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  1. 1000smiles

    1000smiles Registered

    I found black and milds (2 boxes) with 3 out of each box in my sons room. I suspected he was using this to smoke pot out of so I asked the lady who works at the convenience store if black and milds were used to smoke pot from she said no they dont use those for that.
    I confronted my son and he told me they were his that he smokes them when im not home and had been doing so since the beginning of the school year. My son is an athlete. I cant imagine him wanting to smoke cigars since he does so much training each and everyday at school.
    I know my son has tried pot before bc i found out about it last year and he told me that he had but he didnt like it. There are times when he comes home from friends houses looking totally tanked. red glassy eyes and sleeps the day away. I told him he looks really bad and he said it was from staying up all night playing xbox. I don't believe this at all.
    I started researching online if people use the black and milds to smoke weed from and it seems that yes they do in fact do this.
    In the cigar box there was on that was half smoked. Is there any way to tell if he had weed in it? when people smoke weed from them do they take the filter off? I really could use some honest feedback on this issue. I am not freaking out bc he may be trying pot its not that big a deal every teenager tries stuff. im really concerned bc he goes to a school that was very hard to get accepted into and is very expensive and a big sacrifice for me financially speaking. if he is caught smoking weed he would be immediately kicked out. he is in the 10th grade now. I can't imagine the devestation this would cause him if this were to happen. So if he is smoking weed with the black and milds i really really need to know so that I can talk to him with a better sense of knowledge on the subject.
    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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  2. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    2 cents from "beenthere"

    Aloha, 1K:)s,

    It's great that you didn't panic.

    This will be very helpful.;

    I understand your concerns.
    Been a parent, been that kid.:)

    The real issue here is trust.
    Kids will experiment.
    That is not controllable.
    All we can control here is our reaction, yah?

    Ones children should be able to be honest and forth-coming about everything.
    Alas, this is an imperfect world, and your son is , no doubt, constrained by confidences.
    To betray himself, would betray his friends.

    Ya just gotta find away around that so you can talk openly about risk/reward.

    Aloha and good luck.

  3. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    no matter what he says...you don't believe him...

    put him online here...see what he says?-Judge Dread
  4. 1000smiles

    1000smiles Registered

    I dont understand. Do you think he has been smoking pot with the black and milds? can i tell from the half smoked one if there was pot in it? do you put the pot in the end by the filter?
  5. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    in order for him to smoke pot out of a black n mild he would either need to empty all the tobacco out and and then pack the pot inside,very hard and time consuming,the other way he would need to split the cigar in the middle empty tobacco out put pot in then re-roll,wich is easily noticable...

    my opinion hes not using them for pot,ive never seen someone smoke pot out of them,usually phillie blunts,or garcia vegas,,,but never b&m the kids these days enjoy smoking them,i find them gross..

    but to know if theres pot in them just grab the one thats half smoked rip it apart and see if its tobacco or weed...or get a piss test kit from cvs tell em piss on it then you will know if he smokes pot....

    but if your kid is doing good in school and nothing seems to be diffrent than a yr ago,why bother insulting him,and another thing your his father tell your son with out being an ahole and ask him what he does and if he uses pot and explain to him about the cost and consequences if he was to get cought by school officials and stuff....if he says no then he says no dont pressure him about it...if things go down hill then take the steps to finding out the problem...

    but black n milds are a popular thing for teenagers to smoke these days,,better off than ciggerettes,,,,and one cigar of them last a while...maybe thats why he has a half of one!!
  6. RedLocks

    RedLocks Registered+

    They're a popular cigar with many people, even girls smoke the things. Still I wouldn't let him use tobacco, but I wouldn't drawn the conclusion it has something to do with marijuana, he prolly just likes the smell and taste, they're like the candy of the cigar world.
  7. Sprite

    Sprite Registered+

    I don't know if you can smoke pot out of Black and Milds or not, but my opinion is that I would rather have my kid smoke pot than tobacco. I would also rather him smoke pot than drink alcohol.
    I'd say that if his grades aren't slipping, then you should just pick your battles. I'd talk to him about how different things (pot, booze, all kinds of stuff) can sometimes sap motivation, but I still wouldn't jump to the conclusion that it is pot. I would also make sure he is aware of what a criminal record can do to his future, but I would do all of this without automatically assuming it is pot. He sounds like a good kid, don't ruin your relationship with him by assuming the worst. Keep your relationship good so he can come to you if he needs it. I've been that kid and I finished school, graduated from college, and am a normal, productive adult who still happens to smoke weed. Teach him that moderation and common sense, in all things, are the keys to a healthy and productive life.

    You might find this link helpful: Principles of Responsible Cannabis Use - NORML
  8. GROWxMOREx420

    GROWxMOREx420 Registered+

    Do not let your teenager smoke Cannabis.

    As much as people here will diasagree with me, the fact of the matter is that it is highly addictive, it is illegal, it is a gateway drug, and it destroys the motivation of its consumers.

