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    I passed my test!!!! I'm 18/F and I smoke on a daily basis (a bowl b4 bed) and I found out I was going to have a pre-employment hair drug test. My test was in 3 days so I stopped smoking. I had 3 days to screw with my hair, so I did the Maccujo method 2 times, I also used Aloe Rid and Omni Cleansing for hair...my boy-friend did the same as me but more and he passed also. I have very long thick hair so I didnt think I was going to pass but I did...I got the call today and I got the job. :)
    The lab administering the test was Psychmedics and we both passed smoking weed for 3 months every night and only 3 days clean....
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    Congrats and thanks for the info....:smokin:....:stoned:
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    Always like to hear good results.

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