I need my Cannabis Card

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by ernestoalvarez, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. ernestoalvarez

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    I need to get my card in Northern California but I dont know what to do anything helps please.
  2. Storm Crow

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    Let Granny clue you in!

    First, it REALLY helps to have a legit medical problem. I'm going to assume that you do have one.

    First, go to your own doctor. He can give you the recommendation, but most likely won't. Take a load of medical studies to support your position (click the "medical studies" link below). My own "regular" doctor admitted to using cannabis in the past, but was too freaked out by the feds to give me a rec. He still took the studies.

    When your doctor says "No.", ask for a copy of your medical records, so you can see a specialist. Mine took about 10 days to get to me.

    Once you have your records, go on line to the California NORML site. They have a list of cannabis friendly doctors. Find who's closest/cheapest. I go to Drs. Denny & Sullivan in Redding. Nice guys, but over-priced. If you are in a larger town, shop around- prices vary widely.

    Now after you get an appointment, take your records and money ($250 will cover it) to the doctor's office. You will find it is very much like the first visit to any doctor's office. You fill out the paperwork, get weighed and all that jazz, talk with the doc, pay the receptionist and that's it! She will hand you a letter saying the doc believes that you would benefit from using cannabis..... and you are legal. :thumbsup:

    You can now posses 8 ounces and grow 6 mature plants. :D

    Basic advice....Keep your grow quiet! Rippers are hitting MMJ users. Enjoy that first "legal" joint- the high is unique! We don't have dispensaries out here in the boonies, so you'll have to get someone else to tell you about them. Remember you are still federally illegal!

  3. west coast style

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    Definitely listen to Granny, she knows what she's talking about.

    Here are some links to help you out:


    Use that to find a physician. As mentioned, prices vary. I've heard anything from $90-$200 (I paid $150). And like Granny said, that recommendation is all you need. If you're interested in visiting dispensaries, you'll just need to show them the doctor's recommendation and a CA ID. They'll have to call in your doctor's office to verify you, though.

    So if you want, and this is strictly voluntary, you can get the California Medical Cannabis Patient Identification Card. This card shows that you have already been pre-verified as a legit patient, so if you enter clubs, they won't have to call and verify you since you have this ID card. For more info, go to:

    Welcome to PIDC's Home Page

    Hope this helps!
  4. backincali

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    medical records?

    Granny, and Westcoast style, the two of you have been very helpful. I have a question about the copy of our medical record though. If you ask your doctor for a copy of the medical record, are they required to give it to you? Also, do you have to tell your doctor the reasoning for your request? The reason for my asking is because my doctor does not seem to be the type that will agree to such things. He is very old fashioned, however, i want to keep good ties with him because he has helped me quite a bit over the years. I am in desperate need of the cannabis though, due to my shoulder pain as well as my ADD. Cannabis is the only natural cure for both. Any information regarding my questions would be very much appreciated
  5. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    Just tell him you are going to see a specialist....

    And you want a copy of YOUR records to speed things up. No reason to make the "specialist" fax your doc for the records! Both times that I needed my records, my doctors (different ones) had no problem with it. I did "makes soothing noises at them" - reassured them that I wasn't leaving their practice. But no problem!

    Wait a week or so after you get them and then send your doctor a copy of my "medical post" (link is below) or my "New Years post" (smaller- only 10 or so pages).

    My "Happy New Year" Medical post - TreatingYourself.COM Online Community

    Do it anonymously, if need be. But your doctor needs educating!

  6. Revanche21

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    Medicann, cost me 90$ to get a recommendation, took less than 30 minutes at the office, got a list of local laws and statewide laws and list of websites of clubs, list of club reviews, etc

    They also give you a nifty card that has Medicann's number so when you go to a club, they call the number on back to verify. Goes much smoother than my friend with papers :D
  7. norcaltoker

    norcaltoker Registered

    So Medicann is the way to go? I heard some people say they have had problems with Medican is there anything you know of? Also 90 dollars was the total cost? Not bad. Do u need to transfer your files over there?
  8. new2sac

    new2sac Registered

    Medicann is the way well also

    It was easy for me! I just showed the Doc the metal rods in my leg, And brought in all the crappy meds my reg Doc had me on and i was in and out of there in 15 mins!! If you bring in the Meds your reg Doc has you on and sey they don't help and have side effects you will be OK! But if your just looking to get stoned and are not sick or hurt i would think twice because thats a major crime or some thing i heard.
  9. schighguy

    schighguy Registered+

    FWIW, i didnt have any serious ailments besides anxiety and headaches (unsubstantiated by doctor) and went into medican and paid 100 for a 3 year subscription

    they obv have enforced rules and this is no longer the case
  10. bearsnotbombs

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    i accompanied a friend to the medicann office about a month ago. i believe it was around 120... but when i consulted that same MCD directly, she quoted a price of 90 bucks.

