I need help figuring out why they discolored

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by pappasmurfy17, May 19, 2018.

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    So this is my first time making a thread here. But iv been reading and learning alot from this website for a while. So this is my second grow and i had to leave town for a about 2 weeks when my 6 babies were a week old. I have them in a 2x2x2 box i made for them for their veg cycle. I wanted to start using fox farms nutrients for them. Because my last grow i didnt use any nutrients and i ended up stressing it out way to much while it was young. With transplants and humidity temp fluctuation. But either way i fed them for the first time with nutrients the day i left. And instructed my girlfriend on how to take care of them while i was gone. And to no surprise she didnt listen to a word i said. So she only gave them a few sprays of water every couple days. Instead of watering them properly every few days. So i came home to these. They obviously dried up and a half of them are goners. The first 3 pictures are the ones i believe to be trash. But the other 3 seem like i could possibly get them back to the beautiful plants that they could be. My question is... If you look at the underside of some of the leaves and the "veins" running down them have colored strangely. Im not sure of the color because im colorblind but it doesnt seem like something that would happen just from them being thirsty. Could it be from giving them the nutrients so early on? I gave them a half dose of the recommended by foxfarms for seedlings. Or could it be from the soil? Iv been using a mixture of some organic line of miracle grow and soil from my garden outside. About half and half. I have a 19 watt led grow light from them. I know its not the light because my last plant absolutely thrived under it. So any feedback whatsoever would really be appreciated. Thanks so much guys.
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    wow... they are indeed in dire straights...
    I am thinking that you have them way too close to those lights for this age of plant. They look bleached out and curling as if reacting to a hot bright bulb. Every picture shows wet plants too, and each one of those pools of water on the leaves is acting like a magnifying glass, making the effect even stronger.

    I am curious if you let the containers dry out between waterings and if you spray often?
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    Just a note. I keep a paper towel handy during watering and I dab the water droplets off of my leaves after watering.
    Emilya can help you on those other issues. I hope you can save them.
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    Start over. Those plants are yellow and purple. Could be cold, too much water, lockout of nutes, Water the soil, not the plant. These do not look survivable, if they do they will be very stunted. Good luck
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    I agree with Em. Looks like that LED was way too close in the photo. Even with full grown large cannabis plants, you want a little distance between LED and canopy to mitigate photo-bleaching and stress.

    There's so many possibilities for why they look bad it's really hard to isolate one. Soil from the garden outside may have a crazy out of whack pH, too much water, not enough water, crazy temps, low humidity, high humidity, who knows? Without some actual data points to work off of, even the best here will struggle to identify your singular issue.

    Do you monitor anything? Temps, RH, pH, PPM? Any of these things? If you do share it. If you don't, start.


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