I want kevorkian

Discussion in 'Indica' started by kasp420, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. kasp420

    kasp420 Registered

    has any 1 but me ever smoked kevorkian?
    it knocked me out off 2 hits and 2 grams lasted 2 weeks!
    easily the most potent bud I've ever smoked!! Has any1 heard of it, know where to get it, or where to buy the seeds?
  2. Unknownfigure

    Unknownfigure Registered+

    Honestly, I've never heard of anything like that, at all. People do tend to give weed names out the top of their head at times, and along with something else I was going to say but I completely forgot, there is a chance someone told you it was that name instead of something else... maybe it was actually rhino or something. Who knows, could have even been well-grown bagseed.

    But no, I've never heard of it.

    So, sooo.... BAKED!!!
  3. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    I've never heard of it either, but it sure is a bad-ass name for a strain (wish I'd thought of it first) :jointsmile:
  4. naappy123

    naappy123 Registered

    i heard you can get a strain by that name from a place in long beach.. thats all the info i got. it was called dr. kavorkian though
  5. bigtopsfinn

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    my friend in Boulder said dr. kavorkian was one of the best strains out there, but i've never heard of it since or seen any seeds either.
  6. DankASauresRX

    DankASauresRX Registered+

    I have heard of it before, it has been mentioned many times before in songs by the Kottonmouth Kings. I also heard that it costs a lot but is worth the $$. I have no idea where to find it.

    S1XENNYBEANS Registered

    I have heard of it and tried it. Here in chico my cousin used to get it. he would always smoke with me but he would never let me get any off him. Yes It is the best. Every time I ask anyone about it or try to look it up I have no luck with a few exceptions. one site talks about it but has none no seeds the seed company that produced it shut down and did not release the lineage so it is not just a made up name it is the real deal. I could even describe it to u.

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  8. solgro

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    Oh yes, i remember the Dr. Kevorkian. This was a real strain that was going around So Cal, particulary the OC area in the 90's up until the mid 90's. I remember going to high school and scoring this bud. It was super dank. What i remember was that it was also real dense and had that stick on the wall characteristic. The smoke was instant expansion. Flavor was like the kush's of today and so was the price. The guy who grew it had an entire trailer park. It was all in the news when he got busted. I remember reading it in the papers. I thought that was the craziest thing. I also knew that this would be the last it would go around. I think he was the only one to have the strain at the time, cause he bogarted it cause it was so bomb. This was a real strain that became extinct in the mid 90's. Although a seed company did claim to have produced seeds by crossing the original clone from california, i highly think this is unlikey.
    Until now, this strain has never shown up anywhere in cali except in memories.

    MEDEDCANNABIS Registered+

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    MEDEDCANNABIS Registered+

    i too have heard of it back a few years ago back in the overgrow days. marijuanagenetics dot you know what carries it but i am not familiar with that place so i wont recommend them.

    meded so you can mededicate to mededitate
  11. kushguy101

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    wow! the kevorks!

    i know it's an old thread but kevorkian was popular here in south orange county back in 1991-1993 until it just stopped coming around one day. Such a strong strain, totally covered in golden white trichs. It was around the same time we started getting amazing looking/smelling/tasting blueberry, trainwreck, and o.g. kush's. It seemed way ahead of it's time and it was flat out just crazy looking, it's made an impression on me, i can still see the weed in the pipe, i remember which friend and where we smoked it the very 1st time he got it for us. I grew up in mission viejo to be exact. If you were from around there and knew the who's who of bud smoking then you prob had some of the Kevorkian!
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  12. ProCanna

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    This strain was the bomb...it was def a long beach CA favorite for awhile but Kushguy101 says it the best.

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