I know leaves yellow during flowering... but is this too much?

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    I've attached pics. I'm wondering if I should flush these plants with a few gallons of water each (which could end up harming them since it is hurricane season and they may be getting too much water without the flushing in the next days or weeks), or if I just continue as normal. Is this yellowing normal, or is something wrong?

    I fed them some soluable 10-50-10 (at half strength) 3 weeks ago, and I threw on some 5-5-5 granules along with it. They had a couple yellow leaves a week later (two weeks ago), and I think it was from a bit of overfeeding. I flushed them with 3 gallons of water each then, and the yellowing did not get any worse for two weeks.

    Then, this past weekend, the tree in the pics fell (ON one of them!), and it sprayed rotten dust and bark all over my sticky girls. The yellowing has gotten really bad and the brown spots appeared. Both plants look about the same, even the one that didn't get hit by the tree (but got just as covered by dust).

    I tried cleaning off as much dirt as I could, but it was useless. The rain has washed some of it off, but there are still some rough looking leaves. Is this just normal "fan leaves dying off" behavior that happens in late flowering, or is my plant having serious problems?

    These are Afghans, 5 weeks or so into flowering (should be 8-9 weeks total flowering time according to seed seller).


    P.S. - click on the pics 3 times for close up zoom.

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    Nope thats normal yellowing.
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    Thank you. That makes me feel much better. Now that I think about it, I guess if I took the yellowing/dying leaves off the plant would look much better. Maybe most people do that, and that is why plants look so much more pristine in other pictures of flowering plants that I've seen. I don't know.

    I'm going to leave the dying leaves on though. I have this theory that the plant sort of uses them as a trash can for excess minerals and wastes at this stage. I dunno... that's what I would do if I were a plant. :D

    I definitely hope the buds fatten out a good bit more in these next few weeks.
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