i think i discovered a new way !!!!

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by skitmo69, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. skitmo69

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    so i was making 190 proof ethanol extraction was boiling off the alcohol. happen to
    drop a little bit of unrefined coconut oil in the mix . i noticed the the coconut oil did not dissolve like the honey oil.

    so i thought if the coconut doesn't dissolve , it my be grabbing the honey and leaving the waxes and chlorophyll behind !!!

    well i did conduct this experiment as follows:

    greendragon @ 90 degrees ( unrefined coconut melts @75)

    add coconut to mix

    shake well ....mix will look like vinegar/ oil salad dressing

    bring mix back to 90 degress let settle and separate (coconut settles on bottom)

    pore off top layer into one container and put aside (cup B)

    boil off any left over alcohol from coconut oil and put aside (cup A)

    then boil off the container of top layer (cup B)

    cup (A):taste floral cannabinoid coconut goodness light color cup(B) taste chlorophyll waxy yuckiness darker color no coconut

    but i have no accesses to properly test each solution

    i want to tell the world !!!!

    and not look an ass .....lol

    so what do you think? can anyone do this experiment
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  2. Weezard

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    Sounds good.
    I'll play with it on my next oil run.

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  3. skitmo69

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    yes finally .....thanks man :)
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  4. kingalucacp

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