Identifying a strain by bud or plant pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by stinkyattic, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    'Can someone identify this?' is an almost daily question here and I'd like to give some info about strain ID.

    It's very difficult to even GUESS what strain something is by a picture, and nearly impossible to get it right. Beware anyone who claims they can look at a picture of a plant or bud and say confidently that is 'fire ass purple haze dro yo'. It just can't be done.

    Bud ID:
    This is the hardest of all. Frankly, most buds look like... buds!!! Bricked weed is COMPLETELY impossible to ID, and the strains that are run on a large scale in tropical brick producing areas are just not going to be readily available to the public as seed, and may not even bear a name at all. Non- bricked weed is also impossible to ID; while sometimes it's easy to say what it ISN'T, saying what it IS is jsut not going to happen! Knowing color, flavor, structure, and effect can sometimes narrow down the possibilities, but that's as far as it goes.

    Plant ID:
    While there are some strains that grow in very distinctive ways, like ducksfoot, Aussie Bastard Hemp, OGK 'abusive', Soma's Rock Bud and Lavender, Maple Leafed Indica, and a very short list of others, most plants are impossible to identify beyond saying 'that plant has an indica-leaning structure' or 'that looks like a landrace sativa'. To even get to the point where you can say this, the plant must be solidly vegging, at least a month old. Even then, there's little point.

    So FYI before you post a thread asking to ID a strain by a blurry picture of some crumbled buds... don't be so hung up on strain names. Be happy that you have some nice cannabis to smoke and enjoy!

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  2. angry nomad

    angry nomad Registered+

    Everyone wants to say they have headdies. I just scored a bag from someone new, and the buds didn't look like what I am used to. I thought it was dirt weed. I think it's outdoor or soil grown. Anyway, it's some pretty dank shit for the price.
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  3. wickerbill

    wickerbill Registered+

    Well said

    Thanks for pointing out what is obvious to most experienced growers/users. I for one am fed up with so called "experts" who know by smell,taste, or sight what strain, or (my favorite) what combination of strains make up the current stash. A rose by any other name will smell as sweet so is the same for good bud:D
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  4. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+ cannot tell which five types of mj make up a bud by looking at it?? :eek:

    PS...Love the fire ass purple haze dro yo.....:thumbsup:
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  5. LIP

    LIP Banned

    When you see someone saying "yeah, that's purple haze" or "Thats white widow man!" you know they have NO idea what they're talking about. Most of them have probably never even grown, let alone had any of the strains they THINK they have.
  6. KickYoAss

    KickYoAss Registered+

    Yeah, it seems like no matter which of my homegrown strains, that I show to this one guy, is always the same exact strain his buddy's guy grows once in a while. Not only is it impossible, but it's insulting to humanity. His jaw drops, and he says the name of it, and I want to punch him in the mouth.
  7. hoghuntr76

    hoghuntr76 Registered+

    there are so many different strains of cannabis out there I dont even know why people (unless you grew it) try to give it a name.. this guy I know always calls and says he got all these exotic strains when all I see around town is the same ole' stuff. But it is kind of amusing to hear all about all these so called strains he smokes.. hahaha
  8. Markass

    Markass Registered+

    I'm glad this was finally posted...I give it a 10 :thumbsup:
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  9. ganjzilla

    ganjzilla Registered+

    thank you stinky this was a well needed soooo tired of seeing these thigns and then those of us who actually know a thing or two about cannabis have to explain to these people thats damn near impossible for us to tell them
  10. thecreator

    thecreator Registered+

    It is and I love your disposition on the subject matter. I haven't grown much but i hope to change that in the near future. I'd love to be among the smoking elite if you catch my drift......One love Mates!
  11. bluntmaster430

    bluntmaster430 Registered+

    i agree. it is REALLY hard to tell just by a pic. its even hard for me to tell when im holding it and smokin it :)
  12. MVP

    MVP Registered+

    fire ass purple haze dro yo X super skunk

    Ever see that fire ass purple haze dro yo X super skunk?

    Check it out, its pretty distinctive, even to an untrained eye:


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  13. hreskofreight4

    hreskofreight4 Registered+

    amen stinky
  14. sam111

    sam111 Banned

    i have a question for the experts what strain would you recomend for a sea of green cultivation
  15. smokenss

    smokenss Registered+

    mvp: thats a good one.
    if i were to buy seed witch strain would b best for ainti-enzity ? (cant spell)
  16. Haywriedpoet

    Haywriedpoet Registered

    a whole 1/8 to someone who ID's this strain!

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  17. OahuLocal

    OahuLocal Registered+

    Oh Oh is it grand daddy purps?
  18. hippygirl420

    hippygirl420 Registered+

    for the anti-anxiety you want strawberry cough very nice shaped buds with the essense of orange and pink hues
  19. hippygirl420

    hippygirl420 Registered+

    as far as the sea of green method i would definetly use a indica, one that you know only grows about 2 or three feet max. ive heard top 44 and lowrider make a good sog but i dont know about the poetency. my next switch is going sog and ive got blueberry and bubblegum. good luck
  20. ButchieYost2001

    ButchieYost2001 Registered+


    I have no idea what I am growing.... i was given 2 ugly, mal-nurished clones and went from there. unless this is a full time job for you, who cares about the name, its a "hobby". Im glad just to watch the wonders of nature happen in my closet!!:D
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