If you fail a drug test for work.

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by WielyDevil, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. WielyDevil

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    I work somewhere where there are random drug tests really sucky i just dilute everyday i work since i only work a few times a week. Now my question is is there any consequences if found positive like are the police notified???
  2. Kailawaila2279

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    Im wondering that too.
    Do they just fire you, or call the cops?=/:stoned:
  3. Iguana

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    I suppose it would depend on where you're located. In the cases that I know of personally, the people got fired - no police involvement.
  4. midlifecrisis

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    In the US it is not illegal to have smoked marijuana, just to possess, cultivate or sell/distribute....unless you live in a medical state and have a card ,obey the rules and the Federal Gov leaves you alone.
  5. Iguana

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    In the US, there are also state laws to contend with. Some states have laws against simple use of marijuana. Also, in some states there are zero tolerance laws about driving while there is any detectable amount of a drug in your system - whether or not you are under the influence doesn't matter. It is an unfair and cruel world out there. I don't mean to feed any one's paranoia, but people should know what they may be up against.
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  6. midlifecrisis

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    I am unaware of any states that have laws against the simple use of marijuana, (I.E. a person can not be arrested for merely having smoked marijuana) But, yes there are zero tolerence states on driving under the influence of any illicit drug.

    And yes it is quite an unfair world.
  7. FakeBoobsRule

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    Actually some states have added an internal possesion of THC if they can find THC metabolites in your system. Now that is really unfair. I know South Dakota has it for sure and there are others with some states following their lead.

    I've never heard of the police being called for a failed drug test for work. But, I did hear about this employer who sued his workers who failed drug tests and he won like a gazillion dollars! :jointsmile:
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  8. midlifecrisis

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    That is truly unfair, I can't wait for the first case of someone being arrested for second hand internal possesion.....could you imagine that court case?
  9. Iguana

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    Midlife, welcome to Michigan.
  10. killerweed420

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    I know Washington has internal drug consumption laws.
    But in the case of employers I have never heard of anyone being prosecuted for testing positive.
  11. slantedeyes

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    They can call the police but that does not mean you will be arrested. Employers can basically do what they want to, that does not mean you will face consequenses. Unless you are on probation or being supervised by the drug court system.
  12. jayman636

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    Never have i seen the cops show up for a dirty drug test...i have seem many fired...and this one guy who still is working here...he failed and came straight out and said he has a drug problem...

    they didn't fire him...they placed him on administrative leave for two weeks...made him goto NA meets and of course retested him 2 weeks later...he passed with a grin on his face...

    i think that employers cant just up and fire u IF you have been working there...now if it is a post-accident test, they probably can...I heard that drug use/abuse is considered a disability and therefore cannot dicriminate against you just because you used drugs have a "drug problem"...

    my buddy used Super Quick Caps to get his job...got tested again after two months and failed...they didn't fire him...like the guy i mentioned...he got sent to NA, and is still working there of course with random test out the arse...he told me last week he got tested on tuesday...and then again on thursday...

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