    i'm getting my card for social-anxiety and clinical depression. i've been on lexapro for a while before, with no help. spent too much time on dissociatives and methylated amphetamines. yuck. but anyways... thats my 2 cents.

    good luck! =]
  11. charrington

    charrington Registered

    How 'thorough' were the Medicann people at your examination?
  12. pinheadcity

    pinheadcity Registered

    The Process was pretty easy

    I just went to medicann in oakland yesterday to get my rec.
    Went in, had my doctor fax my records to them the same day I initially made the appointment.
    They lost my records, but still approved me.
    Don't let paranoia get in the way of getting your card.
    As long as you have a legitimate reason, they will likely approve you!
  13. crazym4n

    crazym4n Registered

    instead of making another one of these imma just ask here.

    i have been prescribed antidepressants and sleeping pills for like 4 years now. i have mild anxiety disorder/depression and insomnia. will that be enough for me to get a card?

    i also recently just started working in construction and i come home sometimes to back pains.(not often though)

    any advice would help thanks in advance.
  14. Blankman

    Blankman Registered

    Yes. I was in the exact same situation as you and getting a recommendation through Medicann was no problem for me.

    Enjoy your card!
  15. norcalmann

    norcalmann Registered

    Has an eval today at Medicann in Eureka. Staff was great. The doctor reviewed my records and asked several questions. I would say an adequete evaluation. Cost was 135.00 USD. A good organization.
  16. medpotcrisis

    medpotcrisis Registered+

    Please check out the CA Medical Board's Guidelines for Medical Marijuana Doctors... especially the points highlighted below:

    Welcome to the Medical Board of California - Medical Marijuana

    These accepted standards are the same as any reasonable and prudent physician would follow when recommending or approving any other medication, and include the following:

    • History and good faith examination of the patient.
    • Development of a treatment plan with objectives.
    • Provision of informed consent including discussion of side effects.
    • Periodic review of the treatment's efficacy.
    • Consultation, as necessary.
    • Proper record keeping that supports the decision to recommend the use of medical marijuana.

    Here are some important points to consider when recommending medical marijuana:

    • The physician should determine that medical marijuana use is not masking an acute or treatable progressive condition, or that such use will lead to a worsening of the patient's condition.
    • The Act names certain medical conditions for which medical marijuana may be useful, although physicians are not limited in their recommendations to those specific conditions. In all cases, the physician should base his/her determination on the results of clinical trials, if available, medical literature and reports, or on experience of that physician or other physicians, or on credible patient reports. In all cases, the physician must determine that the risk/benefit ratio of medical marijuana is as good, or better, than other medications that could be used for that individual patient.
    • A physician who is not the primary treating physician may still recommend medical marijuana for a patient's symptoms. However, it is incumbent upon that physician to consult with the patient's primary treating physician or obtain the appropriate patient records to confirm the patient's underlying diagnosis and prior treatment history.
    • The initial examination for the condition for which medical marijuana is being recommended must be in-person.
    • Recommendations should be limited to the time necessary to appropriately monitor the patient. Periodic reviews should occur and be documented at least annually or more frequently as warranted.

    The important thing to consider is: Medical Marijuana recommendations are only as good as the documentation (patient record/file) and the doctor to back them up!

    And as far as cost... what does 1 hour of shitty legal service cost? 2 hours? how much do you want to spend to try to save your ass when the cop sees your Medicann rec, rolls his eyes, and now you've got to defend yourself against criminal charges. Even if dismissed, it's your life, your time, your money that's taken away as you work your way through the process. Spending $150-200 (as a new patient) to do this right WILL pay off in the long run; this $100/$95/$80/$60/(how low will they go?) isn't worth the paper it's printed on... and what happens when one of these low-ball docs shuts down (due to violating CA Med Board guidelines, some sort of relationship with dispensaries, etc) or just disappears? Where will your attorney request your medical record from? Will your doctor even be a licensed doctor (lots of Medicann docs have lost their licenses over their shady practices) when they're subpoenaed to testify in your defense? Buyer beware—you'll always get what you pay for.

    Also, the doctor/clinic that you get your MMJ recommendation from should definitely not be giving you information on how/where to obtain your medical marijuana! This is considered aiding and abetting as decided in the Conant Decision (back in 2003!) and this summary at the Drug Policy Alliance outlines what doctors should and shouldn't do.

    Medical Marijuana Cases: Conant v. Walters

    What does Conant mean for doctors and health care professionals?

