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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Xxavier Masters, Feb 28, 2017.

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    before you say to create a new thread or whatever I can't ok? My account won't allow me too I dunno if it's because I'm on a phone but now I can't. I need your help again. I fixed the watering but now something else is happening, my plant has developed the claw, I have not fed it since I told you I did and it was a miracle gro single food package so I couldn't have measured it wrong. I think maybe it's my dirt? It has plant food in it. Thanks to the last solution of over watering my plant is growing again with height and bush but now her leaves are yellowing from the bottom up , she has nutrient burn , her too leaves are curling like a conoe and she just looks devastatingly awful. Please help me what do I do ? I don't want to lose her.
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    The claw effect generally means that you have fed it too much... or something else is wrong at the roots, such as improper pH. This would also explain the starvation type yellowing you are describing from the bottom up... you might have fed her, but with the pH not correct, she can't use what you gave her. A picture would help... hope they fix this soon.
    The canoeing at the top is another problem... I suspect you are too close to the lights.
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    You shouldn't have given that shot of miracle grow fert as that stuff tends to be way to rich. Just transplant into a large container of fox farm ocean forest soil and don't add anything except water when it's dry. Emilya wants you to let the soil dry out because plant roots need oxygen, so you put an indoor plant on a wet/dry kind of cycle. You water, let it dry out, then water again. Don't determine watering times based on the passing of the days. Base it on how dry the soil appears. She's saying you should water when the soil appears very dry. Then water thoroughly until you get some water out the bottom. I'm not sure right now about the overwatering thing being your problem, however, as I think it might be more fert related, but the right watering cycle is important too. If you use ocean forest soil, which has fert in it, you can avoid wondering if it has enough food. Just give water when dry. It's simple so try not to worry too much or over-think it. If the leaf edges turn yellow, but the plant seems healthy for the most part, just let it ride out it's life. Switch it's lighting to 12/12 when you're ready; it will continue to grow in flower mode, so keep the height in mind and don't let it veg too long. And you probably should consider getting some decent sodium lighting or LED.

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