I passed a home drug test -- Will I pass a urine test?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by SmokeyDude, Aug 19, 2007.

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    I'm a 40 year old 20 year heavy (every day multiple times) smoker weighing 175lbs and am 6'1' with low to moderate excercise. I quit smoking 23 days ago and today had my first 'true negative' home test today using the little strips from drugteststrips.com -- Will this indicate that my test in 2 weeks will be negative as well? I'm worried because I'm relocating to take a new job that will test my urine. Is there anything I should be worried about? Does the test I did at home mimic the test they will give me at a laboratory? I am dying to toke up, but I'm not going to risk my future for it. I am just concerned that the home test is not as 'accurate' as the lab test will be. I will continue to test everyday but I feel really good that I finally have a true negative test at home. I've tested every day with the stips (which gets a little expensive, but I'm not spending the $$ on chronic so...) -- Anyone know or have any experience in this? Thanks in advance!!!
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    Did you use the first void of the day?

    They are quite accurate, nearly 97-99%. They use similar technology that is used in the first stage of a lab urine drug screen, immunoassay.
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    The previous poster is correct. A pre-employment urinary analysis generally uses the same technology available in the over-the-counter variety. In fact, they usually give you results almost instantaneously, just like the at-home tests. That is unless you test positive for da herb'.

    That being said, if you tested negative two weeks prior to the actual test, I see no cause for concern. Also, there are generally some tricks you can use to give you 'a little boost', if you will.

    +Drink at least 64oz of water 3-4 hours before the test--this will dilute your urine, making it more difficult to detect THC. Too much water however, will also be detected and raise a red flag. This will Causeyou take the test over again--not good.

    +When you urinate into the cup, make sure that you fill the cup 'mid stream'. Sediments settle at the bottom of your bladder, therefore the first bit of urine secreted from your body will have the most particles.

    My last bit of advice, quit wasting money on at-home tests! If you've tested negative already, just stay away from the herb for two weeks and think about how high you'll be when this is all done with. Over a month absence from cannabis will drastically reduce your tolerance. You'll save money on herb!

    Oh, and my last last bit of advice, take everything in the drug testing forums with a grain of salt. I've seen more bullshit in these forums than on fox news. If honest readers followed all of the advice presented on cannabis.com, then 90% of them are ill-informed and probably failed the test. People will try to tell you that there are magic formulas or gimmicky tricks to clean your system in a very short time, that shit fails all the time, and if they do work, its usually because of a variable not even under discussion.
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    Boobs-No it was not my first urine of the day. It was more toward nighttime -- the line was very faint but visible for the first time. Glad to know the test is the same.
    Just1in-Thanks for the advice. I will do the water thing the morning of the test as well just to be on the safe side. I figured most of my internal organs have completely become made of pot at this point so I am just being extra paranoid probably. I bought a huge box of the test strips so I figure I will keep testing to be sure I have a consistent negative on them.
    Now, when I smoke again, if I only do one bowl every weekend or so, will that take less time to clear or will I have to worry about the 23 day period after each smoke? I am not sure but I think they do random testing as well, but I plan on cutting way down on my intake.
    Again, thanks for the info guys!
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    Hold up.....

    Next time you test use the first void. If you dilute, don't use water, use a sports drink. A line is a line but if it is faint then a mild dilution is not bad advice but I wouldn't go with 64 ounces, I would go with more like 32-40 and replacing what you void. You don't always get a retest with a negative dilute so if you get a line don't risk it with too much fluid.
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    Does the darkness of the line indicate how close one is to the cutoff level? That is would the line be fainter for someone who is near the level and darker for someone who never smoked? If so, why?
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    Yes and no. If you dip one of those instant tests in pure water, the line for THC still will not be as dark as the control line usually. But if the line is faint the THC metabolites are reacting with the antibodies, the basis for immunoassay. But like you know it isn't a zero tolerance test, it is a cutoff of 50 ng/ml so a line is a line. If the line can be photocopied or show up on a pic, that is a line. Whether it is for employment or probation, any "non-negative" result should be confirmed by a lab test.
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    Needs to....

    the government needs to lighten up on Cannabis!

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