I'm Considering growing as a career.

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by Wiked549, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Wiked549

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    I'm looking for some advice or direction. Me and my father were discussing moving to Colorado and growing Medical marijuana for a living. Becoming a farmer in the beautiful state of Colorado sounds like an amazing idea to me and i know it would really help with a lot of his health problems.
    These are my questions;

    1. Could we expect to make enough money to warrant jumping ship and coming to CO? I had heard that a grower can make a decent living, which is fine with me.

    • Would we be able to sell directly to dispensaries? Or is there some type of grower/caregiver situation?

    • Anything else i should know?

    I'm in contact with a lawyer but i don't want to pay the consultation fee if there is a reason that i don't know of that will prevent me from making this dream come true.

    I'm sure y'all have had your fair share of these types of threads but i would appreciate all the feedback you can muster.

    Additional info:
    We would be moving from Texas
    We're not in it for the money, Marijuana deserves to be a regulated form of medicine. But if we could move to Colorado and earn enough to keep things going then this could be a great thing. :hippy::jointsmile:
  2. personified

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    I know nothing

    Without trying to be rude. Have you tried to look up the rules on line?

    I mean with something that has the great potential of going to jail I do not think I would rely on a forum as legal advice.
  3. lampost

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    Have you grown before? To support yourself and a decent quality of life you're going to need to grow a lot of plants! I bet you'd need to grow upwards of 30-40 plants since most caregivers are giving great deals to patients like 1 free ounce per month. That is your competition! So you'd need like 10-15 patients! Good luck!

    Laws are going to be changing. Some are trying to limit the number of patients a caregiver can have to only 5. If that passed your plan would be instantly shot down as you won't be able to grow enough to support yourself!

    If you were here already I'd say take a crack at it. But to move here with such uncertainty and expecting to support yourself off growing alone is beyond foolish! Maybe look for a job here first and don't count on any income from growing. If you can do that then maybe its worth a shot!
  4. Wiked549

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    The internet is actually abit overwhelming when it comes to this, and like you said I'd like some clarity since it could risk jail time. I figure this place is full of knowledgeable and willing to help people.
  5. personified

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    Stop looking at the internet

    Yes the internet is overwhelming. Now start looking at the statutes for Colorado and the Health Dept those are the rules not some random websites.

    I have done all the research on NM from the internet and a few emails to the people that make the rules. Again your RISKING your freedom on a bunch of forum lawyers.

    Do not miss understand me I have discussed things with people. However I have also corrected the rumor mill and plain BS that fly's around here.

    Do not take my word look at some of my posts that will give you an idea of the research I have done as well as the false statements I have corrected.

    But hey it is your freedom and money to lose.
  6. Dietblonde

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    Starting a grow takes a lot of money upfront. Setting up an environment to grow can be complicated and might require some construction. Its going to take quite of bit of studying to learn how to grow marijuana properly, and then you have to pick up on a lot of the intangibles as you go, especially when it comes to troubleshooting. A lot of people aren't successful their first shot or they crop a harvest that is very isn't medicinal. Its a ton of work, stress, financial insecurity, and you always run the risk of getting raided. Probably a little less of a risk growing here than in Texas, but still a risk.
  7. canaguy27

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    Unless you know people up here, you are going to find it difficult to get enough patients to cover your grow, unless you do it illegally WHICH I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST!.

    Figure $3-4K to get you into a rental and $5k for a decent build out. Figure another $2k for moving and misc. expenses. Do you have $10k laying around plus about $1000 for the first few months while you are waiting.

    If you really want to come out here, get a job(good luck btw) and then grow during your off time.

    If you and your pops are looking to buy a place out here, let me know and I can help you with that as well.
  8. palerider7777

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    not to long ago i was labeled the asshole for stating this very same thing.now everyone is saying it lmao. what happened to it's just a weed it will grow anywhere and it's free to grow? no im not aimming anything at you either just saying....

    on another note i came out here with 14k it cost close to 2k to move,then i paid for 4 months rent upfront that was close to 5k.then spent around 3500 on gear then the rest on other bills. b4 i moved here i spent 5 k on other things and helping other people out b4 i left.

    so much for it being a weed that grows free.the state is making a killing on people moving here alone to setup shop besides the taxes.yet they still want to raid and fuck with people.classic case of having your cake and eating it too.

    i'd say if you are in a place that your safe and you have been growing there low key then i would stay there.now if your safety is in danger and you want to move anyways then yea.

    but never doing it b4 and you just want to move to a place to setup shop and grow to live i'd say no.it would be better to know what your doing first b4 you jump in the deep end.
  9. copobo

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    there are many people in Colorado, with much experience and $$, who are not growing commercially because they value their freedom too much.

