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Discussion in 'Idaho (ID)' started by alaskagirl, Nov 20, 2006.

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    High all! Greetings from Alaska! Well it's harvest time here on the Kenai. I pulled my 1st 2 plants today and have 4 more to go which I'll pull sometime this week. I am looking into moving to the Boise area next summer. I've lived in Alaska over 12 years and love it! Alaska has some of the very best herb in all of usa but I am into natural hot springgs and Idaho has lots of them. Any of you cannabis folks live in Boise area AND can you tell me how lax are the laws in Idaho??? I grow my own and will set up small grow room when I move. I might be willing to trade some seeds when I get there. Maybe .............depends

    Also wondering if there are any OLDER folks on this Idaho link? I'm talking over 48 years old. I'm 53 years young!

    alaskagirl :Rasta:
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    hey alaska! Boise area here. The laws kinda suck if you want to know the truth. But that doesn't stop anybody. under and ounce is about $250-1000.00 fine. under 25 plants is gonna get you a year... over 100 plants...life.

    If I was moving here again i'd go about 50 miles to the west to Ontario, Oregon. Med MJ there and not far from Boise. But over-all Boise's a great place to live.

    Check this site out for fun...www.420times.com
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    It does suck, and if you invited me I'd come up and help you harvest and do odd jobs (the advantages of being retired military and self-employed).
    They just killed a huge grow near here and they are definitely on the look out.
    And I did live outside of Ontario and the living is high, high, high. Yes ma'am.
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    High ya Celtic and Akcorn and other Boiseittes:
    Greetings from Alaska! Thanks for the heads up. I've been talking to other people telling me the same thing AND that Boise's overrun with Mormans. Not that I'm against anyone practising their religion. I just don't want it shoved down my face. Do you find that's true???

    I'm planning on leaving Alaska in Oct on the ferry. A friend and I flew to Boise in May to check it out and go hot springing. We then went over to Eugene to check out some cool hot springs........Cougar hot springs.......You been there?......I liked Eugene so I'm gonna check it out more when I 1st get there. Met some very cool folk there and like Boise, seems like my kinda place!

    I'm into Boise for a bunch of reasons (good job, family, hot springs, four seasons, etc) but can make a living ANYWHERE I decide to plant myself.

    I'm gonna have to check out Ontario though cause you both seem to think it's a good place..............
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    Hey Alaskagirl, welcome to the site... check out the AMVTF thread in strains and seeds- I'd like some more local input on the traits being carried by modern lines descended from thunderfuck stock!
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    yo guys if anyone is good in rexburg hit me up plz i need to get that feelin again wit the munchies hahaha

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