I quit smoking and now I have stomach problems

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by HenryL, Dec 5, 2008.

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    Ok well since football season is over and I'm not getting banged up anymore everytime I carry the ball, I quit smoking weed, my last blunt was on Sunday and since then I have not smoked. But I have noticed a change in my appetite which people said it would be natural. But my stomach has also been bubbling heavily couple times every hour and my stool has been really loose, sometimes even diarrhea. I was just wondering if this is natural? Can someone help me out here :(
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    It sounds like you have a touch of IBS! Cannabis keeps it from "acting up". Start toking again and it should go away. (click the link in my sig and read the "Crohn's/IBS section)

    If you aren't going to be doing much toking, you'll have to attack this through diet. Avoid all carbonated drinks. Cut back on sugar and white starchy foods (white rice, white flour, etc) and substitute whole grains. Stop eating junk foods and go to a more "primitive" diet- basic stuff, lots of fruits and veggies. General rule- If it didn't exist 200 years ago, don't eat it!

    And check for benzoate of soda or sodium benzoate in your food. Most folks can eat it with no problem, but I get all your symptoms (and more! :( ) when I eat it. For me, it is poison. My health improved when I removed it from my diet. :)

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    Thanks :D I knew it had to do something with stop toking. Yeah I'll definitely improve my diet.

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