    Also, just FYI, I've talked to a bunch of dispensary owners, and most struggle just to pay bills.
  10. TheReleafCenter

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    I'd wait for the house bill to pass before you make any life decisions. Dispensaries might be required to grow 75-90% of their own.
  11. Denvertoad

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  12. Wiked549

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    ok, This forum is helping alot. Thanks to everyone for your cooperation.
    Just to clarify; My growing ability or my initial funding should not be considered. They are both fine. Its just the unstable legal and distribution system I'm worried about.
  13. PufferLungs

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    By posting on this (or any other MMJ website) you are now "above" the radar. By simply starting this thread you are no longer under the radar.

    None of us are under the radar anymore - not after signing up on this website and posting. I'm not worried, because I don't grow. I get all my medicine for my lower back problems from a dispensary.

    But if you think you can post on any website and talk about moving to Colorado to become a "career grower" - well good luck to ya. The feds already know your IP address, internet service provider, employer, bank name and your home address.

    I hear they are making the new prison cells a bit larger these days, so it should be comfy. Maybe you'll get a single and not have to share a cell with some guy who fancys your back side?

    Given the hostility of our Federal Government (DEA) - I wouldn't risk growing even if I could sell it for $10k a pound. It's not worth the prison sentence. You can bet your paycheck, that guy from Highlands Ranch who ran his mouth is in a small room with 3 concrete walls and bars on the other one. He'll be there for a LOOOONG time too.
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  14. sunbiz1

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    You may not be under the radar, but you can mask and change your own static IP address to throw off the dogs. Would it help out here if I post instructions?. I'm almost as good at changing addresses as I am growing Indica!:thumbsup:
  15. FarmerSteve

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  16. o0sibannac0o

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    Fuckin do it!!! don't listen to these guys. Let me ask you this, is it possible for you to grow weed? do you think you will have a hard time finding medical marijuana patients to appoint you there caregiver (think of how many patients there are). do you think that there is a growing number of dispensarys that are continuing to fill up there patient list? yes, yes, yes, and yes. listen, if you want to grow, then grow. whether people are smoking for medical reasons or for recreational reason, it doesn't make the difference. people are always going to smoke, people are always going to buy it. wether its illegal on the street or from a doc. if you can find a way to profit off of this situation. than go for it. be happy growing a plant and providing its fruits to those that need it. no matter what they need it for. if someone needs it, then that means they need someone to fulfill that need. I would love to have the opportunity to pack my shit and move to do nothing but grow some fine herb and take pride in the quality of medicine i would provide to those in need.

    If you have the guts to stand out on the ledge, then you will be the one to be successful and stand above those that didn't have what it took.
  17. o0sibannac0o

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    also as a side not, in colorado its my understanding that you dont need to be a patient to grow. you don't need approval from a doctor or you dont' need to be registered or approved by the state. if you know of a patient, they appoint you caregiver on there registry, and thats it. there USED to be a law that caregivers couldn't have more than 5 patients. they did away with that law once the state lost a law suit over it. now caregivers have no limit to patients or the grow size.

    right now is the time to get involved. CA is overrun, over populated, let them take the federal attention. get lost in the colorado mountains grow some herb and be happy
  18. denverbear

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    is this the famous sunbiz from other forums..????
  19. o0sibannac0o

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    well you are right about that, once you sign up on here you have given the government your info. however, unlike what most people think, they don't have a huge government building that monitors all the forums and keeps logs of who is using them and shit. U will not get caught unless someone rats you out, or unless you have given them reason to look for you. the gov. isn't going to spend billion of dollars to pay some bitches to monitor this shit. they are busy going after the shit that they know about, not us closet growers. they want the people producing hundreds of pounds. and distributing them. i would not worry about posting here, don't give out specifics on location and shit and you should be fine. give the gov a reason and they will come looking, no reason, than no clue!
  20. lampost

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    Gimme a break! Just cause you log into Cannabis.com does not mean you're not "under the radar" anymore!! Man some of you guys are paranoid! Do you think they put your name on a list or something? Or constantly monitor Cannabis.com? Do you know how many forums/messageboards there are out there that deal with illegal things! Plus most of us in the Colorado section are legal. Why would they waste their time? They have better things to do. Many people on here are small-time casual users.

    So if you aren't careful by using a proxy you still probably don't have much to worry about! Law Enforcement would have to actively pursue each IP address. Not happening... Just don't post your real name on here.

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