I Hate Walgreens, Take Advantage Of Them Today And Get Free Stuff

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by FakeBoobsRule, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    Walgreens is the worst chain parmacy as the company is run by idiots and they hire idiots from their managers to pharmacists. Sad because the idiots are ruining what was once a good company.

    So, take advantage of them today (9-12-2007) as they are offering free printer cartridge refills today as a promo for their new service, one per household. Take them the more expensive one, the color cartridge, but don't buy anything from them while you are there or else!!!
  2. hey! my wife works there :(
  3. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    Well then she probably knows what I'm talking about. I bet she feels like she is surrounded by idiots at work and that she is the only one who uses her brain.
  4. BabySnookums

    BabySnookums Registered+

    LOL yes!! take advantage of the assholes on the 12th!!!!

    (i'm off and don't have to deal w/the throngs of morons trying to come in w/one inkjet per person in their house, getting mad that its only 1 per household)

    they were trying to make me come in, on a day i had requested off a month ago to go to an appointment for my son, and gotten it approved as an off day, for the sole purpose of doing inkjets :mad:

    they suck balls...hairy.......nasty......balls

    thank goodness i raised hell....off days rule when you only have one teeny lil errand to run :thumbsup:
  5. ghosty

    ghosty Registered+

    ive had mixed results with walgreens, the one closest to my houe is terrible, the service is terrible, they constantly fuck up on filling perscriptions and get bitchy about stupid things, and for some reasons even when things dont go wrong in there i just get this bad vibe in there that makes me want to leave as soon as possible...

    and dont EVER let them develop your photos... they've messed mine up a few times, after the last time where they ruined the negatives so i couldnt take it anywhere else i refused to go back, used to be so convenient to cause it's so close

    however the one a little further downtown is a prety well run one
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  6. BabySnookums

    BabySnookums Registered+

    yep...i'm a certified photo specialist....and i get all the effin work. i gadda give everyone lunch, clear out the stockroom, clean the floor, unstop toilets, answer the phones...PLUS all my photo duties....

    i'm contemplating going to CVS...if they'd hire me as head of photo, i heard from someone they start you at like 13/hr.... *shifty eyes*
  7. happiestmferoutthere

    happiestmferoutthere Registered+

    There is a "fight" going on in my town. Walgreens wants to build a store here( We have a high retiree population... lots of prescriptions!)but the city council is insisting they make changes to comply with the city code. This is a tourist town and the buildings have to look a certain way. Walgreens is fighting them tooth and nail to comply. Every one else that builds there has to follow the rules. I wonder why they think they don't!
    DOWN WITH WALGREENS!:gunfighter2:
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  8. BabySnookums

    BabySnookums Registered+

    hey...walgreens bash all ya want...but not all photo ppl suck ass....i, for one...totally kick ass at what i do (photo)...and i don't eff shit up (except for that one roll my first day...but nuthin since then)

    how were the negs. ruined anyways? what'd they look like when you got em back? and what other ways did they mess your shit up?

    i'd just call and complain to a mgr....they like to kiss the ass of the customer at walgreens....you'd prolly get free developing plus a free roll of film, or somethin else from em
  9. hightech

    hightech Registered

    | honestly thought that cvs and walgreens were one and the same
  10. BabySnookums

    BabySnookums Registered+

    around here, at least, all the cvs's are in the spots the old eckerd's drug stores used to be....they either went under, or got bought out or w/e....but they're totally diff.
  11. birdgirl73

    birdgirl73 Registered+

    I'm in line with my color cartridge, then.

    I never fill prescriptions there any more. The nearest one to us shorted me on a simple order for .5 mg warfarin, the easiest script in the world to fill correctly. Just pour from the big .5 mg bottle and count. I wondered if they might have a racket going to short the insured public 10 pills per script and save a billion dollars by the end of fiscal year 2007.

    I have to say that the people at the cosmetics/perfume counter there have always been very nice to me. That's been the redeeming factor at our Walgreen's.
  12. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    Ah, yes Smithers, my plan is working nicely, let the hatred for Walgreens flow quickly and freely. :vader1:

    I find the number one concern of upper level management or pharmacy managers at Walgreens is where they are going to eat lunch that day. They do make a lot of prescription mistakes and there is no excuse for that. They are paid well and highly educated so they need to do their job right. On top of that, they have a very advanced computer system which should reduce erros but no not with the idiots that they hire. Then when they make a mistake they do try to make you feel like you should consider yourself lucky they let you come into their store only to have them make the error. I don't think there is a coporate memo out saying "When you screw up, belittle the patient so they forget that you made a mistake with their meds" but that is the attitude at many Walgreens.

    I don't think I have ever had a problem with their photo department. In fact that is a redeeming quality about them as I have taken naked photos there to be developed before the popularity of digitals cameras and they never screw that up.

    CVS bought out Eckerd's. They have much better people working for them in managment and the pharmacies.
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  13. BabySnookums

    BabySnookums Registered+

    all of our cosmetic ppl are bitches...plain and simple...me, and a friend of me and slips that i got hired there...are the only ppl that aren't total 2 faced son of a bitches there...i hate that damed place but its a paycheck to support me and mine...so i stay....
  14. what about that one woman who you were convinced was going to kill you... o.0

    and that wasn't your first day either cuz michael wasn't here your first day... which is what i came in to pick you up.. (michael's car, i didn't come in michael :wtf:)
  15. BabySnookums

    BabySnookums Registered+

    our pharmacy ppl sometimes order delivery food...they'll be chowin down on hot wings or effin pizza back there, and they dont share...well, this one pharm. tech offered me a slice once....

    but OMG...there's this one overnight pharmacist...he's suuuuuuuuuch a dick...to everyone....customer complaints on him allllllllllllll the time
  16. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    hahah I dont even know whats going on but I like the way slip said " HEY MY WIFE WORKS THEIR" I'll go rip off some walgreens right now cause I want tequila and tequila is no longer on sale.........so Im off with my running shoes and big smile on my face cause Im gonna blast some gangsta shit the whole time..........................hahaha Mike Jones where u at. You'd like this one
  17. yeah fuck that dude.. he's smart enough to fill prescriptions but somehow can't transfer a call???
  18. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    slip are u and snookums realated????????????
  19. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    Not by blood but marriage. Haha beat them to it!
  20. BabySnookums

    BabySnookums Registered+

    yall dont realize how much i really, truly hate my job LOL...

    there's this one fat ugly bitch thats been sexually harrassing me (she's a co-worker) and nobody did dick about it until i went to the acting store mgr....(other was on maternity leave)...now they're prolly gonna shitcan her ass....

    and any time i go by the rules, and a customer don't like the rules...they'll be like "GET YOUR MANAGER!!!!" and the mgr bends over and takes it up the ass for the sake of "customer service"...fucking retards...i can't wait till somethin better comes along...hell, maybe someday i'll be able to take classes for graphic design or something like that....i wanna do somethin art-related...but no money at this point....


    oh, btw...for those that wanna do the refills....you have to present the coupon in this weeks flyer to get it...

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