I need a woman's advice please.

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by HomegrownInIdaho, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. HomegrownInIdaho

    HomegrownInIdaho Registered+

    Let me start this by saying that the last thing I want to do is hurt anyone's feelings. I'm in an awkward situation.

    So I have this part time girlfriend that I talk to a lot and see like once a week. We Skype every night but because of schedules don't get to get together much. I have this friend I work with and we have always picked around with each other. She was telling me that her and her husband are having problems. Just joking around I said well if you leave him let me know so I can take your fine ass out. Just like that she said well let's do breakfast Saturday morning after work. I said sure and we went to eat and talked and had a good time. Now she has been calling me baby and being kind of weird. I don't really want to be with her that way. I really dig the other chick, the married chick is attractive and awesome and sweet but I don't want to hurt her feelings. I don't know what to do. Any advice?
  2. The Widow White

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    Stay TOTALLY away from the married lady...never a good thing. Just be honest with her and tell her that you are just flirtatious and have no real interest in her...then work on the relationship with the other girl. From now on, keep your eyes on your prize and you won't find yourself in this kind of situation again. LOL Good luck!!
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  3. HomegrownInIdaho

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    Yeah I know I should have never even said anything but I didn't think she would even go for it. It was bothering me today and she asked me what was wrong and I couldn't find the words. I feel like it's my fault and don't know what words to say. I don't want to hurt her feelings or make her feel like I was playing with her emotions. I feel like a real tool at this point.
  4. raymont

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    Im a dude but, Never at work. And never mess with a married woman. Don't insult her husband.The longer it goes on the worse it is. Apologize if you mislead her and end anything else.
  5. Mark Gordan Smith

    Mark Gordan Smith Registered+

    I'd be bloody hopeless in that situation.
    I could write a full page on this....I'd go with The White Widow and raymont advice though.
    You said "I really dig the other chick" and take that to be the first girl if I read you correctly?
    You cannot see into the future. You cannot be sure how your 'girls' will grow, wether in pots or on two legs.
    Sorry HomegrownInIdaho, above is the best I can say, mate.
  6. HomegrownInIdaho

    HomegrownInIdaho Registered+

    Yeah I have a rule about women I work with too. I really didn't think she would go for it. The one I said I really dig is the other one mark, I just really can't find the words. Maybe I take her to breakfast again and talk to her about it. Me and my big mouth hahaha.
  7. Mark Gordan Smith

    Mark Gordan Smith Registered+

    Do I understand correctly that there are no children involved in this, none being raised by either woman?
  8. HomegrownInIdaho

    HomegrownInIdaho Registered+

    The one I want has a one year old, the married one has three ranging from 17-20 and a grand baby on the way. Yet another reason I don't want to go that way.
  9. gardenermendo

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    The married woman has 3 kids? She needs to finish raising her kids. Even if she splits with her husband, she shouldn't be flirting around.
    I'd never date anyone separated or married. It's plain stupid. Unless they have the final papers of a divorce, they're not ready for a real new relationship.
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  10. HomegrownInIdaho

    HomegrownInIdaho Registered+

    Right, that's my thought on it. She's only 38. I'm 33. That's a lot of extra shit I don't need.
  11. Germy

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    Any married woman that goes on a date with another man is a bad person morally. Do you really want to date a cheater. Stay away!!! Kids, husband, shit could get real, real quick.
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  12. blowthatsmoke

    blowthatsmoke Registered

    ditch the married girl DO NOT DO anything to your girl that you wouldnt want her finding out or that you wouldnt want done to you
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  13. Weezard

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    You have already said what you need to say. "If you leave him."
    Just substitute divorce, for leave.
    So clarify. Tell he that you respect marriage vows.
    Complement her "fine ass", but tell her that a promise is a promise and you could not respect someone that would break their vows.
    She will think better of you and might just drop into the "friend zone".
    Could be a good thing. :)

    My father told me. "A married couple is like a pair of scissors, they may appear to be moving is different directions, but god help you if you get between them."

    Wee 'zard
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