    Doctors CAN:
    • Discuss, fully and candidly, the risks and benefits of medical marijuana with patients.
    • Recommend (or Approve, Endorse, Suggest, or Advise, etc.), in accordance with their medical judgment, marijuana for patient use.
    • Record in their patients’ charts discussions about and recommendations of medical marijuana.

    Doctors CANNOT:
    • Prescribe medical marijuana. This includes writing a recommendation on an Rx form.
    • Assist patients in obtaining marijuana.
    • Cultivate or possess marijuana for patient use.
    • Physically assist patients in using marijuana.
    • Recommend marijuana without a justifiable medical cause.
  17. RizlaG

    RizlaG Registered

    my god i wish i lived in cali !
  18. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    Two choices.......


    Or become an activist.

    Granny :hippy:
  19. scorp420

    scorp420 Registered

    Need advice for my delicate situation

    I am disabled due to work related injury and I am receiving workers comp and also have a lawsuit pending with them. Also SSA has me as 100% disabled. I have had 4 major spine surgeries with titanium rods and cages etc. plus 3 shoulder surgeries. my doctors from workers comp will not issue referral for cannibas, I have all my medical records in hand I takethe following meds: NORCO, OPANA, OXYCONTIN, VALIUM, SONATA, FLECTOR PATCHES, PLUS LITHIUM FOR DEPRESSION. and this has been ongoing since 12/03. I hardly eat cause no appetite, I am always constipated from the meds, I just feel like shit all the time. The meds do not help and I refuse to get a morphine pump put in me. A friend had me try some cannibas and WOW. I actually had an appetite to eat, It was easy for me to use the bathroom. and I actually had some energy. my question is can I see a doctor who will give me a referral without my workers comp doctors knowing?? Can anyone provide me with any suggestions or advice I live in East bay Area. I can provide all medical documentation necessary.:thumbsup:
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  20. medpotcrisis

    medpotcrisis Registered+


    You most certainly qualify and it sounds like you have everything you need to become a legitimate medical marijuana patient by going in for an evaluation with a doctor who does legitimate medical marijuana recommendations. Bring all of your medical records/paperwork, and if you have it, any of the documentation that was sent in for your worker's comp claim (which usually has great medical documentation—they're required to be extremely thorough!) Your medical marijuana doctor will be looking for a diagnosis of any one or more of these things (based upon what you indicated):

    • chronic pain
    • chronic loss of appetite
    • chronic nausea/constipation/GI issues (something along these lines... will vary depending upon exam/medical history/documentation, etc.)

    and of course, after his/her exam and evaluation, and a review of your medical records/history, they might even find further documentation and qualifying conditions to add to their medical record for you, further documenting your need for medical marijuana (and your legal eligibility as well!). You'd then receive a Physician's Statement Recommending Medical Marijuana (that's the actual name of what makes you legal for Medical Marijuana in California) and would be fully legal to consume, posses, cultivate and purchase medical marijuana in the State of California.

    As for your concerns about privacy, as long as you DO NOT get the State MMJ ID Card (or any MMJ ID card, for that matter), the only people who will be aware of your medical marijuana recommendation are:

    • your medical marijuana doctor/clinic staff (and he or she shouldn't be telling anyone, beyond confirming (when asked) that a recommendation for medical marijuana is, in fact, a true recommendation from them and not a forgery) - medical privacy laws apply here!
    • you, of course
    • anyone that YOU choose to show your medical marijuana recommendation to (perhaps someone you'd like to demonstrate your status as a legal medical marijuana patient to: like a bouncer/thug at a pot club, anyone else you'd like to purchase or obtain marijuana from, someone inquiring about your new green thumb hobby and the plants you're growning, or your friendly local law enforcement officer...)
    • anyone that you might tell about your newfound legal status as a medical marijuana patient

    So really, it's up to you who will know about your recommendation for medical marijuana—it's a private medical issue between you and your doctor, and beyond that, it's on a need to know basis... at your discretion (as Prop 215 intended it). You DO NOT need to sign up on anyone's list or register with any governmental entity to enjoy your legal rights as a medical marijuana patient.

    And don't let the clubs (or worse, popular perception) tell you that they require a card—the vast majority of them will verify your doctor's recommendation and only a very small number of the pot clubs will only insist on a card. Of course, the staff at many of the pot clubs are usually pretty lazy (oftentimes pretty hazy, too) and will likely default to asking for a card, but 9 out of 10 times, just show them your recommendation and you'll be fine... and if not, just go to the next club—they'll be happy to treat you with the respect that you deserve (and are paying for).

    So as for seeing a doctor, I'd go to CA NORML's listings for the Bay Area and keep in mind the legal requirements and concerns when choosing which physician to see for your medical marijuana evaluation. If you have any specific questions about doctors, feel free to private message me directly.

    also, be sure to check out the "fun" at Prohibition Against Treating Female Patients !

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