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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by MrNiceGuy420, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. MrNiceGuy420

    MrNiceGuy420 Registered+

    is there any way to know which plants will grow to be females before you plant them?
  2. Scarlet Sky

    Scarlet Sky Registered+

    no, there is a chart that shows what a female seed would look like as opposed to a male seed, but i think its bs, as gender is determined at three weeks of age, and is altered by growing conditions. good conditions is the best way to get fem's
  3. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    Dont lie Sky ,
    It's just hard to get them to spread their lil legs is all . :D
    Crispi :jointsmile:
  4. 1chronic

    1chronic Registered+

    I agree with Crispi, lol

    And although you can buy "fem" seeds. It's also okay just to take good care of your plants and make them want to be females instead of males or hermies.
  5. Scarlet Sky

    Scarlet Sky Registered+

    yeppers, feminized beans can, and often do turn out to be male. however, i don't use fem beans, just plain ol regular seeds. i have had 18 females in a row now, other than one supersilverhaze that i had to abuse the hell out of...
  6. Lord Dangly Bits

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    And I thought Scarlet Sky Seemed like such a nice person. Now to find out she is abusive.:(
  7. Gatekeeper777

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    but mine came out from the bottom but also a little on the side.
    does that mean she is a lesbian?
  8. madeline

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    A good portion of the fun of doing a grow is waiting to see which are male and which are female, at least it is for me!
  9. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    put the seed in your mouth if it taste like a little nutty.......... its a male.
  10. afronumeric

    afronumeric Registered

    so let me get this right... if I bought my seeds for a pretty penny from a known seed bank, do I have a better chance they will grow into females if grown in non stress conditions?? I am stressing on how many seeds I should plant.. because I want a good female to male ratio.

  11. ZeldaG.

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    yeah very fun to be growing a plant for 6 months and then finding out it is a male... lol i would say ''ahh who cares'' and call that optimistic but FUN!??

    now thats just mad!!


    yes i think so. I would personally (of course all is according to space) grow at least 4 plants of course if you have loads of space i would go for filling that space up :D lol
  12. junkboxer

    junkboxer Registered+

    sex is pre-determined for the most part. but stress it out and u can turn it hermie. these r all theories by the way.
  13. SpitRhyma

    SpitRhyma Registered

    Scarlet Sky -- are you saying abuse causes female?

    I was told stressing a plant before it flowers increases the likely-hood of it being a male.

    Do you think that's true?

    Holla back -- peace
  14. Markass

    Markass Registered+

    previous grow was 1/4 females...3 feminised blueberry beans and 3 females later...I'm a believer...I'll be using feminised for the rest of my life.
  15. whisky

    whisky Registered

    guys whats the fun if you planted 30 plants and all were females because you know they were.. i mean the coolest thing is that first 3 weeks where theres a slight mystery and creepy smell around the place and you think in the dark "hmm i wonder how many females show up". its not only growing pot but also having fun its like a game.. or its like that to me. but ofcourse there is people who get 20 males in a row and complain.. but i think those people should take more care of their plants maybe its because of that. ive gotten 5 fems out of 12 plants and im happy with it.
  16. SpitRhyma

    SpitRhyma Registered

    Hey whisky... YOU'RE a game!!! HAHA I dunno... I'm stoned...

    If you have seeds you should plant them weather they're big or small... some hindu told me taking bad care of a plant increases the likely hood of it being a male so i think Whisky's right...

    Perhaps you can label your pots w/ the description of the seed and see for yourself...

    IE: "Small / Lopsided" or "Medium / Round" etc.

    Then if you think you know how to identify the seeds... you plant all your seeds including the males n just keep the males in a diff. place to be safe... or just check on'em every day and throw'em away if they really are males...

    But you should never hesitate to plant a seed unless you really can't afford soil/watering the plant.

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