If you're a guy and you smoke marijuana....YOU GROW BREASTS

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by poiuyt, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. poiuyt

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    Can smoking marijuana make a guy grow breasts?

    Yes it can if a guy smokes a lot of it. Heavy use of marijuana can “turn off” the brain hormones that tell the testicles to make testosterone (male sex hormone). When this happens there may be enough natural estrogen (female hormones) present to stimulate breast tissue. Other related side effects of very heavy marijuana use may include decreased size of testicles, loss of interest in sex, difficulty maintaining an erection and difficulty growing muscle. I don’t know of any scientific data that has determined how much marijuana use is enough to cause breast growth. It may also vary with individuals. Avoidance is safest.


    What kind of obvious bullshit are they trying to pull on us. I'm horny as hell when I'm stoned and I prefer working out when stoned. And my testicles have not shrinked since I started smoking.

    They really have run out of ideas to scare people.
  2. green.goddess.

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    hm well i know some chronic smoking males who have AMAZING bodies :p
  3. Skink

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  4. green.goddess.

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    haha if only THAT were true
  5. green.goddess.

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    ps: poiuyt

    your avatar fucking rocks. tool is one of the greatest bands in the world.
  6. BabyFacedAbortion

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    I wish I could grow breasts.

  7. Storm Crow

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    Show the idiots this....

    http://www.anesth.uiowa.edu/read abstract.asp?PMid=1935564 Nothing like facts and scientific studies to blow holes in their lies! To get changes like gynomasty (man boobs), there has to be hormonal changes. To quote the last sentence of the abstract ......

    "Chronic marijuana use showed no significant effect on hormone concentrations in either men or women." Can you post on that site? It might be fun! Love ya all, Granny :stoned:
  8. mushypeas

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    i was fat i started to smoke n i lost 5 stone i get hypo cannabis the de lazy fier
  9. green.goddess.

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    haha sometimes the munchies catch up with me and i gain a few pounds.. but its all about control ;xx
  10. Reefer Rogue

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    Oh well, more breasts for me.
  11. TokinAsianGuy

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    dancing, sex, swinging that wii-mote around, no bitch tits in sight.

    but i just remembered something about puberty, both males and female develop "breast buds" during puberty, only i think the males just sorta disappear and the females turn into full blown mammaries.
  12. jDuBnBioSr

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    Why dont they educate kids truthfully about marijuana instead of making up bullshit lies. Oh well, I guess if someone has a low enough intelligence to belive that, then let them belive it. It will all start not making much sense when the stoners are becoming more successful in life and learning new things for themselves.
  13. SwirlyMass

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    Ahhh so thats why 50% of the guys you see have man boobies that sag to their belly button.

    Oh wait, thats because of Mcdonalds.

    Fuck that article, obviously made up fictional mumbo jumbo.
  14. SumSkater540

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    Actually, I think there might be some truth to this, but it depends on the individual and genetics. I personally find that after a couple days of smoking massive amounts of dank bud that my veins don't show as much and my muscles don't seem as tight and hard. However, If I'm somewhere like a concert where I'm really physically active, dancing and smoking massive amounts of good bud, I don't notice this change in physique at all. So it could perhaps be more related to the laziness, but If I'm sitting around all day doing nothing and not smoking, I do not notice this change. As far as growing breasts though... shit you'd probably have to smoke ounces a day of fire ass weed and be a fat ass slob. :)
  15. poiuyt

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    Damn....an almost 4 month bump.

    I don't even remember making this thread.
  16. 1234abcd

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    Happy 420 Eve Ya'll

  17. evan5502

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  18. Purple Banana

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    Pot contains natural anti-inflammatories; the body is in a constant state of inflammation from the daily assult of bacteria, viruses, fungi, ect... Perhaps it temporarily and minutely reduces surface inflammation to give you that effect? Or your muscles may be slightly more relaxed than usual...
  19. bobbygreenbear

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    because then they'd have no reason to tell them not to do it
  20. ganja2

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    This is a complete and total lie. I am a bodybuilder/powerlifter, and some of the best gains in muscle and strength while I was smokeing everyday. Given I wouldn't smoke a ton but never the less my results speak volumes.(550lb deadlift, 445lb squat, and 315lb bench press, I'm 6'3" and 260lbs. lean) And without using any steroids. And I never grew female breasts. Although I can see how someone who is already somewhat lazy stat smokeing lots of weed everyday, the weed makes him lazier and eats alot more crap while having the munchies can grow bitch tits simply because he is getting fatter overall. So I suppose there is a shread of truth in this ignorant statement.

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