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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by DenverTransplant, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. DenverTransplant

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    I am scheduled to take a pre-employment drug test in one day. I stopped smoking 3 days ago today and that will be 4 days before the day of the test. I would have stopped earlier, but did not know I was going to have to take a test. Over the last month or two I have been a heavy smoker (1-2 times a day) with very good buds, before that I only smoked a couple times a week. I am 5'8'' 168 and in good shape, but not great shape.

    The last three days I have been drinking lots of fluids (averaging at least 1 gal of water and 1/2 gal of cranberry juice). I have also changed my diet to cut the fat out and have been eating only turkey and chicken breast along with veggies but did cheat last night with a normal meal. Also, I have been excersizing excessively at the gym the last three days (sat, sun, mon (i quit smoking fri night, and take my test wed)), lifting weights, doing cardio and also sitting in the steam room & sauna. One more thing I started last night was niacin; I took 2 instead of the 1 pill serving.

    I have purchased a bottle of "vale solution" and plan on following it to the "T" the day of my test, which is TOMORROW! Once again I will only have been clean for approx. 4 days.

    I am asking for feedback on my methods and any suggestions you have as this test will determine whether I get the job I dream about. Again, my test is tomorrow afternoon which is 24 hours from now.

    PS, Should I not excercise tonight? Should I not drink cranberry or take niacin tonight? Should I add or change anything that I'm doing? Should I eat big or eat small one tonight? Does Vale Solution work?
  2. PaRanOiD81

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    try finding cranberry pills also and pop a shit load of them in your mouth and go to gnc and ask then what they have... do everyhting you can in your power to pass that shit bro, good luck. drug tests should have to fail people for weed... its the other drugs that they should care about
  3. bonsaiguy

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    You're probably fucked. Try stalling for time. Get a sudden case of the flu that lasts at least a week or a death in the family. You can reschedule at least once without raising any suspiscion.The more time you are clean the less chance of failing. Otherwise your best options are either using someone elses clean pee or adding something that will screw the results.
  4. Hoy Ho

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    yeah drug tests are stupid as fuck cause almost any other drug is out of ur system in a day or two so the only thing they ever really get is weed which is stupid cause weeds the least harmful drug thats tested for
  5. Shelbay

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    I used Vales and passed my test (job) but make sure & get a home drug kit & test before you go. And follow to a "T" as you said..just to be sure though you should go to the drugstore and invest a few dollars & test yourself. Make sure you drink it four hours before-it's like a gel that coats your kidneys.
  6. Fabolous

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    i would recumend you do to the store and get some detox items(Make sure the heavist) presonaly even if you do get that i think your fuck, becase even if you do all that for a month staight they can still pick up weed inside you with in the 3 mounth perido, BTW the Detox should have been your frist choces over anything else,

    if you had time go hear and order the Extrem Detox Drink

    i had a friend who did it from this site and passed when he was force to get tested (bc of school)
    Hope for the best Later
  7. DenverTransplant

    DenverTransplant Registered

    I did go the store and get something, but not detox items. I got Vales Triple Strength Solution.
  8. DenverTransplant

    DenverTransplant Registered

    Good News!

    Well guys, looks like I bought myself more time. I have until friday now.

    If anyone else has advice or experience with vale, please reply.
  9. smokincajun

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    keep doing what yer doing, excerise, sweat, drink tons of water & cranberry juice, and eat some oatmeal for breakfast. Drink water in the morning, and don't let your first piss of the day be for the test!!!!! Piss as much as you can before the test and drink water all the way there.
  10. DenverTransplant

    DenverTransplant Registered

    Thanks for the advice Cajun...........Drinking some Cranberry juice while I write this :)
  11. Shelbay

    Shelbay Registered+

    Did you get the home drug test? I think your doing the right things..I used Vales about 6 years ago & it worked for me BUT I did test myself before I interviewed. Glad you got an extension,and make sure to let us know how it turns out. You can get a home test for like $10..worth it:)
  12. DenverTransplant

    DenverTransplant Registered

    Not yet Shelbay, but I will be picking one up before friday when I take the test.
  13. Goodchitman

    Goodchitman Registered

    Hey Denver,
    I'm not sure what to say but, those detox drinks WILL NOT WORK!!!! I recommend using Quick fix 4.0 from a local head shop or overnote from Ebay. Those who claim detox drinks work are just trying to get your money and you will fail using them. Don't leave this one to chance. I was swabbed in my mouth and am still waiting the results. But I feel a little better when I went to a Government site that shows detection times on saliva being 8 to 24 hours after injesting. I too have a six figure job riding on this and have now quit smoking for good. It's simply not worth the hassle and hunt to continue and my family is much more important than that will ever be. Not to mention I can think more clearly now and the wierd dreams are back.
    I'm so tired of researching this issue too.
    You seem to have little time so maybe a sickness will be a good excuse till you get prepared. I gaurantee you will test positive from only 4 days of smoking. The detection time on urine is 30 to 90 days depending on the variables mentioned from others. But trust me those detox drinks are crap!
  14. Hoy Ho

    Hoy Ho Registered+

    if its a drug test that just tests for positive or negative than even if u only stopped a couple days ago u can still have a chance of passing it. pos/neg tests test a limit of how much of a substance is in ur piss so what u shud do is get vitamin B-2 or B-12 (colors ur piss yellow) and drink a ton of water to dilute it and that might get u below the limit
  15. DenverTransplant

    DenverTransplant Registered

    Well folks, I'm off to take the test. Thanks to those who left negative comments, you've made my week a nervous wreck!

    I'll update you and let you know how it goes. I don't think I'll get the results till next week sometime.
  16. DenverTransplant

    DenverTransplant Registered

    Just got back from the taking my test at the facility and am feeling pretty confident that I passed. I took the Vale Triple Strength today, and followed the directions to the "T". Before leaving for the testing facility I used a home test kit and passed it, so that built my confidence.

    At the facility I filled out the necessary paper work and was then led to the back where I was given a cup with a thermometor strip and asked to urinate up to a certain level (approx 2 oz ?, not much). I was given a bathroom which had a toilet (that I was told not to flush) and a thick door that locked. If I would have wanted to, it would have been very easy to sneak someone else's pee in and put in the cup as long as I made sure it was at the right temp. After the test, I brought the cup out and the nurse?? seperated it into two small sealable cups and had me initial each one. She then placed a strip in the urine which I think tested the "gravity?" and what not. Everything seemed to be fine, we were laughing and joking the whole time.

    They told me I'd get the results back Tuesday. I'm guessing if I don't hear from them by Wednesday that I passed!

    Should I smoke some of that green I have waiting? Hmmmmmm, sounds tempting and I just might partake this evening. Then again what if they ask me to re-test or if I failed? Hmmmmm. I feel good, I think I am gonna smoke y'all!

    I'll let you know how it went. Thanks to those who offered advice, and damn you who scared the shit out of me.

  17. The Inferno

    The Inferno Registered

    I bet you got squrilled
  18. DenverTransplant

    DenverTransplant Registered

    Ok, official word is that I passed. I appreciate all the help from those who took the time.

    To The Inferno, Goodchitman and Bonsaiguy; go to hell. You made this testing experience more stressful than it needed to be.

  19. Shelbay

    Shelbay Registered+

    Yes!! I am so happy for you!! :) I have been watching just for your post to see what happened. It can be done!! REally,really happy for you Denver..and thanks for leting us know the results..told you haha. Great!
  20. Fabolous

    Fabolous Registered+

    Must say i am impress, must have been working your fucking ass off, to pass that shit in just a few days

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