If i quit smoking weed, will i feel any different?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Kurupt3Z3, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. Kurupt3Z3

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    Ive been smoking weed at least 3 to 4 times a week for the past year and a half or so, and for some long periods it was once or twice a day, and ive noticed that ive been alot more anxious and depressed than usual. Im much more quiet and reserved than i ever was, and everything such as school, work, sports, ect. all seems pointless to me now. I am also a teenage male and ive heard that we have a higher risk of developing anti-motovational syndrome (or what ever it is called), if thats even a real disorder. I havnt smoked weed in a week and so far i dont feel much different. So basically im asking if stopping the weed can help me with these problems ive been noticing, and if so how long woudl it take to notice a difference? Ive always been somewhat anxious but it seems much mroe pronounced than usual. Like this thanksgiving i was anxious around my own relatives and the noticed that i was much more quiet ( i smoked a gram of dank the night before). So please, if you haev any advice i would greatly appreciate it.
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    Depends, weed is only pshycologicaly addicting so ya you might feel you need to smoke. Also how old are. If your like 15 or 16 the way your are feeling is normal. So uh Ya hope that helps
  3. Encatuse

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    It really all depends on the person. Weed helps me cope with depression in alot of ways, but moreso then weed, my anti-depressants help me cope. They aren't a life-sentence and as a teen they're fairly easy to get prescribed to you. Also, depending on the anti-depressant, it may help you deal with your anxiety as well. Im no doctor, but the combo of depakote ((mood stabilizer)) and seroquel ((anti-paranoia.. serves many purposes)) has proven to be a great combo for me. But if you wanna keep it natural, smoke weed. Just be careful, it'll cut a hole in your pocket. Quitting smoking weed may temporarily be a bitch, but after 2 weeks you'll probably not really care. Anxiety and depression with teens is like cheese with crackers. As in, a really common combo. Some people can cope with no help, some people need help to cope with those feeling. I am one of those people who needed help. -shrugs- Decide for yourself what kind of person you are.

    Hope this helped a wee bit.
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    An individual who does not know him/herself, and has not taken the time (and time is needed) to understand whatever issues are going on, smoking weed is NOT going to help. Sorry, but as a teenager smoking a lot of pot I hated myself and was very confused about the world, which contributed to a lot of depression and anxiety as you may be going through now. Smoking too much has a tendency to cloud perception of yourself, so be careful. Nothing in excess is a good thing. So, slow down, take a look at your life, figure out what you want to do with yourself, grow up and take responsibility for leading a full and productive life.
  5. Kurupt3Z3

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    Hey thanks for the replies. Sorry i didnt say earlier, btu i am 16. I love weed alot but i really think it might be contributing to these feelings im having. I could be wrong, and i really hope i am so i dont haev to quit for good. I've tried taking welbutrin, lexapro, and some other drugs that i cant remember anymore, and none of them did a damn thing for me. Ive tried 5-HTP which only worked when i mixed it with weed. It gave me an amazing uplifting feeling but i knew that i couldnt rely on it for everyday.
    Ive decided that im going to quit for 3 weeks and see how i feel. DO you guys think that if im going to feel any different it can happen in that amount of time?
  6. The C

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    You'll feel like you wish you had some weed. You'll do what you want, if u want to use weed as an excuse to do nothign then blame it later, then thats your porogative, but weed itself isnt going to hold you back, you will. Exucses are fun to have because they let us be lazy, but it's upto you, the substance itself should really do that i don't think, i mean yeah the dissorder is recognized by some, but in reality and group fo teenagers may or may not use this a an excuse, other studies have proven against this syndrom, which even in studies backing it, claim the effect wear off after adolescence. Find out for youself, it wont wreck your life cause only you will, and you can quite whenever you want. Prove the study wrong.

    Your more quite? Mabe your more one with yourself, smoking cannibus can do that if you want it to, or you to.
  7. Encatuse

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    The C is very right here in my opinion. Cannabis only has an effect on you if you let it. But if you're really looking to see if weed is the cause, I think 3 months is a more realistic time period for proper evaluation. May seen like alot, but if you live to be 80 it's only 1/320 of your life. Pretty measly amount of time really... And you never know, you could find something out that will change the rest of your life. For example - Weed does/doesn't cause that effect.
  8. VaporWizer

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    Just to add to what these guys said... when I was feeling almost the same way you were like end of last year, I quit for up to a month.... NO DRINKING-NO SMOKING....it kinda sucked, but honestly I felt addicted, and I felt that weed was sucking me in and making me isolated from the rest of the world and esp. my friends and family, and I was only doing it at this point about 1-2 times a week...

    well, to continue with my results, I found out awhole lot about myself and weed, and how I did notice a large difference in my outlook on life, and think I concluded that my new and positive sober outlook was in many was due to smokeing weed and experiencing different states of mind.... In my oppinion weed helped me become more mature about things, and has ultimetly helped my find out new things anout myself and allowed me to figure out what i want in life.... and that was just happiness, and less stress, and weed helped give me that...

