I got a crock pot for Christmas! How do I make Cannabis (olive) oil?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Tony1234567890, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Tony1234567890

    Tony1234567890 Registered+

    My wife got a crockpot for Christmas. Since she has one and this one is small & cheap, she tossed it in the garage and then it migrated to my office.

    I have an 1/8th of mids that's been all ground up and I'd love to make cannabis olive oil. Only I don't know how.

    Can anyone please tell me how to make cannabis olive oil with a crock pot? Please be specific like you are explaining this to a retarded 8 year old.

    How much oil do I use for an 8th of mids?
    How long do I leave it in the crock pot?
    What heat setting (low med high) and should I use a thermomiter to maintain a specific heat?

  2. bogoljub777

    bogoljub777 Registered+

    yo tony. what up.

    remember me.... i made that old guy wisecrack! ;)

    anywho.... i have some good news. i can help you.

    when you say crockpot..... do you mean like those things they cook soup in? or keep soup warm in?

    if the thing you describe as a crock pot is used for cooking..... your going to want to mix the weed and olive oil and cook on as high heat as it takes to heat up the oil and start the weed cooking.

    but wait. i just had a good idea.

    why dont you just make some special soup? i mean its winter time... everbody is soup crazy... bam. there you go.

    but how to go about that.....

    well weed takes heat to be released, and to be transfered to soemthing edible it takes alcohol or some fatty oil.

    no booze in the soup...... :D so you will have to put major cheese or even olive oil in the soup.

    perhaps milk. milk works.

    if you do it that way...... i would advise that you make a weed tea bag, so you dont have weed particles in your soup.

    unless you chop up the stems really fine, then i guess it would be ok.

    the important thing when cooking with weed, is you want to see those stems turn red/brown. maybe cooking soup wont be high enough heat and it might be dissapointment.

    if i was you though.... i would take those mids, mix with olive oil, and just cook in a pan on the stove using medium heat. not too much heat, but enough to make the oil sizzle.

    then just eat the weed like that or on some food. maybe you could cook the weed like that so you know you got it good, then throw into the crock pot soup.

    remember. weed is not water soluable. so it wont dissolve in water, even hot water.

    cheese yes. milk yes. olive oil yes. but hot water no.

    thats why crock pot soup is a toughie.

    i wonder? i wonder if you made soup with cheese and milk, i it would be enough to transfer into the soup. i dont know.

    tell me what happens!
  3. Tony1234567890

    Tony1234567890 Registered+

    As of right now this is what I am doing.

    8 oz of unsalted butter
    1/8th finly ground bud (nice mids)
    1 cup of water

    I tossed all of that into the crock pot and set it on low (every receipe I see says low, so) and I am going to let it sit for 9 hours. I am currently on the 3rd hour. At the 9th hour, I will store in the freezer and then separate the butter from the water and HOPE I got good canna-butter.
  4. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    Tony, you should do fine. FYI, unsalted butter is usually better quality than salted. Tastes better - Granny
  5. Tony1234567890

    Tony1234567890 Registered+

    Didn't work?

    I let it simmer for 8 hours, then drained it in a tall deep glass and set it in the freezer. I let it settle and I scraped the butter from the top (some plant matter stuck to butter, not a problem). I spread it on some toast, nothing. Then I did it again, nothing. About an hour ago I had a nice big chunk and still nothing.

    Butter is dark green (not emerald, about lime green) with some ground plant matter attached. Water was rusty brown.

    What did I do wrong? This is the third 8th I've ruined this week!
  6. bogoljub777

    bogoljub777 Registered+

    ha ha!!!!

    bogoljub strikes again. i been calling out these douchebags who say low heat like its a fucking herpes battle. once i win one battle, bam, returns like a herpes sore.

    USE HIGH HEAT. it is very simple.

    im telling you as a weed consumer and weed conneseur. how would i get high? the best way possible.

    i have eaten weed hundreds of times. i have made weed food to comsume many times.

    i dont know what the fuck these weirdos are talking about..... but tonys results speak for themselves dont they?



    scientific mumbojumbo-

    it is a fact that thc is released by heat. therfore.... if you only use low heat.... how the fuck is the thc going to be activited?

    its not going to. and dissapointment again.

    thanks for being honest tony. i tried to prevent the dissapointment and loss of money and weed for nothing.

    use high heat. at least high enough to turn the weed from green to brown. thats how i measure it.

    it makes you wonder man..... what the fuck is up with the internet. if people ever actually try it, or if they just pass along bad info. dis info really.
  7. Flameon

    Flameon Registered+

    The funniest thing about all of this is that you clearly don’t have ‘smarts’ to understand that nobody has EVER actually disagreed with you. Obviously your not capable (or willing), to comprehend that there is more than one way to ‘bake’ a cake.

    Well that’s the most sensible admission you’ve made yet.

    Having just read your replies in which you admit you didn’t even know for sure what a ‘crock pot’ was, it’s not surprising that even simple, available information like temperature charts, and the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius must seem like scientific ‘mumbojumbo’ to you!

    It does make me wonder though. Why you’ve been so critical, abusive even towards people who are using a method that’s completely beyond your ability to follow or understand.

    No wonder you wrote things like:

    Perhaps instead of criticising people who can read, you should think about giving it a try yourself. Comments like the one above do you no favours, if you repeated it in the ‘Grow section’ they’d laugh your dumb ass outta the building.

    Learn first – then teach!

    Here you prove my point, yet again.
    You do know (well obviously you don’t) that ‘releasing’ THC and ‘activating it’ are two different things, right?

