If I Eat My Weed Will I Get High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Spleefer, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. Spleefer

    Spleefer Registered

    Im curious, b/c im to lazy to smoke so if i eat it by itself or with something will it matter, and in how long will i be high
  2. Sir Smokealot

    Sir Smokealot Registered

    No you wont
  3. Sir Smokealot

    Sir Smokealot Registered

    Well if you boil it for about 30 minutes in a pot with butter the THC will go into the butter becuase THC is fat soluble then you take that butter and eat it or bake with it you will get high.
  4. Altoid

    Altoid Registered

    Youre too lazy to smoke? WTF!!!??
  5. Jesus Smoked Pot

    Jesus Smoked Pot Registered

    no shit , it takes more of an effort to cook it to eat it and get high then it does to smoke it , fuck and i thoguht i was lazy .................. cause if ur that lazy duide u dotn even deserve to get high
  6. nancyrenee

    nancyrenee Registered


    Yeah why put all that effort into cooking when you can just smoke it? By the time I got finished boiling and doing whatever else to it I would be too frustrated to enjoy my high. Just do it the old fashioned way.
  7. ndhawk

    ndhawk Registered+

    I used to think eating it would be so much better my first few times doing it cause I didn't like smoking and had no prior smoking experience, once you're used to smoking it's a really really simple process, it come so naturally, and I'm used to smoking now so whatever.
  8. GanjaSmugler

    GanjaSmugler Registered+

    u cant just eat nonheated weed. weed must be heated up to about 300 degrees or burnt for the cannaboids in marijuana to be activated. if u eat it plain u might get a stomach ache. if u wanna make cannabutter there is plenty of sources on the net, but ur gonna need about a 1/4 oz to be able to make a good batch of brownies. i would stick to herbal tea, just bring water to a boil, microwave weed for about 45 secs- 1min 1/2, until u can sell the herb ,and then put the boiling water and the warb bud into the same mug with a pack of ur fav tea and cover it up and let it sit for about 15 mins. drink it and eat remaining weed thats left, it takes about 45 mins- 1 hour to hit. the high will be more intense, i would put about 1/8 in the tea. one other thing u can do easily is take about an eigth crackers and peanut butter and make fire crackers. peanut butter and cracker sandwiches with weed in the peanut butter. cook for 15 mins at 315 in the oven. have fun with the tea and fire crackers, i wouldnt waste time with ne cannibutter idea enless iu had high amounts of herb. just my input
  9. SumSkater540

    SumSkater540 Registered+

    Hey i sumtimes smoke my bud till thiers just a little left and its mostly burnt and then eat it and i get pretty damn high. Its nice cuz when ur regular high starts to go down a little the bud u ate will kick in and its like a second wind sorta, usually a bigger high too unless u have just smoked a shit load of herb.
  10. HvyFuel

    HvyFuel Registered+

    You can eat it with any product which contains fat. Hot or cold makes no difference whatsoever. Eating a small bud with a piece of chocolate will give you the same high as using cannabutter to make cookies etc. The high takes longer to arrive but also lasts a lot longer. Spleefer you'd be better off checking sites such as erowid, overgrow, nature's high, sharp rubber duck, etc, etc, etc.

    peace :)
  11. GanjaSmugler

    GanjaSmugler Registered+

    u cant high eating ne weed without heating it and get high
  12. sawleaf

    sawleaf Registered+

    Sorry Ganjasmugler you're mistaken. HvyFuel is right, you don't need to heat it up to eat it and get high. Eating it with a fatty food will get the THC to absorb into the body just fine. But what most people do is cook the cannabis with or in a fatty food . THC is a fat souluble chemical. It will get absorbed into the fat and injest a lot faster with a fatty food. But heating the THC does nothing to activate it.
  13. 420_Spaceman

    420_Spaceman Registered+

    i need the best way possible to cook to use my herb with out smoking
  14. geonagual

    geonagual Banned

    Why did you bring up a friggin thread that is 3 years old?...there are plenty of better ones than this one that will tell you what to do.

    PLEASE, do not just toss your bud in your mouth and start munching...
  15. UTD Toker

    UTD Toker Registered+

    Ok this is sooo tight.....please confirm this:

    if i eat a gram of bud with a hersheys bar ill get stoned? haha thats genious!!!!!
  16. 420_Spaceman

    420_Spaceman Registered+

    lol my bad this was juss the first post i seen bout the topic, but anywayz i know therez a better and easier way then cannibutter
  17. funfubarman

    funfubarman Registered+

    fire crackers look it up
  18. Johnny McPotSmoker

    Johnny McPotSmoker Registered+

    I'm no expert, but I don't think that would work since there are no fats for the THC to get absorbed into. Perhaps if you used milk or something.

    Na, the weed needs to be heated so it releases the THC.
  19. 420_Spaceman

    420_Spaceman Registered+

    fire crackers seem like a good idea

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