    Now, it is about 6 months later and I have been smoking just about everyday since I started back after my 1 month break, and Im feeling better than ever... I am almost always happy and I feel I havn't been closer with friends and family.... my best advice, like they said up above is to just try this out for yourself and figure out what YOU want...
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    im addicted, i dun give a fuck, maybe im addicted to the money and not the weed, but i love weed, when my weed is in my room and i can smell it..even faintly, i cant sleep, or do anything and sometimes i just have to leave school and blaze one...and coke..wow..anyway i think the only thing ull feel is that u want to blaze, or u may feel good that u know u arent on any drug and ur keepin clean...
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    I quit smoking weed and doing drugs all together for a couple of months. Honestly, I felt better. More happy, more motivated to do things, more active. My life actually took a turn for the better. :p

    I kept all of these feelings when I started smoking again. Always doing something (cooking, mixing music, cleaning..wtf,right?) whenever I am stoned now. I trip mushrooms every now and then, as well. I feel like each trip is more special, because I feel better about my life, etc.

    Maybe a break would help....or maybe you can just try to fix those problems while you're smoking a J. It varies from person to person, I suppose. Personally, I needed that break. It definitely helped me get my shit together.
  11. DARCI71

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    It will get better!!

    I have not personally been addicted to that drug, but I know people that have. The great news is that what you are feeling right now is only temporary. I was addicted to narcotics and you can't even believe the pain I suffered for an entire month. My vision was blurry-it was awful. There is such an awesome book that you should read. It's called "The mood cure" and if you go to the web site www.moodcure.com you will get a lot of info there-but the book itself will show you ways to feel better within days.
    What is so amazing is that people dont realize how important the food and chemicals that we put into our body are. I think Marijuanna is minor compared to the rest-but still, it will take some time for you to adjust.
    Can you go to the doctor and ask him for valium or xanax? That helps the best with anxiety. Maybe just let them know you just want enough to last you a few weeks or as long as they think it will take for the withdrawl. Trust me-my doctor was so unfazed when I told him my addiction to vicodin. They see it all the time-and weed is so common I bet most of the Dr's smoke it.

    I am very proud of you for being strong. It will be hard-but you are on your way. Stick with it-you will be fine, and when you feel like your old self again you are going to really be proud and thankful you did it. THe nice thing about that book is it talks about some supplements you can get that are already in our brain-they have been depleted from the different drugs, etc that we've fed in there. So it depletes our energy, our sense of tranquility (which is like our natural valium). She tells you how to get the right things at the nutrition center (any store) and start feeling better in a day or two. I hope you like it!!

    (This is my first time one here so I am assuming you can reply bacck to me with my name above. if that doesn't work then I will get back to you soon.)
  12. jacquelyne

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    I do and cant sleep and feel real depressed the first day or 2
  13. larry

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    Encatuse ?

    are you suggesting Kurupt seek drugs perscribed for mental patients?
    He asked for our advice and you give him shit. Thats real nice of you.
    I think maybe you should work on your own drug problem Before you
    give advice on being sober.

    What i suggest is slowly reducing the amount of weed you smoke
    each day untill your not addicted.
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  15. pennylane1952

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    Hi, I have been reserching On Cannabis for medical reasons, I have FM, i have for 5 years, I have been on By My Doctors, Morphine, Oxys and such.I have Detoxed, all my Doctor DEA Drugs,And have been reserching Cannabis and the Laws.Man This is a Sad Place that we Live in To keep Them in Pain away from such a great Med. I think the goverment, is wrong on there Rules for sure.But I will keep fighting..Good Luck You All
  16. ilovelife

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    whenever i start to smoke alot like ive been lately i always start being angry for not being born 30 years ago b/c i wish i lived in the 70's as a teen. i often mind myself depressed just b/c i live in 2005 instead of 1976. the times back then mustve been so good, so dam real and i wish that was my time, i fuckin hate 2005 so much and this day we live in is all about close minded, hating, stealing, suing assholes and it sucks. i wish i had a time machine.
  17. 1e64102e

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    When I am in full swing at school, I don't have time to smoke. At this point, I haven't smoked since christmas. I just can't smoke at all. I feel fine. I don't have withdrawl. I don't feel sick. I just feel normal. Now, from time to time, I may say, "Damn, i'd love to smoke a j right now, but i've got more important shit to do." You just have to put your shit in order and get on with it.

    But i'll smoke 'til I choke come spring break.
  18. djaio

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    my experience with smoking daily or a few times a week:

    the periods between highs can be interesting, thoughtful, and enjoyable things, depending on your attitude toward. I wouldn't say smoking a lot makes me depressed, it just makes me "slower." my mind doesn't race around thoughts, and I can more easily focus on one thing at a time(this makes it ideal for meditation). i can look at myself objectively, see my strengths and flaws. some people say this is a clouded perception of oneself, and i don't know about everyone else, but to me it's a truer perception of myself. i lose intelligence but gain wisdom.

    but just as easily as it can make you mellow and insightful, it can also make you depressed and lazy, if you're aren't careful...
  19. HappyNow

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    Great Advise! : )

    Just wanted to say that i applaud your way of thinking : )
    I'm a regular daily smoker today only because of heath reasons, but i must say that back in my school daze..lol i thought just the way you did. I think all teens / adults too...LOL should take your advise...{wink}...lol

    Peace'n Luv : )
  20. jacquelyne

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    But seriously dont give up pot if u need to replace it with something like antidepressants or other drugs.You will be alright after a week or so.

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