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  1. chrisouth

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    i have seen many different threads and posts on af strains. i myself have grown 2 different af strains. i grew the original lowryder back when it was the next big thing. what a disappointment that was lol. my second was the deisel ryder and those 14 plants brought alot of joy into my life :jointsmile:
    af's arent for everyone but for certain people they are exactly what they need. unlike most af growers i did not grow them for their extraordinary stealth qualities but instead chose them out of pure cuoriosity. hopefully this thread can be blessed with experienced af growers and af info seekers alike so that together we can all help eachother out and expand our knowldge and our yields lol. let me start this out with the first question for you experienced memeber > since my living situation has recently changed i need to think more stealth and find a low odor af strain. i have read many posts on this topic but most were vague. i have researched some supposed low odor strains but was unable to find a stable decent yielding strain. so guys, any info ??? ps. sorry so long but im a little :stoned: thank god i got those free thai super skunk seeds lol i was pissed cause they were real late to flower but its good to have something when everything else is up in smoke lol
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    I would love to do an AF grow but haven't felt I had enough real world feed back from people on them. My biggest concern is yield. I'd hate to fill my room with 50 of the little guys and only get 1/2 oz per plant. That would be very depressing.
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    If your going to do 50 of them, you'd be better off NOT doing AF's and just taking clones from a stable mother plant of another strain. Fifty AF's a little extreme IMO. I probably won't do another AF strain! I'm going to just grow some mother plants and completely rape them for clones and flower those SOB's. I'm not saying at all that AF's can't be promising if done right. I'm just saying if your going to do 50 plants you'd better off doin clones in a SOG method! That's just me though. :thumbsup:
  4. chrisouth

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    roundeye, listen to italiano. if you are going for a mass amount of plants then get you a good strain that works well with the sog method. i personally have gotten over an oz per diesel ryder but that was outdoors with maximum sunlight. a close friend of mine has a indoor stealth grow with only a 250w hps on 4 plants and yields around an oz per each lowryder 2. to me if you are limited on space and stealth is an issue then 4 ozs every 10 weeks isnt too bad but if stealth and space wasnt an issue then you could do far more than that. my problem is that i am now facing a limited space and stealth issue so its now on for the search for that low odor decent yielding af. appreciated the posts fellas. any input is greatly welcomed and any questions feel free to ask. peace !
  5. RoundEye

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    Why would doing a SOG of clones be any easier than doing short, stocky AF's?
  6. RoundEye

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    ............Other than the obvious sexing issue.
  7. chrisouth

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    yea basically because you could keep a mother plant or two and have a continuos supply of female clones opposed to purchasing seeds everytime you started a new grow of afs or take the time to weed out your male and female plants from the seeds that your af produces. of course clones grow alot quicker than when you start fom seeds. not to mention ive seen way bigger yields from regular plants used in the sog method than a large cluster of afs but thats just from my own personal experience
  8. irydyum

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    Actually it's the opposite. Plants from seed generally grow "faster". Seed vigor. You are just making the overall life cycle of the plant shorter, thus faster, by using clones.
  9. chrisouth

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    he's completely right, sorry 4 not being more specific and thanks iry. anyone reading this able to give good insight on my initial question. ne experience on good yielding low odor afs ?
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  10. chrisouth

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    hmmm its strange that i have read on multiple threads and posts throughout a few different sites that af's were the ultimate stealth plant but there is a lack of info out here on af's about one of the biggest factors of stealth plants and that is odor. no true af growers reading this :wtf:
  11. KingKronic420

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    honestly, there is a bad@$$ af section over at ic mag. com :jointsmile:

    i have 3 diesel ryders going right now under 2 23w cfls vegging and will be thrown under a 150w hps for flower. they will be joined by 2 "church" seeds from ghs.:Rasta:

    i havent finished a run of the DR, but have read great things.:thumbsup:
  12. GetThisOrDie

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    I heard Eazy Ryder is the biggest yielding AF.. i havent tried them myself but might get some fem ones to toss in next run. I wish someone who has grown them out can fill us in on odor and yield and what to expect from it.
  13. chrisouth

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    i'll have to c if i cant find it on there or if its allowed then a link would be helpful. i can tell you from first hand experience that the DR's are the shit !!!
    excellent choice to grow but the odor on mine were pretty stank but definitely dank. hows yours smellin ? i was thinkin bout stickin with those and seeing if a carbon filter would cover the smell but im just not sure yet
  14. chrisouth

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    i have heard that the eazy ryder was one of the better yielding af's but not sure if it is the best. maybe someone can fill us in with a lil bit of first hand experience on that. LR2, AUTO AK47, AND DEISEL RYDER are all good yielding af's forsure but i guess it really just depends on the grower. ive seen some monster LR2'S and AUTO AK'S for them bein af's and all
  15. KingKronic420

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    im pretty sure links are frowned upon here.

    just go to the addy i gave ya > growers forums > autoflowering and you're golden.
  16. KingKronic420

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    thanks, i chose the dr's based on the great things said about it over on ic. :thumbsup: they are still early in veg so they arent stinky yet:jointsmile:
  17. chrisouth

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    i appreciate the info on ic. i'll be sure to take my time and let all the info sink in. sorry but i dont have any pics of the dr's. ive tryed to take several pics of a couple different grows but i think either my cam is a piece of crap or i dont know how to set it right b/c the pics never show the crystals, hairs or any of the details that make dank green standout from your average bud. also ive been a member of a few different cannabis forums for years without having to post hardly any questions due to the fact that i am not too lazy to search til i find the answer i need. with that said, i guess thats why i havent been more involved and posted pics n all that but i think i might come out of my shell a lil bit more. i guarantee ya though, the dr is top notch af. i had one outdoor lemon skunk plant this yr and i can tell u 4sure the dr's i grew were better smoke than the lemon skunk and that says alot if youve heard nething about l.s.
  18. redtails

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    I've decided to try af's myself recently, got some fem seeds from ministry of cannabis called little angel. Started it in a quart milk container under a 6400K 23w and will transplant into a 9" square pot(2gals?) with a 200w 6400K cfl and a 42w 2700K with CO2 after turkey day. I've only had the one plant for 11 days now and I can tell you it's definitely NOT going to be that stealthy with it's odor: I went away for the past two days on a sober camping trip with the future father-in-law and when I came back I could smell it from about 20 feet away. Only 2" tall but it's got some branching starting to happen, it might end up a lot smaller than I thought(20-24"). I too hope to hear from some others experienced in the af's.


    p.s.- I totally forgot about ic, thanks for the info King!
    p.p.s.- Taking care of the pests that made the yellow spots with a pyrethrin spray safe for edible foods. Was hoping they wouldn't show up, but always kind of knew they would.
  19. KingKronic420

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    see, now you're just getting me all excited. :pimp:

    seems as though there are a few interested in autos, i think we should petition for an AF section here at the canncom. :stoned:
  20. dexter68

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    IMO; The Iranian Autoflower; Or the G-13 either of the two to me that is hands down the best autofowers there are. 90 days start to finish and upwards of 500 grms per plant.Very, very potent.knock u on your ass at cloudy and too me anyway too strong too smoke and move at 20% amber.Dont believe we are allowed 2 give seed bank information, but if youll look through the seedbank websites , i do believe he the only one selling Iranian Autos.and its sister the G-13.

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