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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Completely Stoned, May 14, 2007.

  1. Completely Stoned

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    I'm sure a few of you have seen the infamous movie on the internet or you've bought it online or somewhere. My set up is a replication of Mr. Green's set-up in his movie. I loved the fact that with this system, i'll be able to get myself over a 1/4lb of buds every 2 months and get myself out of the black market. The veg room is 24 hour light and has a light board i made with 4 23W cfls spiral bulbs. Then along side it is a 15W grow light i got from walmal, both hung by hooks and chains. the flowering room has a 400W HPS which im letting a friend borrow right now. I have some almost 2 week old baby seedlings that are HUGE for 2 weeks. I'm excited to see the improvement of growth from using hydro. I went to walmart and bought 30 gallons of distilled water in 4 gallon boxes. It was only like 16 bucks and i just use that. Seems to be almost the perfect pH so i like to use it so i dont have to bother with tap. General Hydroponics nutrients, RockWool cubes, and Clonex when i get mother plants big enough to clone from. I'm SET this time. Its amazing to see how much my progress has, well... PROGRESSED! do any of you remember when i started out with a metal box, 1 1/2' high trying to grow a male plant? Ha ha... wow ive learned alot from you guys here at Cannabis. Thanks everyone!

    1. The drip system
    2.Drip system
    3.Full view of both rooms. Ebb and Flow for flowering.
    4. The last sexiest SOIL plant ever grown. God it was amazing... the leaves almost look like toxic... bomb shit yall.
    5.A plant I let veg for only about 2 weeks and then put hr into flowering. grew ONE nug that probably weighed less than a gram. I got one bowl out of her ha ha. Bomb stuff as well even though i barely smoked much.

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    Nice setup! I one day want to get a setup like that. I like that little guy with one bud haha looks awesome!
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    Whatever happened to all those how to grow green videos? I can only find a few episodes on youtube, but most of them are missing.
  4. bbc

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    you can find the Mr green at
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  6. Completely Stoned

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    Here's an update guys!

    SO here's my two mother plants. Ones a female but I think that ones a male. Lame as hell. Its a floater with a net pot i got from all a dollar lol. I couldnt find anything better. I have a picture to show you how good they are at 15 days. transplanted them EXACTLY like Mr. Green. same pots as well :) On this little baby 3 noded plant, it already has nice sexy clones growing from above the main fan leaves. DOPENESS
    1. the 15 day old plants
    2.The roots of the mothers poppin through
    3.The two mothers im growing with my floater/bubbler.
  7. Completely Stoned

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  8. Completely Stoned

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    SO i cloned the plants because they're both female! The clones are gonna be rooted in a week or two hopefully. Once they root, ill veg them for almost 2 months before flowering. I want a LOT of bud :0 there are no height restrictions anymore! :)
  9. Hey C.P., I was just wondering if you by any chance knew how a drip system worked or if you could refer me to a place that would help me understand. Also what are those orange things your using instead of soil? LOL I probly sound like such an idiot but im not familiar with hydroponics. :Rasta:
  10. Completely Stoned

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    The orange things (lol) are expanded clay pellets called Hydroton. They are lightweight and ideal for hydroponic gardening. Drip systems are run by a fountain pump you can get at any wal-mart or home depot. Mine turns on 3 times a day for 15 minutes. I use a medium sized pump so the drip is a pretty fast drip and very constant. Some like 24/7 drip but not me. I dont see how that much water could be beneficial for healthy root growth...

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