a day for the past 16 months. at my rate it'd prolly take 7 months or something to pass my drug test :-\
  8. smokeygirl

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    When you say you were watched, do you mean they were actually in the toliet with you watching you pee?
  9. BloodAngel

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    Just like Dejayou said, Niacin is what I've heard works
  10. Damon32

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    I failed a test after 30 days of abstinence. I'm a larger fella that requires more time.

    Mind you I am also a everyday smoker, back at the time I did this I would smoke 3 or 4 times a day, so I guarantee that 90 days will clean anyone!!

    The next test I took I went 90 days with no excersize, water overload or anything of the sort and passed with flying colors.

    Now if you are going 30 days and are concerned, you shoud absolutely flush your system during your abstinence with green tea which is a very strong "natural" antioxidant, probably one of the strongest out there.

    There are many other "natural" cleansers that you can find at any health food store. I said "health food store" not GNC. Natural cleansing is the most effective way of ridding your body of toxins. Plenty of water is always involved during a good cleanse.

    A good cleansing is recommended even if you are not "prepping" for a drug screen. The health benefits are enormous and you will be amazed at how much better you'll feel and "clearer" your head will be.

    Every once in awhile its good to just stop blazing and drinking alchohol for awhile and gather your thoughts with a good cleanse. It will preserve your healthy body and mind.

    Try it, you'll like it I swear. It also intensifies your buzz once you start smoking again, you wont believe how much "more stoned" you'll get after a good 30 to 90 day cleanse.....LOL!!!

    "Gotta keep partying, and the longer you live, the longer you can party!!"
  11. MsStrawberrySwisher

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    Well here's my experience, thus far:

    I'm a female, an everyday smoker for the last year who smoked at least 5-6 times a day, average. I'm 5' 7', 160lbs average body, but I can stand to lose about 15lbs. I work out occasionally, like 1-2 times a week. I do a lot of cardio when i do (60-90 minutes). I rarely drink water or tea, and I eat pretty good.

    I'm on my 30th day of my Dry Spell for the moment. I bought a THC testing kits from ebay and tested myself the 3rd week into my dry spell. I had a faint line indicating negative. I read the directions and it said even if it had a faint line, you would be qualified as passing. I will be testing myself in 2 more week. But's that's a home test, which is different from a lab.

    Now I have to agree with Damon32 on this, taking a break from smoking and drinking has it health benefits. So this dry spell isn't bad at all. If anything it's bringing my tolerance back down so I won't have to smoke so much. But it really all depends on your metabolism, drinking habits, smoking habits and your body composure.
  12. Lolo69

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    There's a lot of debate about the "faint" neg line. I had a faint line after 27 days clean. It's good that you're giving yourself another two weeks. Someone told me that a very faint or ghost line means you are probably right at the 50ng cutoff.

    According to testers, if there is a line, labs won't do a GC/MS on it, which is typically used to confirm a negative or further testing of a negative dilute.

    Hopefully you bought cheap tests off of ebay. In addition to testing yourself with your first part, first void (e.g., your first pee after waking up), test yourself a few times in the afternoon. The line gets stronger.

    Also, if you're right at the cutoff with a faint or ghost line, pee into the cup midstream when you're taking your drug test, not top of stream. Try to schedule a test in the afternoon, not the morning, on the theory that you pee out more THC, waste and other garbage with your morning pees, especially your first pee of the day.
  13. tootsie roll

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    I've seen tests still come up positive even after several months. If you've been smoking regularly for years, it doesn't just go away in 30 days.
    They can track the levels tho to see if they stay steady or lower in time.

    One day all companies will do folicile testing and then everybody is screwed.

    To the OP. For the next 30 days, don't smoke and drink as much water as you possibly can and eat fruit and veggies ONLY. Detox your body as much as possible. It's your only real hope. Maybe there's a way the company will let you slide? Are you friendly with anyone high up. Did the company hire out the testing?
    It's such a damn shame smokers have to go thru this!:( Remind us before the next test and we'll all throw you good vibes and wishes!
  14. sweetchild

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    Thanks all. I need all the help I can get. And yes the girl stood in the room with me not 3 feet away and looked directly at me! I have bought some detox pills to use in an emergency although they porobably won't really work. My boss does like me and it is possible I won't test at all but who knows. I got a question, is it the same no matter how much weed you smoke? What about if you take ONE toke every week or so? Would it still take 30 days to get clean? I will keep in touch and keep my fingers crossed for us all. Stay strong fellow smokers!
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    I have never heard of a company do that! Its one thing if its someone who they actually suspect, but just for employment? Are you sure thats legal?

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