If I put my friend's piss in a condom, will I be good to go?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by valley125, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. valley125

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    If I have my friend piss into a condom for me, and I keep it tied up and under my balls/ass area, will my temperature be good to go for the test an hour or two later??

    I'm getting hired at a grocery store and they want me to go take my drug test at their lab in 2 days. If I just leave the condom in that spot, the temp should be fine and I should have no worries right??

    Thanks a lot guys, I am just stressed and need to pass this pre-employment drug test.

    LITTLEANDI Registered+

    read this http://boards.cannabis.com/drug-testing/1146-substitution-tips-tricks-guidelines.html
  3. SnSstealth

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    put the piss in a ziplock bag, get the air out as good as you can. put that bag in another zippy...again with the airthing...
    go to walgreens/CVS get one of those back pain warmer things...
    put said warmer around belly, with heat elements on your stomach...put piss bags between elements and skin
  4. valley125

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    I read the substitution guideline, it's just that when I tried it with 2 visine bottles, my temp would stabilize at 93 degrees and wouldn't go any higher. I was thinking the condom would absorb the heat from my body better right?

    Hmmm I'm considering the ziplock method you mentioned, and I have some of those back/stomache pads already at home. How hot will it make the piss that I'm using? Do the drug testing cups already have temperature strips on them so I can tell how hot/cold my piss is?
  5. valley125

    valley125 Registered

    Okay so yes, the cups do have temp strips. I feel pretty confident in passing this test, since the visine bottles were able to stay at about 93 degrees in my crotch I'm assuming the condoms will be a lot better at matching my body heat.
  6. killerweed420

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    You wouldn't want to use a condom by itself. Too easy to rupture. Its really worth the $20 to buy a synthetic urine. They come with the bottle with a temp strip on the side so there a lot easier to monitor and the bottle will stay warm in your crotch for 2 or 3 hours easy.
  7. Bud2Kind

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    If you dont want to buy the Synthetic Kit...All you need: Buddies clean piss, hand warmer(or whatever chemical warmer you want to get), and a 7.99 digital thermometer from your local walgreens/CVS/walmart, and some kind of container(get like a BIG bottle of visine or something similar in size because the lab will make a line of where you gotta fill too..

    1. Put clean piss in bottle.
    2. Microwave for like ten seconds.
    3. Check it with the digital thermometer(when your in the lab it has to be 90-100 degrees, but you want to have it between 96-100, I had to wait about an hour in the place before I could go!!!)
    3. Tape the wamer to the bottle
    4. Crotch it!

    Bring the digi with you to the lab(make sure it doesnt beep and shit!) check the temp, if its above 100 F, swirl it and blow on it(1 swirl/blow is about minus 1 degree) in the case of the urine being to cool, rub your finger on your pants and gently put it on the temp strip on collection cup(dont press too hard) and then your good2go!:stoned:
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  8. Mississippi Steve

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    Why not just keep it simple... if you know your gonna get tested, then don't smoke. If your subject to random tesing, then don't smoke..... see how easy that was??
  9. painretreat

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    Use to be, maybe still is (had a 100 year lease from Dallas) a place called the "Gas Pipe"; been there but didn't check out the product. Lots of people would get a kit that they ingested and tested clean. Does that exist anymore? curious!
  10. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    Not that easy and in some cases medically harmful if using MMJ.
  11. Mississippi Steve

    Mississippi Steve Registered+

    If its in a state where MMJ is legal, and the person has a *legitmate* MMJ card, and medical doctors prescription, then it shouldn't be an issue. OTOH, if its somebody thats scamming the system and just using it to get stoned, then its a different story.
  12. Requyred

    Requyred Registered

    what is MMJ?
  13. suzieque

    suzieque Registered+

    medical marijuana
  14. valley125

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    Let me say THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP! It was the easiest shit I've ever done in my life, we went in and had a final interview orientation thing for 2 hours and then we took our piss test, and I was a bit worried that the air conditioned room would cause the piss to decrease in temp over the 2 hours but nah, it was still warm as ever. The funny thing is they call us out 2 at a time and let us go into the bathroom to take the piss test without anyone standing outside the door at all, in fact I was able to just go in and shut and lock the door.

    Easiest 30 seconds of my life.

    I AM STOKED!!!! :Rasta::Rasta::Rasta::Rasta:

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