i think i discovered a new way !!!!

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    so i was making 190 proof ethanol extraction was boiling off the alcohol. happen to
    drop a little bit of unrefined coconut oil in the mix . i noticed the the coconut oil did not dissolve like the honey oil.

    so i thought if the coconut doesn't dissolve , it my be grabbing the honey and leaving the waxes and chlorophyll behind !!!

    well i did conduct this experiment as follows:

    greendragon @ 90 degrees ( unrefined coconut melts @75)

    add coconut to mix

    shake well ....mix will look like vinegar/ oil salad dressing

    bring mix back to 90 degress let settle and separate (coconut settles on bottom)

    pore off top layer into one container and put aside (cup B)

    boil off any left over alcohol from coconut oil and put aside (cup A)

    then boil off the container of top layer (cup B)

    cup (A):taste floral cannabinoid coconut goodness light color cup(B) taste chlorophyll waxy yuckiness darker color no coconut

    but i have no accesses to properly test each solution

    i want to tell the world !!!!

    and not look an ass .....lol

    so what do you think? can anyone do this experiment
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  2. Weezard

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    Sounds good.
    I'll play with it on my next oil run.

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  3. skitmo69

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    yes finally .....thanks man :)
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  5. tuanxuxu

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    ha ha ha :) Thanks :)))
  6. Weezard

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    Bad news.
    I use 99% Isopropyl alcohol so there is very little water at the end.
    Turns out that coconut oil dissolves completely in iso
    So, while it will pull undissolved rso from a water suspension, it will also take any remaining alcohol as well.
    Of course, isopropyl is not ethanol.
    So. I added some coconut oil to a test tube with vodka and am playing with that now.
    Just for gits and shiggles.
    Hmmm, better news. the coco does not dissolve in the ethanol.
    So it looks like your method has merit. :)
    It won't help us iso guys, but I'll keep it in mind should I ever get wealthy enough to use Ethanol again.

    There is a separation method that uses saturated brine, (salt water), to clean honey oil and it's quite simple.
    Just add the saline to your ethanol/rso mixture, (about 50:50) in a gallon ziplock and shake the crap out of it.
    When it separates into layers, the saline will be green, and the ethanol will be golden. I nip the bottom corner of the bag and drain off the bottom liquid easily.
    If done in hard sided containers, use a siphon.

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  8. Igmu

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    Adding to this separation process before/during the wash & before the brine/ethanol solution separation should be the winterizing to solidify filter out the waxes using coffee filters.

    Remove as much water as possible by grazing the ethanol solution ( 190 proof Everclear in mycase) by cooling it in the freezer before storing it with dry ice.

    If necessary, use 3a molecular sieves (look like tiny expanded clay balls). These pores are large enough to absorb water but not ethanol. Be sure to filter sieve dust before use.

    Ethanol wash just long enough to extract what you want. Sometimes multiple washes are better than an extended single wash.

    Store wash in dry ice while creating brine solution.

    I use a B├╝chner funnel with 4 coffee filters and a vacuum to remove more finer solids and separatory funnel (the tear drop funnel with the valve at the bottom) with the brine to separate as describe above.

    Finally to recover the ethanol & (if you choose) separate the cannabinoids with a rotovape and simple path distillation for the clean extracts.
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