    The most important thing is to not be confrontational about it. Have a talk with him, but do not be too hard on him. Good luck with that.....
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  9. GaGrown

    GaGrown Registered+

    I would have to agree with you as to not let your teenager smoke weed!! Pot is not addictive and is no way a gateway to anything except what you have your mind made up to do! Smoking weed for me is a great motivation.. GOD! I hope prop 19 passes!:thumbsup::D:jointsmile::stoned:

    Ga Grown & Smoked!
  10. BlueBlazer

    BlueBlazer Registered+

    Weed is the gateway to a bag of chocolate chips cookies and some cold pizza . . . :S2:
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  11. GaGrown

    GaGrown Registered+

    ROTFLMAO!!!!! Damn Skippy,it is!!:thumbsup:

    Ga Grown!
  12. DrWalter

    DrWalter Registered+

    actually loading a black and mild is easy you take a drill bit and work it by hand right down the center then stuff with Cannabis. People smoke weed out of them all the time around here. I would be more concerned with kid using tobacco tho. It is addictive and dangerous
  13. GROWxMOREx420

    GROWxMOREx420 Registered+

    Marijuana IS addictive, it IS a gateway drug, and it IS a motivation destroyer. If you wan't to glorify Marijuana, that's fine..... just don't ignore the potential risks that come along with its consumption.
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  14. DrWalter

    DrWalter Registered+

    what study is all this great info from? :detective1: does it mention that caffeine is actually a "gateway" drug too? I mean I bet if you survey everyone that has used heroin they all started on caffeine :pimp:
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  15. BlueBlazer

    BlueBlazer Registered+

    GROWxMOREx420, are you a law enforcement plant or something? Cannabis is NOT addicitve, NOT a gateway drug, and NOT a motivation destroyer.

    How can you honestly believe that with all of the studies that have shown that IF cannabis is addictive at all, it is only on the order of addiction to chocolate or caffeine.

    It is not a gateway drug. Having to deal with pushers to obtain cannabis puts folks in the criminal element and those pushers want to encourage the use of more expensive and actual addictive drugs.

    I will give you that if a person has motivation problems already, cannabis can have an impact on that. However, there are examples galore of cannabis users who maintain their motivation and accomplish just as much as a non-user.

    I asked you before to reference the studies that prove these wild claims and you declined. Again, I ask you what you base this opinion on?
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  16. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    If you aren't on this site because you have a need for it, perhaps you're in the wrong place, as this is a medical cannabis site designed to "glorify" the effects of cannabis for our pain releif, anxieties, appetite problems...and a myriad of other medical issues currently approved as legitimate conditions for cannabis relievef.

    As far as being a "gateway" drug...the same could be said about sugar. It's the original "gateway" drug gladly pushed at us by our parents, restaurants, advertisers...

    But the only "gateway" is the human brain. How about curing the problems that have given the person the idea to experiment in the first place? How about the parents providing a stable social model to learn from...? How about you get that scumbag meth addict out of the closet where he's tweaking on a (now) broken toaster, instead of getting a job or changing a diaper...? How about you get that drunk off the bathroom floor so the child can wash-up before another dinner of mac-n-cheese and tater tots? How about being a parent instead of using your kid's friends to "hook you up"?

    Were this a site dedicated to teaching the children how to avoid addiction, then yes, I'm sure more of us would agree with you and your assumptions. But this isn't, and we, as a cannabis community, don't.

    Soooo...is there anything else about CanCom and it's members you'd like to discuss...?
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  17. crazyAntics

    crazyAntics Registered

    You should still talk to him. Talk about your concern regarding his school. Don't get mad when you talk. Nothing good will happen when temper flairs. Ask him why he is been doing it, there might be an underlying reason for it and maybe you can talk about it. Just communicate and maybe you both can find a solution to the problem.
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  18. shrimper76

    shrimper76 Registered

    Just because you have said it twice now does not make it true,cannibis IS NOT addictive,it DOES NOT destroy motivation and it most certainly IS NOT a gateway drug....ive smoked for 30 years and never touched any other drug...nor have any of my circle.....if you want to take class A drugs you will...cannabis has got nothing to do with it.im assuming you just smoke because"your in pain"....you smoke it cos you like it...same as everyone...do you find yourself having a joint and looking around for a needle???...no???...nor i.....
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  19. Globetrotter420

    Globetrotter420 Registered

    Really? hmmm... I've smoked almost 5 times a week around 2 times a day my junior and senior year in college.. then I stopped.. for about a year where i worked at a private school as a 1st grade teacher.. We were rquired to do drugtests once a month!.. if it was so addictive, shouldn't i have faced withdrawls? I've done 3 coarses of psychology.. We have an entire segment on drugs. If you are a regular user, only 9% may face MILD addiction. I don't think it's a motivation destroyer.. And for me i don't do any other drugs.. And Marijuana isn't a drug (Opinion, not a fact)... It's an Herb.. :p
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  20. shrimper76

    shrimper76 Registered

    very well said...and i would expect no less from a teacher....i just wish you had been MY teacher.......
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