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Discussion in 'Activism' started by Ganj, Aug 8, 2007.

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    First of all, I am very passionate about legalizing/decriminalizing marijuana. I'm not as big a pothead as the majority here at Cancom, but my lack of indulgence can only be an advantage against those who don't smoke at all. So I want to know the steps I need to take. Current activists, I implore you to be mine and other's guidance through the current matters at hand. Before we get started though, I think it is my responsibility to let you all know that I am unemployed and broke. But from what I have gathered, finances cannot compare to a voice that speaks the truth and fights for what is right. Now, I know how complicated all this can become, and knowledge plays a huge role in debating, who to contact, events to attend, etc. It's time for me to do something with my life and fighting prohibition is what I have chosen to do.

    Let the thread title sum it up. I'm new to all this, so where do I get updated?
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    What I do is tell people I toke, explain why, answer any questions they might have, and hopefully leave them an enlightened individual. I'm a nice, motivated, active stoner, and when people see that I think they start realize that it's okay. You are the best form of representation marijuana can get. Toke responsibly, take care of yourself, be informed on the facts about marijuana, and let people know. It can be a very unpopular subject in some circles, but spread it around.

    I'm new to activism too. Too long have I sat back on my ass, simply talking about activism, but never bothering to get up the guts to do it. That changed today. I had an idea.

    Through cannabisculture.com I found a link to abovetheignorance.org, a great site that has gathered studies that prove beyond a doubt the truth about marijuana use, the reasons for prohibition, and historical use of hemp. All you have to do is make up a quick flyer with their URL on it, take it to your local printshop, pay maybe $10 for them to whip up a few dozen copies, and tack them onto telephone poles on every corner.

    Mine will read like this:

    On July 13, 2007, Judge Howard Borenstein ruled all marijuana possession laws unconstitutional. Borenstein gave prosecutors two weeks to appeal.
    The appeal was never made. It is now legal to possess marijuana in Canada.

    For the truth about marijuana, please visit this website: www. abovetheignorance.org

    Of course it will all be formatted nicely and such, but that's really all you need.

    Good luck. :thumbsup:
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    Where are you located?
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    I'm in Houston, TX.
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    Here is a link to Houston NORML. Try to contact one of them.

    Houston NORML

    You may also want to get a job b/c for most groups their is a membership fee to cover expenses. Good luck.

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