I need a scale. What do you use?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by raizla, Feb 21, 2010.

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    :thumbsup:The reason I'm asking this in the grow section is because I want to know what you guys use to weigh your own crops. I know a lot of the people in the grow forum go for higher quality and tend not to skimp on their own stuff.


    What scale do you use?

    Where did you get it?

    How much was it?

    Are you satisfied with your purachase?
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  3. raizla

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    I found one on ebay that I like. Comes with two 50 gram weights for calibration.

    If you search, they have reviews of it over at Amazon. People seem to think it works well.

    Digital Scale
  4. t3hn00b137

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    Digital scale from walmart. It works well. I think it cost around 20-25 bucks.
  5. Shovelhandle

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    I use an antique letter scale. It measures 0-16 ounces in half ounce marks. I don't know how old it is but you can mail a letter for .08 in those days. I've never calibrated it. It's not for commercial sales. <g> :jointsmile:
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    ...a visit to my local pawnshop...

    with four Loonies* in my pocket, and eighty bux cash in my other, found me a nice little digital that was accurate (verified by the close-enough Four Loonies Test**), and ran in .1 increments up to 150g.

    Remember, this was back in the day when the same thing new was like 180-200bux, and really way harder to get without suspicion :)

    Now, you can get something like it at my corner store for 30bux, or online for 20.

    I love the old Triple Beam Balances, tho, and would love to get one. They're still the most accurate for this kind of weighing, and fun to use!

    (c)C :chainsaw:

    * Canada's One Dollar Coin, so named because it originally featured a picture of a Loon. Later versions have other art for commemorative purposes.

    ** Four Loonies, placed slowly on the scale should read 6.9/7.0, 13.9/14.0, 20.8/21, 27.8/28... (variances due to small changes in Loonie structure, but close enough...)
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    I confess. Whan I was in High School I swiped a tripple beam. Still use the damn thing. Every time I weigh on that scale I remember my teacher. She was so hot. But, then again, any chick in that school that had breasts and NO moustash was a babe. Funny thing, every year three or more scales were "lost". I remember the year after I swiped mine the new ones had the dial for grams.
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    Hey shovel!

    I have one of those too. You can calibrate it by clipping a nickle to them.. It should be five grams. Guess there is more than 1 Old Schooler here,huh? I'll find mine and post a pic. It still has the postage pay scale sheet in the case,with a Superman stamp. I keep that there for all the right reasons. They are postage scales,right? Hehe..

    Ga Grown!

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