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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Beetlejuice420, May 16, 2009.

  1. Beetlejuice420

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    Alright, so I just found out that I'm doing substance abuse classes for the next 5 weeks and I get tested every wednesday. the last time I smoked was this last wednesday and I need to know how I could be able to pass my drug tests easily and cheaply or find a way to get the weed level low enough to pass. (I'm kinda poor) If you guys could help me out on this I'd loved it
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    Number one: STOP SMOKING STOP STOP STOP I don't care why you think you need to or whose cousin just offered you the dankiest purple gooey urkamurka peccadilly whiz-bang chron johns or how quick your metabolism runs. STOP SMOKING.

    Number two: Read the dilution thread in its entirety. It is really the best way if you don't wanna pay $30 for a sub, and maybe buy two so you could practice. All you need is water and some creatine and B-complex. Read that posting, it really has a good success rate, and all those detox formulas are just the exact same thing only 1000 times overpriced. Theiving greedy bastids.
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    well the first one is kinda right there in my face :wtf:so I have stopped smoking no matter what. I've made it my goal when this junk is all over and if I dont go to jail start again.....maybe and thanks for the help! I'll read the thread:D
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    Hehe cool, I hope I wasn't harshing out too much. I was thinking of this friend of mine who is always smoking when he's looking for work, and then he's like "OMG I smoked last night and they want me to do a UA tomorrow! I gotta buy a detox!" And I'm like, "DUH that was the same way last time you were looking for a job!" And he's like, "but it was really fire and I was chillin with my <insert random relation here>!" And I'm like "But dude you need to just say no!"

    He's always been lucky, but he still credits the detox drink even though I tell him that it's nothing special. Goofball. :)

    Good luck to you, I hope you pass your screens. Once you get done with your (probably) court ordered rehab be sure to light one up and let us know how your classes went, what kind of BS they told you, and whether you passed the screening today. Peace

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