i want to legally grow 4 plants in my back yard but i have a nosey neighbor

Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by thefun1smokedawg, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. thefun1smokedawg

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    i have a nosey neighbor thats called the police on me for my dogs barking for my radio on to late and once for what he called "smoking dope" in my house and he could smell it. the police always just said to leave the guy alone he was old and to try and be as respectful as possible which i am. ive never got so much as a ticket they just always came to see if things were alright. but now i have my growers permit and i wanted to grow them outside in my back yard. i know everyone on my street pretty much and all my neighbors are cool with me and know i smoke except the one behind my house. i have a tall block wall around my yard and 3 dogs so its not visible from the street but could my neighbor put a stop to me being able to grow in my yard if he reports me. even tho i have a ppl permit? he's come over before saying that if my dogs keep barking he would have them taken away from me. he said he's a retired police officer and he knows people. dont know how true that is he was probably just talking trash. i do have my ppl and plan to grow my own medicine so any advice is appreciated.
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  2. emilya

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    difficult neighbors are one of the hardest problems to deal with that there is. It is hard to judge what is the best strategy to use, but in my experience all roads start with having a chat with the person to try to come to some understanding. Based on that conversation, sometimes the solution comes to mind, or you can come to the realization that he is just bat shit crazy and there is no easy solution. I like the apple pie approach myself... and have seen an unexpected pie and a smile do wonders to make friends with a bad neighbor and calm down a situation. Then also there is the opposite approach, acting like you are crazy and capable of anything if you get upset, or hiring Guido to go over and have a "chat." I don't envy your situation at all, and I hope that you can find a peaceful and effective way to get him out of your business.
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  3. Mark Gordan Smith

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    Maybe mention that your dogs would sure cause a rukus if they caught the scent of an intruder attempting to enter his place.
  4. growdemon

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    yea,, nasty neighbors are a pain in the butt! one of my buddies just went thru this. their solution! they moved.

    you could also get an outdoor green house, then also.. start growing other things besides cannabis. cannabis camouflages very well.
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  5. XgrimXreeferX

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    Like he said...grow in a greenhouse....you have a nice secure outdoor structure and can put a lock on it....if you have the money put a filter on it and no one will know a thing....they might suspect it....but as long as you don't go over count you won't have a thing to worry about even if he decides to go snooping around.
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  6. thefun1smokedawg

    thefun1smokedawg Registered+

    thank you all for the advice you guys/girls are awesome.
  7. painretreat

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    If everyone knows you on the block and 'cool' with your smoking and growing! You've broken rule #1 already. Regardless of what you can legally do, you have already set yourself up for theft of your hard earned crops, at the very least. Not to mention, your dogs will most likely munch on them, anyway.

    If your dogs are that annoying, maybe try placating the old codger behind you and apologize for being a thoughtless, inconsiderate neighbor(well, first accept the fact you are). All he wants is a decent night or days sleep and when your dogs interrupt his peaceful sleeping; well, anyone becomes :rambo: without sleep. Maybe ask him if he could suggest some good barking collars to prevent the barking during his time of rest.

    First, start by taking "how to be a considerate neighbor class before engaging on your growing quest. Just because you know everyone, that doesn't mean they'll support your growing or any 'traffic' as a result.

    A greenhouse is the best suggestion with locks and filters..you may like the smell but, your neighbors won't. Try to be a kinder gentler neighbor and considerate.

    i worked nights and had a rude neighbor like yourself, many years ago. Finally, when the kid grew up, he came and apologized to me for all the noise, etc. He even helped me with yard work, eventually. These things can be 'worked out' but, it takes a mature person; on both sides of the fence.;) pr
  8. thefun1smokedawg

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    first of all i grew up on the street where i live thats why everyone knows me and one of my good friends lives on one side of me and my sisters owns the house next-door. second i said i was cool with all my neighbors cause i grew up here never said everyone knows i smoke and grow cause i dont grow "YET" and i smoke inside like a respectful neighbor.3rd my dogs dont even bark its the other neighbors mine are quiet well behaved and trained. he's just a grumpy old fart. doesnt like anybody the kind of guy that would throw a rock at a car for going 26mph in a 25zone. i have a wife and kids so i dont have alot of people over dont make alot of noise and my kids are in bed at 9 so theres nothing loud going on i know your just giving advise @painretreat but you should know what your talking about before you try putting the blame on someone and assuming you know everything. IM REAL UNDERSTANDING JUST DONT PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH I KNOW YOU GAVE ME SOME GOOD ADVICE ABOUT SOME OF THE STUFF BUT YOU SAYING PEOPLE KNEW I SMOKED AND GREW POT AND THAT MY DOGS WERE THIS AND THAT REALLY BUGGED ME. CAUSE YOU DONT KNOW ME. NO DISRESPECT INTENDED IF IT SOUNDS LIKE I GOT A ATTITUDE ABOUT IT.

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  9. growdemon

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    smoke dawg,. here is another theory ive seen people do.

    dig a pit/ or nice hole, then build a box around the top at ground level. then around the box plant shrubs, bushes ect..

    I think they call them in ground green houses or pit green houses, which is a smaller footprint and pretty hidden if you set it up nice.
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  10. thefun1smokedawg

    thefun1smokedawg Registered+

    thanks grow. i actually have a underground swimming pool thats 11 feet deep that isnt in use and empty i was thinking about putting my plants in the pool. what you think? on the more paranoid side tho helicopters fly over my house on a regular basis and i get wierded out even now and im not even doing nothing wrong.
  11. boaz

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    my first thought was if you can legally grow them then why even worry what the neighbors think? Unless there is something in the law about keeping them hidden or something. But, I have a really shitty neighbor too and I can understand not wanting to put gas on fire. He could try to have your dogs taken away or something which would really suck. I like the green house idea. and maybe a really big fence between you and him. :jointsmile: good luck. or the pool is a good idea, too. don't guess anyone ever gets used to the choppers flying over, lol. used to freak me out when I had just small closet grow but it was illegal back then.
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  12. boaz

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    its still illegal to grow where i live now but the voters get a chance to fix that in Nov. I used to grow in California before prop 215. I don't think growing was ever a really a serious charge in California but I was still pretty paranoid about the whole thing. I could have swore there was one chopper that flew over my apt. and just hovered every night right before I harvested it. It was probably just a traffic chopper or something but it got my attention, lol. I never chopped it, tho, I let it harvest and it was awesome bud!
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  13. growdemon

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    haha yea, I live close to a small airport.. I know what you mean. IM in cali thou.... and legit.. so fuck them!

    back in the 80's when I lived in texas, the choppers would fly around with infera-red heat sensors scoping out heat signatures.. then they would pin point them. and match them up with the power company. then the rest im sure I don't need to explain. actually back then I was doing a lot of silk screening and photography work. so guess what! that all requires heavy heavy lighting....

    who knows! if your that worried about neighbors... just move plain and simple. I mean how much weed do you really need to grow. just go buy some

    a pool could work, I would make it into a green house effect. with some semi transparent tarps or even maybe a wood frame or semi gazebo looking thing.


    just grow indoors or don't grow at all :thumbsup:
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  14. boaz

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    I don't grow where I live now but I had an electrical short one time and got a really high electric bill so I asked the power company for detail on my usage and they send me report broken down by the hour. I guess they have electronic sensors now that send the data automatically. so, if someone were running high voltage lights on a timer it wouldn't take much of an algorithm to id them in the data. :O

    We might actually get a chance to vote for medical use here in Oklahoma this november so I might soon be able to grow six plants for personal use without the fear of swat dropping down from choppers. lol. good luck.

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