    Oh the irony. lol :lol5:
  8. StickyfingahZ

    StickyfingahZ Registered+

    Ouch! Dude,This is Your 3rd 8th ruined? Sorry about your lost.I tried making Tea once with weed and it was cool,I just dont have the funds to take a chance on ruining my weed.I would like to make up some Oil.Hope you get yours bro.
  9. bogoljub777

    bogoljub777 Registered+

    ok flameon.... you obviously are either playing some little game or you actually believe your own bullshit.

    whatever the case might be..... how are we going to solve this? am i going to have to parade you in front of many people who all tell you that you are wrong? because we can do that.

    its the only way to make it impossible for a person to change facts. if facts are already established... its impossible to change the facts or to even wonder about them.
  10. Flameon

    Flameon Registered+

    Do you mean facts like this one?

    Learn first - then teach
    Ta ta :D
  11. gobstopper

    gobstopper Registered+

    Wow. bogoljub777 just got worked and he doesn't even know.
  12. scooplanders

    scooplanders Registered

    no he knows,,,, he knows.
  13. TheSmokingMonkey

    TheSmokingMonkey Registered+

    I have tried and failed a few times myself. Usually I can get a little body high but I'm generally disappointed with results. So I am waiting for recommendations to be forthcoming.

    For now, I can recommend the following based on my previous failures:

    1. Figure out exactly what temp is ideal for activation.
    2. Figure out how to achieve that temp.
    3. Pre-cook bud (bake?).
    4. Extract into fat.
    5. LEAVE IT IN LONG ENOUGH. I was told four hours was minimum.

    I think in the past I've been a little too hesitant to burn the stuff and a little too impatient to process it. Sooo that is all I have but I hope it helps you.

  14. OntarioToker69

    OntarioToker69 Registered+

    I personally think tony's butter didn't turn out because he only used an 1/8....of mids none the less.....plus he ate it on toast..
    probably would have been better to bake cookies or something.
    I like to use like an Ounce (28 grams) of premium buds or high mids
    for a half pound of butter,though sometimes I use a full pound
    For a larger less potent batch.
    I have some oatmeal cannacookies right now that I baked,
    using 5 Grams of Cannabis Honey Oil and a little bit over a gram of Northern Lights #5.The effects from these cookies are devastating.every one who has sampled one was couch-locked for hours!So I Have some excellent edibles made with cannabutter,
    so Tony must be doing something wrong.(Not enough cannabis I think.)
  15. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Well... most weed edibles give you a body high, more than a head high, even if the weed you use to make it was a pure sativa... from my own experience its very hard to get a mind high from eating/drinking weed, unless you use large amounts of it... and even so the body high is still present.

    Indeed... the decarboxilation (baking the weed) is a VERY important step, and sometimes can be the difference between a HIGH and a slight buzz...

    I also think so... for me, 1/8 of eaten mids would be enough for some 2-3 highs, so i think he only would get high enough if he ate 1/2-1/3 of the butter he did make at once...
    Also, weed edibles are far more effective if eaten on an empty stomach... and eating weed with a full stomach is useless.
  16. NaughtyDreadz

    NaughtyDreadz Registered+

    man, my butter, one tablespoon usually fux up about 4 people easily, ( I usually boil the 500g of butter with about 5 ounces of shake) then I usually make brigadonha...

    I usually make "bhang" when I'm in brazil, although I don't bother seasoning it... unfortunately, it's brick, however, it does the job....
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  17. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Man... you dont know how happy i am to read a familiar word in this english-speaking forum... damn... :D

    (For those who doesnt know, brigadonha = brigadeiros + maconha. Brigadeiros are a truffle-like thing, and maconha is weed :baggy:)

    Unfortunately indeed... i only see real buds at the internet... but even if its brick, it actually does the job... some times very well... :stoned::Rasta::jointsmile::thumbsup:
  18. bogoljub777

    bogoljub777 Registered+

    thats right m'fers

    i got worked huh? im still saying the same thing over and over again.

    look. i use weed. all the time. ive cooked with weed in all sorts of circumstances. including trying to just eat weed plain. or hash plain.

    and i can tell you.

    well let me tell you something. sometimes i kief out bud, to make hash powder.

    one time i ate maybe a gram of the hash powder. i didnt really feel anything.

    then i took a quarter gram of hash powder, mixed it with oil, heated it on the stove to very high temp, and then ate that.

    when i say high temp, enough to char the outside of the keif ball black.

    at least brown. brown to green on the inside.

    when i started, it was green. as the heat hit, it turned brown.

    thats my point. im not saying a certain temp..... only enough heat to cause the weed or the keif or whatever is weed related to go from green to brown.

    or if its already brown, darker brown.

    you need to see the weed wilt. you need to see it physically change composition.

    thats all i know from firsthand expierence.

    so high enough heat to cause it to change. how much heat you use, is up to you.

    if you ask me, from my perspective, some of the craziest times i had on weed was when i burnt it black.

    think about smoking weed. do you burn it black, or leave it green?

    you burn it.

    so anywho...... to put this debate finally to rest....... what you have to do is cause you weed or keif powder to change color.

    it has to. if there is no color change, nothing was even affected and no thc transfer has even taken place.

    in all my years of fucking with weed, eatin it has never worked if the weed is still green.

    it has to be stressed and sweated to bring out its own oils and resins.

    how can you extract the resins without proper heat?

    remember. high enough heat to see the weed at least turn brown, if not black.
  19. veggii

    veggii Registered+

    All rite kiddies can we get some factual proof of the proper temps
    cool&long or short&hot (Brown Butter) I am Chef :thumbsup:
    my thought "everything I have ever slow cooked broke down"
    plz give reports so we can have proper cooking.
    slow cook it / sauté" it mmm........ garlic:D
    I think MVP brownie recipe answers that clearly
    sauté" your meds in oil first then kool and use in recipe's!
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